Drone videography services are becoming increasingly popular in Nashville, Tennessee and around the world. Whether you are looking for aerial videos for your personal or professional use, you’ll find a company that can help you with this unique style of photography.

Drone videographers will provide all of the equipment you may need for your shoot and will work with you to capture landscapes and buildings in a new light.

To help you select the best drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Nashville, TN, we’ve gathered together a list of eight local videography studios. They are all used to working across the city and state and will be excited to partner with you on your next project.

Aerial Innovations Southeast

An aerial construction of an airport [Aerial Innovations Southeast]

Aerial Innovations Southeast offers aerial cinematography and photography throughout the Nashville area. They have all of the gear you’ll need to take flight and capture breathtaking images of your building site or next project.

They specialize in construction progress photography and regularly work to create marketing materials for businesses across the Tennessee area. After discussing your needs, they’ll figure out the best solution for capturing your location and can head off in their helicopter or airplane to get to work.

Music City Aerial

Downtown Nashville from above [Music City Aerial]

Music City Aerial was founded by Jason Hoffman, a Nashville native and digital creator. After flying drones for the first time in 2014, he became interested in pursuing this as a passion and soon founded his own business.

The company has now expanded and serves clients throughout Nashville with its top-level drone operators. Whether you need music video content or shots above the wilderness, they’ll work with you to bring your vision to life from the sky.

360 Nash

Creekside Apartments Captured in Nashville [360 Nash]

360 Nash is one of the most affordable solutions in the Nashville area for drone videography. Their team is qualified and certified by IACRA and the FAA and can gather the scale your property from up above with aerial cinematography.

All of their equipment offers 4k video technology and RAW still imagery. They regularly work on property developments within the local area to showcase the beauty of the latest developments being offered to potential buyers.

Above The Rest Photography

A drone at above some Nashville forests [Above The Best Photography]

Above The Rest Photography was one of the first professional drone aerial companies in Nashville. They worked on the Emmy award-winning documentary The Dead Unknown and have been trusted by brands throughout the country.

They offer HD, Ultra HD, and Cinematic 4K photos and videos, with a selection of megapixel options. Quality is their number one priority, with each and every client. They offer their services to production companies, realtors, business owners, and event planners.

Patriot Drone

A wintery night captured [Patriot Drone]

Patriot Drone offers their services throughout Tennessee and offers timely videography services to local companies. They know how much videos and photos can assist with real estate sales and businesses and so offer high-quality images from their drones set to convert leads to buyers.

Their base project fees are very competitive, and you can create a custom package that fits your needs. Patriot Drone is commercially certified by the FAA and has permission to operate its drones at night as well.

Sky Pro Imaging

A beautiful beachfront hotel [Sky Pro Imaging]

Sky Pro Imaging is authorized by the FAA to operate drones throughout the United States. They work in Nashville and can travel across Florida and North Carolina as well to work with your company.

Their team offers a wide range of services, including videography, photography, and aerial data collection. With over 34 years of combined experience, you’ll be in great hands when working together with Sky Pro on your next project.

Cherokee Drone Services

Aerial view of a swimming pool complex [Cherokee Drone Services]

Mike is the owner and operator of Cherokee Drone Services. He started his business specializing in real estate photography but has since expanded to offer a wide range of services.

Since 2017, Mike and his team have served businesses across Tennessee and Georgia. He has trained dozens of professional photographers during this time. For his company, Mike has constructed a team committed to helping companies to get their homes sold quicker than they might believe possible.

House Lens

A frontal view of a property listing captured in Nashville [House Lens]

If you are ready to put your home on the market or are a real estate company, you’ll want to consider using House Lens for your next listing. They specialize in real estate listings, and the company is FAA approved.

House Lens is fully insured to capture your home, and they love videoing estate homes and waterfront properties with a special eye for what makes the homes unique. The team will help to bring a new perspective to your listing and ensure that your property sale receives the interest it deserves.

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