Aerial footage is more affordable than ever, thanks to the growing trend of drone videography. New Orleans has several certified drone pilots that are skilled at shooting aerial cinematography for various client projects.

Clients can get aerial footage for marketing, inspecting assets from an aerial viewpoint, and other uses. Check out these drone videography companies to get the perfect aerial footage.

V-Drone Pro

Get the high-quality aerial shots that you need with V-Drone Pro. It works across multiple industries on shooting aerial cinematography for marketing, inspection, and more.

V-Drone Pro has completed projects in real estate, leisure properties, commercial, and more. Its services also include site inspections and flyovers. It’s a trusted company to get the best quality, even from up to 400-ft in the air.

All of the footage recorded by V-Drone Pro is shot in 4K. You can only achieve such quality with the latest technology, and V-Drone Pro always stays ahead of the trends. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, thanks to a live camera view to monitor each shot.

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Crescent Flight Operations

Crescent Flight Operations is a drone videography company servicing New Orleans and its greater area. It’s one of the best companies for cinematic shots of any occasion.

Customers have complete flexibility when working with Crescent Flight Operations, thanks to the customized packages that it offers for its drone services. As a result, you can have the perfect shots to meet your needs.

Crescent Flight Operations is an excellent option for all kinds of shooting. You can get professional drone footage to use in commercial projects or personal use. Companies can hire the company for producing full videos, short clips to supplement other footage, or unique panoramic shots from high above the city.

Atmosphere Drones

Atmosphere Drones is a fully licensed and certified drone company, meaning that they can fly wherever you need footage. So whether you need drone shots over the city, at night, over water, or near airports, the company is fully prepared to get the job done.

With a long list of corporate and tv production clients, there’s a chance that you’ve already seen footage shot by the company. Atmosphere Drones has shot aerial footage for NCIS: New Orleans TV series, Facebook, and the Travel Channel.

Atmosphere Drones is constantly improving its film techniques and upgrading technology so that you’ll have the best quality and capabilities for your project.

Crescent Aerial Imaging

Are you a company in the oil or gas industry? Crescent Aerial Imaging specializes in providing drone services for the two sectors to support asset assessment.

Your physical assets are valuable and a critical part of your business. Improve your asset management using aerial inspection conducted by Crescent AI. The team consists of certified pilots for inspecting assets out at sea, power lines over land, buildings, and other assets.

Crescent AI provides a clear scope of the current state of your assets under control, thanks to high-definition footage. You’ll get to analyze with clear visuals. It offers safe inspection and is budget-friendly compared to other aerial services.

Precision Aerial Filmworks

Any time Precision Aerial Filmworks is in town, they always shoot the best aerial cinematography. It’s a traveling drone videography company that frequently works in New Orleans on projects.

Precision Aerial Filmworks specializes in shooting drone footage for marketing and events. It’s an excellent way to build up your company’s visual assets with incredible footage. For example, get footage of your retail location or fly over a big crowd at an outdoor event. It’s shot footage for clients, including the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Comcast.

The company has a team of certified pilots and cinematographers that can capture all sorts of aerial footage to fit your project needs.

High Rise Productions

High Rise Productions takes your video content to the next level with aerial cinematography. It’s a company based near New Orleans that provides aerial footage for the real estate industry.

Elevate your property marketing tactics with a modern 2-minute clip of drone footage. You’ll get to showcase new perspectives of your property and give potential buyers an overview of the neighborhood. The drone footage captures incredible detail with 4K resolution.

High Rise Productions has various video services for agents and property owners. You can get aerial footage as an add-on or work with them to produce the entire video. It has a fast turnaround available for clients.

Foley Specialty Services

Technology has transformed the way many do business. And with Foley Specialty Services, clients now have access to the most advanced technology solutions. Drone cinematography is one of the many services that it provides for clients in the New Orleans area.

Foley Specialty Services is the most cost-effective way to get aerial footage. The remote drones provide safety and live video feeds during flight to be sure of the right shots. The high-quality camera mounted on the drones provides the perfect images during flight and the recorded footage.

Corporate clients in various industries use Foley for inspection, property mapping, surveying, and other footage use.

LandBros Aerial

With more than 15 years of experience, LandBros Aerial has seen major shifts in capabilities for aerial videography. It’s become much more affordable for clients who can now take advantage of drone technology for different projects involving aerial footage.

LandBros Aerial works in commercial, industrial, and utility industries. Many clients, such as ExxonMobil and Chevron, have large assets under management that benefit from frequent inspection and monitoring.

Each of the pilots and drones owned by LandBros are FAA approved. The team can work on any site and get the aerial footage that you need to make critical operational decisions.

Professional Drone Services

Professional Drone Services (PDS) provides clients with a remote drone service to get the shots they need without being on-site. PDS services the southeast region of the US, where you can get drone shots from any location around New Orleans.

PDS is a team of creative cinematographers that has a large fleet of drones available for your shots. It can fly at different heights, speeds, and weather conditions.

Clients including Google, Amazon, and Dodge have benefited from the high-quality footage used in different projects. PDS has a marketing approach to its footage to capture video clips that help sell or create promotional materials.

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