Aerial cinematography can take any video production from ordinary to extraordinary. Drone videography is a growing trend, with many talented videographers based in San Francisco. Elevate your next video project by working with these drone videographers that shoot stunning aerial footage. You’ll have the perfect videographer regardless of if you’re shooting a video for marketing or a private event.

Drone Studios

San Francisco panoramic image shot by Drone Studios.

Drone Studios is a premier San Francisco drone videography company. It’s fully licensed and insured to be ready to film for your project at a moment’s notice.

Drone Studios is based in San Francisco. It holds all of the necessary permissions to fly all over SF, including in the coveted downtown district and nighttime operation. It makes it a flexible company to go where you need to go for the perfect shots.

The company specializes in aerial cinematography for corporate clients. A few of the notable clients include ESPN, Netflix, and Subaru. Video projects range from commercials, marketing, real estate, and time-lapse.

Your video will be shot using cinema-grade cameras for the highest quality, even from above.

Maximize Video Productions

Screenshot from drone reel shot by Maximize Video Productions.

For more than ten years, Maximize Video Productions (MVP) has established itself as a leading video production company in San Francisco. It specializes in drone cinematography to bring a new level of creativity to your project.

MVP has worked with some of the biggest names in the SF Bay Area, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. The bold visuals with a touch of creativity help brands achieve their marketing goals.

Elevate your video production with drone footage shot by MVP. It uses the latest DJI models to find the best rig suitable for your project. The company is fully licensed and insured to make your video production safe and legal to shoot in San Francisco’s most desired areas.

Drone Panora

Aerial view of company building at night shot by Drone Panora.

Drone Panora is one of the most reliable companies in San Francisco for drone cinematography. It’s gained a reputation for delivering on the promise of stunning aerial footage for client projects.

Drone Panora is locally based and provides budget-friendly drone videography. It specializes in various aerial video services, including video production, surveys, inspection, and events. The trained pilots can fly in different conditions and locations, so you’ll always get the footage you need.

There is a long list of satisfied clients, including the University of California, Geowing Mapping, and Steel Blue. Drone Panora works across various industries like real estate, construction, and marketing.

The company holds all of the necessary licenses and insurance for operating in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area.

Cris Gebhardt Photography

Construction site aerial view shot by Cris Gebhardt.

Cris Gebhardt is a passionate photographer and videographer who combines the skill with his love of architecture. He applies his background in architecture to aid his experience in shooting the best drone footage for the industry.

Gebhardt worked for over a decade in the architecture industry before becoming a full-time videographer. His primary clientele is firms and real estate who seek aerial videography for flyovers, inspection, building marketing, and more. His expertise in both fields makes him an asset when interacting with companies and getting the perfect video footage for the project.

If you’re working on a new construction project or want video footage of a new building, Cris is the perfect guy for the job.

Luma Creative

Shoreline aerial footage filmed by Luma Creative.

Luma Creative has all of the tools necessary to craft an incredible video for your next project. It’s one of the best companies to incorporate aerial cinematography into any video campaign.

Major brands such as The North Face and Salesforce seek out Luma Creative to help tell their brand stories. It operates as a video marketing agency to supplement all marketing efforts. From pre-production to the final product, you’ll have a creative team that will make your next video project successful.

Luma Creative specializes in commercial videos and corporate videos. It creates compelling videos that capture the best angles, even from above. Its use of drone cinematography is sure to keep your audience entertained and achieve positive ROI on your marketing efforts.

Toby Harriman

Golden Gate Bridge during sunrise shot by Toby Harriman.

Toby Harriman is an award-winning cinematographer available to work on client projects in the SF area. You’ll get to work with a true artist when hiring him for your next project who brings talent, a creative eye, and reliability to deliver an incredible video.

The San Francisco skyline and landscape captivated Harriman to begin drone videography around the city. He’s had the opportunity to work with major companies, including Red Bull, Adobe, National Geographic, and San Francisco Travel, on various projects.

Harriman specializes in using aerial video for branding and marketing. His goal is getting the shots that nobody else can so that your video immediately stands out, whether using it for a commercial or posting on social media.

Open Homes Photography

Private residence drone image captured by Open Homes Photography.

What better way to market a real estate property than to show its curb appeal? It’s what Open Homes Photography sets out to accomplish with every video production.

Open Homes Photography is highly specialized in drone videography for the real estate industry. For over 15 years, it helps agents in their marketing efforts to sell more homes.

Drone footage is the best way to highlight a property’s location. It showcases the exterior features in a creative way that leads to more offers and sales. Open Homes Photography creates short videos for flyovers and exterior shots. It also offers add-on packages.

Whether you have a residential home or a commercial property, Open Homes Photography is the best in the Bay Area for aerial cinematography.

Michael Loeb Photography

Drone shot of couple near a landmark shot by Michael Loeb.

Michael Loeb helps to create visual masterpieces for clients. He specializes in private events and gatherings, incorporating drone videography into his equipment lineup for unique videos.

Loeb is an experienced videographer in the SF Bay Area. He’s filmed numerous weddings and private parties. He creates a unique video by using drones to capture perspectives that transform your typical event video into an exciting visual. It’s a way to add an extra element that you don’t see too often.

Loeb has shot drone footage at many event venues around San Francisco. He’s knowledgeable about getting the proper permissions to shoot. The overall shooting experience will be fun, even for the client, and the final video will blow you away.

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