Drone videography is a revolutionary way to transform any video project. Drones allow you to capture different perspectives and angles that take videos to new levels. There are many drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Houston, TX. The companies work with a range of clients across different industries for commercial and private projects.

Here are some of the best companies to shoot drone footage in Houston.

Professional Drone Services of Texas

Drone footage of residential property shot by Professional Drone Services of Texas.

Thanks to Professional Drone Services of Texas, getting aerial footage has never been easier. It’s one of the most reliable drone videography companies to get the unique footage that you need.

Professional Drone Services works across multiple industries – real estate, utilities, marketing, and more. Companies use the services for video mapping, inspection, and documentation. The company uses the highest quality drones and cameras for high-definition shots, even from high above the ground. It’s also fully insured and licensed.

Clients report enjoying a professional experience when working with the company. The streamlined booking service makes it simple for everyone to use. It also provides a fast turnaround with footage downloadable onsite and videos edited as fast as two days.

Strata Visuals

Aerial shot of rollercoaster captured by Strata Visuals.

Make yourself stand out in the Houston real estate market with outstanding drone cinematography by Strata Visuals. It specializes in real estate drone footage to capture unique perspectives of your home.

Houston has a bustling real estate market. It’s getting harder to set yourself apart with so many listings. Drone footage is an excellent way to showcase your property. Strata Visuals works with commercial and residential projects on creating images that sell.

Strata Visuals has a team of experienced pilots who are also knowledgeable about industry marketing tactics. You’ll always get the best shots that highlight your property’s best features when working with Strata Visuals. The images frequently lead to increased sales and more bookings for clients.

Dee Zunker Photography

Houston skyline shot at dusk by Dee Zunker.

Dee Zunker continues to prove herself as one of the best drone videographers in Houston with her incredible visuals. She specializes in drone footage for commercial and architectural projects, making Houston the perfect base for her business.

There are tons of architectural projects active in Houston. Zunker works with many national development and construction companies on providing drone videos of everything, from construction sites to finished buildings. Her services are excellent for site overviews or marketing real estate properties.

Zunker is a full-time drone operator. She’s FAA-certified and also has permission to operate drones at night. There are different packages available based on the type of project you’re working on to make it suitable for everyone.


Houston uptown district shot by iSky.

iSky has nearly 30 years in the photo and video industries. After so much time competing for the same kind of shots, it upgraded its services to include drone cinematography. It now helps clients to elevate their video marketing efforts.

You can trust that iSky has everything necessary to capture your video project. It uses state-of-the-art drones and cameras to get the best quality, even from 400-ft in the air! The company's FAA-certified and fully insured.

iSky works with commercial and private projects. It works with some clients on simple inspection videos, while others need footage for unique marketing campaigns. Either way, iSky helps you achieve your business and marketing goals with next-level visuals.

Pro Aire Photography

Houston aerial view at night captured by Pro Aire Photography.

Pro Aire Photography has been a go-to company for aerial cinematography in Houston long before drones became accessible to the public. It operates aircraft for large-scale projects but now introduced a fleet of drones into its lineup for shots at a lower altitude.

Pro Aire’s drone services offer companies a more affordable solution to getting aerial footage. You no longer need an aircraft to fly over a site but can use efficient drones to navigate an area to get the shots you’re looking for.

Several industries work with Pro Aire, including construction, real estate, maritime, and events. It’s a woman-owned company that has permits to shoot in most locations around Houston.

Red Wing Aerials

Commercial property inspection by Red Wing Aerials.

Red Wing Aerials is the local real estate industry’s favorite company shooting aerial cinematography. Thanks to adding drone videography to its services, it can capture footage from the ground level up to 3500-ft in the air by plane.

Drone videography by Red Wing Aerials opens up a new market in the real estate and construction industry. It can get close-up aerial shots of properties and construction sites to track progress or use for marketing purposes.

Red Wing Aerials has over 15 years of experience in the business. The trained pilots are skilled at cinematography from airplanes and now apply the same techniques when effectively flying drones over your subject.

Pryzm 3

Oil and gas inspection site by Pryzm 3.

Working with Pryzm 3 is a cost-effective way to get aerial footage. It creates an easy solution for several industries to get unique perspectives that typical videographers can’t capture.

Pryzm 3 offers drone video services for clients in commercial, industrial, agriculture, and real estate. It has a team of the best drone videographers in Houston who are fully licensed, certified, and insured. All footage is captured in high-resolution shot in 4K

There are tons of business solutions available through Pryzm 3. Save yourself a trip to a construction site by hiring the team to capture video footage and digitally deliver it to you. The pilots are qualified project managers who understand project objectives to shoot your desired footage.

Salty Drone Productions

Construction site drone footage by Salty Drone Productions.

Mike Carsner of Salty Drone Productions transformed his drone flying hobby into a successful business. He’s now one of the top videographers for aerial cinematography in Houston.

Clients get to work directly with Carsner, an experienced drone pilot, to capture aerial footage. He works with companies of commercial projects and private clients for shooting events. His versatility gives him capabilities for various industries, from agriculture to real estate to private gatherings.

There’s nothing like having a bird’s eye view of a property or events. Not only will you have the best angles, but he shoots in high quality for zooming in. Clients can request the raw footage or use his editing services to deliver a finished video.

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