In the Valley of the Sun, if you need to take the skies for your brand's next big enterprise, we have just the list for you. Drone videographers can provide your upcoming project with an elevated perspective. Several local companies that offer the drone services for aerial cinematography are standing by right now, accessible to all budgets.  

Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Phoenix, AZ? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Phoenix Drone Services

Phoenix waterfront shot [Phoenix Drone Services]

Working with Phoenix Drone Services gives you the flexibility to shoot where you’d like, thanks to their approved fleet for operation around Phoenix. As one of the top companies for drone videography, Phoenix Drone Services works with commercial projects and private projects. It’s filmed numerous award-winning videos.

The team's updated fleet has the latest drone models. They will choose the suitable drone for your project to get the best footage. Clients get fantastic aerial cinematography for footage used in entertainment, events, marketing, real estate, and more. Phoenix Drone's dynamic team is fully licensed and provides clients with creative ideas for the best possible aerial footage.

Desert Sky Aerial

Construction site progress shot [Desert Sky Aerial]

Aerial cinematography is now more accessible than ever, thanks to Desert Sky Aerial. It’s helped many companies in the Phoenix area grow with effective video marketing. Desert Sky Aerial can make your business stand out with commercials using footage from above. The team takes production quality to the next level with concepts that are sure to catch the attention of your audience.

You can use aerial drone videographers for companies of all sizes — Desert Sky Aerial even takes on personal projects. You can shoot business videos, events, time-lapse videos; the ideas are endless. Clients work directly with Brian, the founder of firm, on your project idea from the ground up.

Drones iView

Nature panoramic image shot [Drones iView]

Drones iView gives a cost-effective way to get aerial footage. It’s an affordable drone videography company that works with several different industries.

Whether you’re in real estate, construction, or insurance, you can use the range of services. Drones iView offers inspection, surveillance, mapping, and shooting promotional videos for real estate marketing. Drones give a safe way to examine hard-to-reach places, providing detailed views to make informed decisions from.

Companies can also hire Drones iView for commercial projects. Aerial footage is an excellent way to boost the visual appeal of a marketing video. You can get stock panoramas or commission Drones iView for a special project.

iSky Films

Drone shot of a city shot [iSky Films]

Clients that need the top quality should only consider iSky Films. Quality aerial cinematography is the name of their game. iSky Films is a professional drone videography company that works with clients in Phoenix and the surrounding area. It manages a large drone fleet and has a team of trained pilots available for your campaign.

Clients across different industries work with iSky Films. Extensive work in real estate and construction has built expertise into their team. Marketing and promotional videos are another specialty. Upgraded technology from iSky Films sets them apart for delivering top-quality aerial perspectives. At the end of the day, you’ll have smooth shots and crisp quality in each clip to use alongside other professional footage.

Altitude Aerial Drones

Vast urban park shot from high above [Altitude Aerial Drones]

Aerial footage by Altitude Aerial Drones may increase the value of your property. The company has a proven record of driving sales for higher valuations for clients in the real estate industry.

Altitude Aerial Drones specializes in real estate, where it works with commercial and residential clients. It’s a full-service real estate marketing company that includes drone cinematography as an add-on or a complete package.

The most common drone service is aerial videography. Clients can spotlight their property from new perspectives and show an overview of the whole neighborhood. Aerial cinematography works great for commercial properties that need a video to cover the attractive skyline view of your building.


Fountain view shot of a city square [Airobird]

The cinematic shooting style of Airobird turns regular footage into movie quality. Give your video production a new perspective with aerial cinematography from a professional team.

The aerial footage shot by Airobird is meant to be used as stand-alone footage or with other shots, as it is flexible on a project-by-project basis. Various companies work with Airobird for inspections, commercial videos, filming events, and more.

Originally founded by Anthony Giammarino, who has a true passion for flying drones and video production, their goal is for their footage to lead to visible results for your company.

AZ Corporate Video

Aerial footage captured in Sedona [AZ Corporate Video]

Collaborating with AZ Corporate Video is a one-stop-shop for all your video needs. It offers a range of video-making services, including drone videography for clients in Phoenix. Aerial shots can provide an excellent solution for companies looking to elevate their website or commercial visuals.

AZ Corporate Video has taken all of the common video services and put them together in one package. Now, clients don’t have to sacrifice quality and time on services outside of your budget. Instead, you can have it all for one all-inclusive price.

Alex Harris is the multi-talented mastermind behind AZ Corporate Video. He puts together his passion for video creation to provide unmatched services for his clients as a fully licensed drone operator himself.

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