Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Simi Valley

Aerial cinematography is not just about capturing stunning images from above. It’s about showcasing architecture and real estate from a new perspective or conducting inspections that would be difficult without the services of a drone pilot. A skilled aerial cinematographer can capture imagery that will help to set your property apart from the rest or assist in meeting annual inspection requirements.

If you’re based in Simi Valley, there are plenty of drone pilots at your disposal, specializing in everything from real estate to documentary videos. In this article, we’ll introduce 6 of the best and what it is that sets them apart.


4-Propellers is a drone photography and videography company that works throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. They specialize in 2D orthomosaics and 3D models, as well as roof inspections, real estate, and construction videography. Whether you want to sell a property, document an event, inspect a roof or monitor the ongoing process of construction progress, their team is here to help. In addition to working extensively in Simi Valley, they’ve collaborated with clients in San Bernardino and Santa Barbara.  

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Lacey Wood Photography

Established in 2008, Lacey Wood has garnered a reputation for her stunning real estate photography and videography, as well as drone imagery, agent headshots, and Matterport 3D scans. She began her career as a concert photographer at some of the biggest venues in Los Angeles before shooting sporting events, A-list parties, and corporate events.

She now leads a team of talented photographers and videographers who provide upscale real estate content while being highly responsive communicators. All of the logistics of Lacey Wood Photography’s shoots are carefully planned, with the videos retouched and delivered by set deadlines.

Southbay Drone Services

Southbay Drone Services specializes in creating imagery for real estate listings, construction sites, architects, and industries using the latest drone equipment. They fly DJI Mavic Pro 2s that shoot 4K video and can capture high-resolution RAW photos, meaning that clients enjoy the highest quality imagery possible. Their pilots can capture aerial views of a property to help yours stand out in a competitive market or conduct site surveys to document construction conditions.

Southbay also also specializes in site inspections for hard-to-reach places such as roofs and chimneys, helping you to get your annual inspections done faster. Cell phone and radio tower inspections can also be conducted with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.


Daniel is the owner and lead photographer/videographer at Rêvepix, which specializes in real estate imagery and 3D Matterport tours. While predominantly a software engineer, he is deeply passionate about photography and draws on his background in computer science to stand out from the rest.

Daniel holds a remote pilot FAA license and leads a team that have all been trained in his unique techniques. They understand the challenges of marketing properties and are on a mission to help their clients attract more potential buyers. By blending multiple images together, they show the correct color of properties and their interior rooms to ensure there is no misrepresentation.

Brand Marketing LA

While Brand Marketing LA was only established in 2020, its owners have around 25 years of experience in the film and real estate industries. It’s led by Keith Brennan, who has worked in commercial real estate since 1995, and Chandler Robbins, a seasoned TV and film cinematographer who studied at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

They offer virtual tours, videos, and photography for the residential and commercial real estate industries and use the latest aerial drone technology to achieve exceptional results. Brand Marketing LA is dedicated to producing authentic videos that capture the essence of a property in a realistic way.

Jeff Gatesman

Originally from Chicago, Jeff Gatesman now calls Southern California “home” and specializes in commercial photography and narrative visual storytelling. He studied filmmaking and cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago and is highly skilled in working in both film and digital mediums.

As an FAA-certified drone pilot and aerial cinematographer, he’s won several awards, including a Gold Aurora Award for “Amazonas", which was shot on location in the Brazilian Amazon in 2004. He’s strapped cameras to roller coasters and race cars, and documented Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan rainforest for Mexican Tourism, to name just a couple of his film-focused adventures.

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