A few centuries ago, the idea of photography was conceived. New types of photography and videography evolved over time. Previously, aircraft and helicopters were utilized for aerial photography and cinematography, but technological advancements and the creation of drones changed that and have made the process easier – now available to everyday artists and customers like yourself.

Drones offer fresh aerial perspectives for viewers. Drone cinematography is becoming increasingly important in today's businesses to make a mark and provide the best portfolio. Aerial cinematography is used in a variety of situations, including construction, wedding photography, and real estate.

On the Gold Coast, Queensland, there are a plethora of aerial videographers who may make one's job distinctive. Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Gold Coast? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

Pro Flight Aerial Photography & Video Services

Pro Flight is an unmanned aerial service that operates throughout Australia and is licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Pro Flight's crew consists of both commercial and private helicopter pilots. They've invested a great deal into new drone technology and various cameras and are absolutely dedicated to helping their clients achieve new heights in their businesses.

A variety of areas in which they provide services are building inspections, construction sites, real estate, boats and marines, films, and events. They have been affiliated with renowned clients such as National Geographic, Warner Brothers, Top Golf, Surf Coast and Media Booth. They can deliver the best results in a short amount of time.

Drone Action Team

Benjamin Curseri is the chief operator of the Drone Action Team. Benjamin's crew - all fully licensed in aviation techniques - boasts over three decades of professional photography and cinematography experience. They specialize in ads, events, movies, and real estate.

Benjamin and his team express an attention to detail that's meticulous, relentlessly driving results to relieve the client's stress and deliver as early as possible. They are passionate about shooting breathtaking vistas from drone perspectives.    

Gold Coast Drone Pro

The Gold Coast Drone Pro is managed by Ben Langridge, a pilot known as The Gadget Man. He's got a decade of expertise in the field of photography and cinematography and has been accredited with the CASA licensing. With top of a line equipment fleet of drones that capture 4k-6k videos with outstanding multi-dimensional and angle shots.

Ben offers a package providing an unlimited number of photos and even a video created with no extra charges incurred. He's been doing real estate photography and commercial videography for a while. In the real estate industry, his aerial cinematography skills have proven incredibly beneficial for the businesses he works with.

Coast Line Productions

Coast Line is a video production company based in Queensland's South East. A group of experienced photographers and videographers worked on this production. They sought to expand their business through videography and supplying companies with the best aerial shots possible.

Their sole purpose for being in business is to produce high-quality videos and provide authentic and unique aerial pictures that cause the viewer to pause for a minute. They work with resorts, hotels, weddings, and various commercial products. This entire production crew is available to you for services.

D2 Drones

D2 Drones has decades of photography and cinematography experience. The co-founders have extensive knowledge of using surveillance technology on the ground and in the air. Their business provides inspection services, videography, photography, and surveillance. Every drone pilot has been issued a CASA license, ensuring public safety and civil aviation protocols are followed.

D2 Drones commonly works alongside individual clients and invest a considerable sum in media services. They are physically based on the Gold Coast, but their services are available across Australia, wherever their clients require.

Coops Creative Studios

Coops Creative Studio considers itself to be a content generator of all kinds. A group of energetic young people with a slew of innovative ideas. They are knowledgeable in various fields, including real estate, construction, products, and business content.

The Coops team has all the latest equipment to deliver outstanding outcomes in the form of high-quality videos for their clients. They can either edit a raw video for you or provide you with a new video from a bird's eye perspective using their aerial services. Proud to work with customers and ensure they obtain the best possible outcome for their project, Coops Creative Studio is after surpassing expectations at every level.        


Anyone who looks at Skyris' portfolio will become enthralled in it since its works are captivating to see. Skyris' owner, Wesley, has a flair for attaining the best results and offering unique and raw pictures and cinematography. His services are one-of-a-kind, elevating the visuals of products for clients who want to stand out from the crowd.

Aerial surveillance, mapping, and breathtaking imagery of the ground, ocean, and landscape are among the services he provides. Wesley isn't a one-time company to work with, in fact many of their customers are recurring.

One Two Shoot Media

One Two Shoot Media can deliver the outcomes for anyone who wants to integrate their company goals with the creation of cinematography. Steven, the company's director, has over a decade of expertise and is passionate about creating captivating and organic visuals. Using top-of-the-line drones that deliver 4K–6K video quality, One Two Shoot's quality will not disappoint.

This studio harbors a learning philosophy and ardently believes in expanding their expertise in aerial photography over the years. Steven manages great outcomes by knowing exactly what to capture and his team provides all the editing and delivery services you'd expect to see as a customer.  

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