From high above the ground, drone videographers have captured spectacular visuals. It’s made aerial cinematography more accessible, and now is the perfect time to take advantage.

Browse this list of local drone videographers in Sacramento, CA - these pros will work with you on capturing custom aerial footage.

Antigravity Aerial Productions

Aerial visual of residential property captured by Antigravity Aerial Productions.

Views from high above the earth always look good through the lens of Antigravity Aerial Productions. Its drones can always be seen flying around Sacramento while working on local projects.

Corey Hill founded Antigravity Aerial Productions. He has six years of experience flying drones and has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate commercially.

Most of the clients that Hill works with are in the real estate industry. Drone videography is an excellent way to spotlight a property and its locations.

Clients that need commercial aerial cinematography will get top-quality with Antigravity Aerial.

Coruscating Images

Aerial view of commercial property shot by Coruscating Images.

Looking at the portfolio by Coruscating Images shows that not all drone shots are the same. It takes a professional touch to achieve the quality of images and cinematography from its fleet of drones.

Coruscating Images primarily works with clients in the real estate and construction industries. Its role is to assist agents and sellers with marketing a property. Drone videography of a residential or commercial place will likely increase interest in it.

Clients receive vivid visuals with stark details, even from high up in the sky.

Tour De Drone!

Aerial event photography by Tour De Drone!

Aerial cinematography is now a budget-friendly perk, thanks to drone services by Tour De Drone! It’s one of the top drone videography companies in Sacramento.

Tour De Drone specializes in marketing videos. It’s worked with everyone from real estate to event companies. It’s hard to deny that the aerial perspective is one-of-a-kind and Tour De Drone gives you industry-leading quality. The drones mount 4K and HD videos.

In addition to working on commissioned drone cinematography projects, it sells fine art drone shots captured in different cities around the world.

Bill Mahon Photo

Site inspection visual shot by Bill Mahon.

If you need a drone videographer who is always charged up and ready to go, call Bill Mahon. He’s one of the top talents in Sacramento for his drone videography expertise.

Bill Mahon has had a successful videography career over the last nearly 30 years. He added drone videography to his services to stay updated with trends and continue to provide the best experience for his clients.

Drone videography is now one of the popular services of Mahon’s multimedia company that has landed him projects with numerous local clients. In addition, he’s available for personal and commercial drone videography projects.

FM3 Videography

Aerial footage shot by FM3 on a beach.

Felix Mendoza III is one of the best DP’s in the film industry who founded a video production company called FM3 Videography. Based in Sacramento, he brings his industry expertise to the local skies to produce great content.

Mendoza is more than credible in filmmaking, having received multiple Emmy awards during his career. He’s worked on TV programming for CNN, the History Channel, and PBS.

Drone videography is one way that Mendoza helps his clients elevate their production. His drone fleet mounts 4K and 6K cameras for the ultimate quality. Clients are in for a treat when they work with this creative genius.


Aerial cinematography of waterfront property by Vertworx.

The team at Vertworx has a passion for two things: drones and filmmaking. So, it combines the two into the Sacramento-based drone videography company providing professional services.

Vertworx is a natural storyteller that can achieve the same magic from the air. A skilled drone pilot works with clients on creating cinematic shots for compelling visuals. Its fleet and pilots are fully licensed and approved for commercial operation.

Customer service is a focus for Vertworx. It works to create a pleasant client experience from the first contact until receiving the final drone footage. It’s able to work with various budgets and is reliable to meet deadlines.

SkyHigh Perspectives

Drone footage over a pier shot by SkyHigh Perspectives.

Being a certified drone pilot means that Mark Newton can go where you need him to go. His company, SkyHigh Perspectives, is one of the top drone videography companies in Sacramento.

SkyHigh Perspectives has experience filming in the city and surrounding natural areas. He has experience flying his drones over various landscapes. His clients are in industries such as real estate, events and festivals, insurance, and more.

Much of the drone footage that Newton films is used for marketing. Drone shots always capture your audience’s attention, whether viewing a commercial or reviewing videos of a property.


Commercial aerial footage shot by SACREP.

Many agents that have used the drone videography services of SACREP have reported faster, high sales. It’s no wonder it’s one of the best companies for aerial cinematography.

The proven results of sales have put SACREP in high demand in Sacramento. It specializes in the real estate industry and works with agents of shooting visuals of a property. A drone video is an excellent piece of content to accompany photos. Potential buyers can see a video walk-through along with aerial footage of the location.

SACREP delivers galleries by the next day. It can also work with clients on customized shoots, so feel free to share your ideas! media

Screenshot of aerial footage by media.

Storytelling is compelling from any angle, so media chooses to master the aerial view. Its bird’s eye view visuals have made it one of the top Sacramento aerial cinematographers. media began as a videography company before adding drone services. However, its ten years of experience in videography are now applied when flying drones to get creative shots even from hundreds of feet high.

Aerial video footage by media is always purposeful in creating a story around your subject. Whether working on a commercial or film project, media can get all the drone footage you need.

Drone Films LTD

Aerial footage of fall foliage captured by Drone Films LTD.

Although Drone Films LTD is based in Sacramento, it works with clients all around Northern California. It helps clients achieve incredible quality from the sky.

Drone Films LTD uses the latest drone models with optimal flying time to capture an entire shot. Its’ pilots not only have technical flying expertise but also a creative eye. Combined, it leads to the perfect aerial shots.

Quality is one of the key pillars that set Drone Films LTD apart from other drone videographers. It shoots all footage in 4K and up, and that you have industry-quality.

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