It wasn’t so long ago that capturing videos from above required a helicopter and a hefty budget. But things have changed rapidly with the advancements in drone technology and their ability to capture high-quality imagery at a fraction of the cost.

Today, drone footage has become an integral part of real estate marketing, as well as being employed in the construction and wedding industries. In Newark, you’ll find several talented drone videographers who have the certifications and experience to capture aerial content to help boost your brand.

Perlow Productions

An animated video created by Perlow Productions [Perlow Productions]

Led by Mike Perlow, Perlow Productions is a full-service video production company that specializes in HD and 4K cinematography, as well as drone videography. He works with a diverse range of clients to produce corporate presentations, sales, and marketing clips, as well as training and instructional videos.

Working throughout the Newark area, Perlow Productions boasts a talented team of aerial cinematographers, as well as professionals who are skilled in producing animated explainers and augmented reality productions.

NJ Drone Photography & Video Services

A drone in action in a warehouse [NJ Drone Photography & Video Services]

NJ Drone Photography & Video Services is led by Dave Kotinsky, a licensed drone pilot with more than 30 years of professional experience as a photographer. He has garnered a reputation for his real estate photography, Matterport 360 tours, and virtual plans, as well as producing aerial videos for clients in the construction and trucking industries. Based in Lyndhurst, Dave has worked as a photographer in the sports, fitness, and entertainment industries throughout his career, as well as offering aerial videography for weddings.

Dronegenuity New Jersey

An aerial shot above Newark [Dronegenuity]

Dronegenuity is a nationally-based aerial videography and photography company that also has a base in Newark. They offer convenient and customized services for clients throughout New Jersey, whether you’re after magazine-quality still images or a 4K HD drone video to market your property. Dronegenuity offers drone inspections to help clients make informed decisions (that would otherwise be costly to achieve), as well as training sessions with qualified drone instructors. Due to the company’s large size, their turnaround times are fast and you won’t pay travel expenses as all of their expert drone operators are locally based.

Mack Media

A website created by Mack Media [Mack Media]

Specializing in video production, website creation, and social media promotion, Mack Media is a one-stop shop for enhancing your business. They offer drone photography and videography services for clients wanting to stand out from the rest and are fully licensed under the FAA to fly a 4K video camera and DJI Phantom 4 drone. Once the footage is shot, their in-house production team will edit it tastefully to your requirements and specifications.

Photo Flight Aerial Media

Looking out across New York from above [Photo Flight Aerial Media]

Working with clients across the film, marketing, engineering, and industrial industries, Photo Flight Aerial Media is one of the most in-demand drone videographers in Newark. Its team boasts years of experience operating drones and working in remotely controlled aircraft building and operations.

Photo Flight Aerial Media holds close ties to both the UAS and motion picture industries, which means they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments and solutions. In addition, they offer live drone broadcast services for news organizations.

Strix Media

A train arrives at a station platform [Strix Media]

Strix Media offers cutting-edge video production, photography, web design, and social media marketing solutions for clients throughout the Hudson Valley. They understand that content is “king” in the ever-changing digital world and help their clients stay ahead of the rest.

In addition to drone aerial services, they shoot live parties and corporate events, can take care of talent casting, as well as script development and voice-over recording. Animation and motion graphics are also among their specialties, as is professional color grading.

Hudson Valley Drones

A still from a video shot by Hudson Valley Drones [Hudson Valley Drones]

Hudson Valley Drones specializes in producing aerial videos for the real estate industry, as well as doing thermal imagery and roofing, solar, and public safety inspections. Its highly experienced drone pilots have logged thousands of flight hours and have a proven record of working safely and complying with all regulations. They understand that constantly innovating is essential to producing top-quality content and they work with the best quality equipment that is available while adhering to client budgets.

Halstead Media

A construction video shot by Halstead Media [Halstead Media]

Halstead Media is one of the most niche aerial cinematography companies on our list as they work only with businesses in the outdoor living industry. They are on a mission to showcase expertise, craftsmanship, design, and installation processes to help businesses boost their client base. Halstead Media works closely with building product manufacturers, suppliers, and landscape contractors, as well as pool builders, fencers, and irrigation businesses. They have more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry, as well as a background in Fortune 500 sales and marketing.

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