Drone videography is a specialized and unique genre of videography. Until recently, businesses have been slow at adopting drone videography, citing reasons such as cost and regulatory guidelines. However, in recent years companies have now warmed up to the value these aerial vehicles bring in via marketing productions.

Montreal being an industrial town, many drone videographers are offering aerial cinematography and other video solutions. If you're looking for the best drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Montreal, we recommend starting your search with this curated list.

Ready to start your search for drone videographers in Montreal? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Vuduciel Aerial Videos and Photos

Vuduciel Aerial Videos and Photos is full-service drone videography and aerial cinematography company based in Montreal, QC. Before the advent of drones, aerial videography and photography was primarily done using other methods like chartering a flight or helicopter. Expensive and time-consuming, Vuduciel's approach makes aerial videography much more acceptable to clients of all kinds.

Their goal as a studio, through consulting and execution of drone films is to convey the simple message that any business can take advantage of this technology. The company employs a range of drones remotely piloted from less than one kilometer at a maximum height of 400 feet from the ground.

Cat Around Films

Cat Around Films is a full-service drone videography company interested in aerial cinematography. The company came into operation back in 2014 out of the sheer demand for high-quality content and professional video services.

Videos are best when pushing new ideas across the table. No matter the industry, or the kind of message that needs to be pushed across, videos outperform photos every single day. Cat Around Films emphasizes professionally produced video content, whether it is an infomercial, a commercial, or a training video – all tailored to your exact end-user.

PBNJ Productions

PBNJ Productions is a Montreal-based video production and photography company. The company has been in operation for more than nine years. For these years, PBNJ Productions has been helping small, medium, and large enterprises across a multitude of industries to achieve marketing targets.

PBNJ's primary avenue of operation is in corporate video production. They also have a dedicated drone videography service that they regularly offer to their clientele. Their drone videos bring a unique perspective, with clients loving the aerial views.


A professional drone videography company specialized in capturing an aerial perspective to push the wow factor of any video production, Dizifilms has earned quite a reputation for itself.

Behind every successful video production is the phase when the business owner and the production company meet, the expectations are laid out, and the requirements are set. This is the most critical phase because the production will always be a misguided effort if this is done hastily. Above all, the team at Dizifilms will pay special attention to all your goals and ensure the video production rises to them.

Marrone Films

Marrone Films is a full-service professional aerial videography company based in Montreal. They offer their videography services across several genres, specializing in drone shot videography and aerial cinematography.

The importance of the aerial perspective is something that many businesses are now slowly beginning to understand. They're actively looking out for providers who can offer this solution. Marrone Films provides this solution to companies from all industries. Marrone draws up a small yet dedicated team and are available to shoot outside of Montreal if required.

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