Drone videography makes any footage stand out. It provides unique perspectives, whether showcasing a property or working on a commercial project. You can browse drone videography companies based in Philadelphia that work with clients across all major industries – real estate, insurance, medical, construction, and more.

Check out this list of some of the best drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Philadelphia to find the professional you need for your next project.

Philly By Drone

Aerial city view shot by Philly By Drone.

Companies working with real estate properties in Philadelphia have most likely heard about Philly By Drone. It’s one of the premier drone videographers that has worked with a majority of the skyscrapers lining the skyline.

Philly By Drone specializes in aerial cinematography for residential and commercial companies. It also works on other projects shooting properties for clients, including UPenn and Philadelphia Tourism.

The vast portfolio of Philly By Drone showcases the city from a new perspective. It uses up-to-date technology to get high-quality shots even from high in the sky.

Dragonfly Drone Services

Waterfront aerial view by Dragonfly Drone Services.

The drone cinematography provided by Dragonfly Drone Services allows for storytelling from the sky. Whether marketing a property or inspecting valuable assets, its services are a cost-efficient way to accomplish your goals.

Dragonfly Drone Services works primarily with clients in the construction and real estate industries. Its projects range from spotlighting properties, marketing, inspection, and more. Drone provides a perspective over hard-to-reach areas to assess progress or even provide an overview of the property location.

Aerial cinematography is now an affordable option for all companies, thanks to Dragonfly Drone Services.

Keystone Aerial Surveys

Urban aerial inspection by Keystone Aerial Surveys.

Keystone Aerial Surveys is a company that has grown with the changes in technology. It’s one of the top aerial cinematography companies in Philadelphia, with various services for its clients.

Companies can now get a detailed review of properties, locations, and other subjects using aerial inspection. Keystone Aerial Surveys provides imaging services through drones for close visuals and offers manned aircraft services for higher perspectives. The state-of-the-art equipment can capture even the smallest of details.

Keystone Aerial Surveys is based in Philadelphia and has expanded to offices nationwide to bring its services to new regions.

Augmented Arts

Augmented Arts stock city footage.

On any given day, you can find drones operated by Augmented Arts flying above the city. It’s one of the top Philadelphia drone videographers who services the commercial sector.

Augmented Arts was founded by Chip Starr, a passionate cinematographer who loves the aerial perspective. He is fully licensed and insured to fly around Philadelphia. Clients get a personalized approach by working directly with him on their projects.

Starr uses a lot of the footage he shoots as stock footage. His portfolio ranges from b-roll to general scenery overlooking Philadelphia. He’s worked with companies like Four Seasons Hotel, Temple University, and Puma.

Quality Dronography

Aerial perspective near landmark shot by Quality Dronography.

Ron from Quality Dronography combined his business acumen with a passion for flying drones to create one of Philadelphia’s favorite drone videography companies. He produces an affordable option for even small businesses to elevate their video production quality.

Drone footage from Quality Dronography can be used combined with other footage or as a stand-alone project. You’ll work directly with Ron on determining the best approach for your project before filming.

You can always expect excellent service from Quality Dronography. It specializes in working with companies in sports, real estate, and entertainment. And all budgets are welcome!

Philly By Air

Golf course aerial shot by Philly By Air.

Clients can always rely on Philly By Air to deliver drone footage that surpasses expectations. It’s what makes it one of the leading drone videography companies in Philly.

Philly By Air provides footage for local news stations and has been featured on The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Magazine. Its founder, Matt Satell, works with experienced pilots on various projects in the area.

You can ensure that Philly By Air can fly in your desired area thanks to proper compliance and insurance to operate. It manages a large fleet of drones to find the perfect fit for your project.

Elevated Angels LLC

Event from aerial perspective shot by Elevated Angels LLC.

Aerial cinematography by Elevated Angels gives a unique perspective that you won’t find from most companies. The company brings world-class services to Philadelphia and the greater area.

Elevated Angels works with a range of clients on drone videography. It uses top-of-the-line cameras to achieve 4K quality. And clients not only work with them on aerial footage, but it has capabilities to work on full video productions.

Take your video marketing to the next level with shots via a drone. Elevated Angels can capture location overviews, outdoor events, time lapse, and more.

Elevate Angels donates a portion of its revenues to a nonprofit organization.

Fly By Ry Productions

Castle landmark captured by Fly By Ry.

You’ll be amazed by the quality that Fly By Ry delivers with his drones. Even from 400-ft in the air, you’ll get stunning video quality.

Fly By Ry Productions is a top choice for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Philadelphia. It works with clients of all sizes to provide unique solutions for drone footage. Many of its clients include golf courses and construction projects.

Fly By Ry can cater to your project needs whether you’re shooting a commercial or need site inspection. The company uses the latest drone technology to achieve outstanding results.

Powelton Digital Media Group

Residential property shot by PDMG.

Powelton Digital Media Group (PDMG) brings new capabilities to the real estate industry to help agents and brokers sell more homes. It specializes in real estate marketing with a range of services that include drone videography.

PDMG’s goal for its clients is to provide effective digital marketing materials for growing sales. One way it achieves it is by drone videography. It’s one of the latest tactics in the industry for effectively showcasing properties.

Clients can now give potential buyers a bird’s eye view of the property neighborhood or provide an overview for large commercial sites. It even provides walkthroughs using drones for a unique video.

Main Line Drone LLC

Commercial property shot by Main Line Drone.

The broad range of drone videography services offered by Main Line Drone makes them one of the top companies for aerial cinematography. It’s a versatile company that you can work with on various projects.

Main Line Drone provides footage for news reports, inspection, filming events, and documentation. It’s active in the local community giving drone training to upcoming pilots, and also supports local emergency services.

Aerial footage can help put your property in context to local surroundings. Main Line has worked with several commercial and private companies on video marketing efforts.

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