Chicago is a major hub for arts and entertainment, home to a number of museums and institutions that celebrate and cultivate Impressionist and Neo-impressionist pieces. Additionally, Chicago has a handful of live improv theaters such as the renowned thespian stage The Second City – Chicago.

Traveling through the city, many will find inspiration and awe at the architecture. Piercing the sky at more than 1,000 feet each, the Willis Tower and John Hancock Center are iconic skyscrapers of the city’s high-tech and contemporary cityscape. These robust iron-cladded buildings set the tone for the rest of the city’s industrial yet modern aesthetic.

From any viewpoint, the city's skyline is unparalleled, making it a definite destination for drone shots and aerial masterpieces. Here's a list of some of best drone videographers in Chicago, skilled in capturing dramatic bird's-eye shots of the region's terrain.

Drone Genuity

An aerial shot of a Connecticut property showcase by Drone Genuity.

No matter the feat, Drone Genuity is a national videographer service with experience in residential, commercial, data capturing, and aerial landscape examinations. Their previous clients include Coldwell Banker, Sherwin-Williams, Kiewit, and JPMorgan Chase.

As cheeky as their name, Drone Genuity provides quality drone footage for all sorts of environments. The team strives to make videography and photography as simple as possible––diluting all of the fuss surrounding technology hiccups while ensuring excellent and professional service.

Additionally, the team offers tutorials and in-person or online classes in drone pilot training for individuals who want to take their at-home drone experience to their own hands. With all of Drone Genuity’s services, there’s no questioning why they are one of the most reputable and top-rated cinematographers in the United States.

Miller + Miller Architectural Photography

Overhead shot of Museum Campus and Lake Michigan captured by Miller + Miller Architectural Photography.

Since 2006, the team at Miller + Miller Architectural Photography has fulfilled a number of client’s visual photography and videography requests. They’ve worked on both print and digital marketing concepts as well as social media campaigns for brands across the globe.

Their work captures everything from flat landscapes to soaring skyscrapers, showcasing all essential and relevant features of the specific shot. Regardless if it’s a private home or commercial business, Miller + Miller gathers their creative and expert capabilities to astonish their audiences and clients with a custom touch. They are comfortable for both private home photography, local mom and pop businesses, as well as larger corporate enterprises.

Drone Media Chicago

A grand shot of Cloud Gate in Millennium Park in Chicago, IL photographed by Drone Media Chicago.

With over 15 years of drone piloting experience, the team at Drone Media Chicago specializes in everything film and photography-related. Their eye for detail and overall storytelling gives clients a fully immersive experience that they can take with them after the fact.

Whether you’re looking for traditional videography or a first-person action shot, their advanced operating systems put on an unforgettable spectacle. On top of the classic film shots, they also do work in 360 views of architecture and landscapes as well as commercial and residential estate shots. They’ve captured shots for a number of brands in all departments; Facebook, IKEA, Nike, National Geographic, and HBO to name a few.

Soaring Badger Productions

Drone footage gliding through the 2019 Lollapalooza shot by Soaring Badger Productions.

Being the first drone production company to professionally film on movie and television sets in Illinois, their fleet of drones is well-versed in a multiplicity of environments. From soaring aerial shots to fast-moving ground shots, Soaring Badger has serviced companies like FedEx, ESPN, Hilton Hotels, and HGTV.

Viewing a concert or festival from the ground-level is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, but have you ever seen the set from the sky? Whether you’re at Lollapalooza or a professional sports event, Soaring Badger captures every moment from perspectives you’ve never seen before.

Chicago Aerial Videos

Aerial shot of the stunning Chicago shoreline captured by Chicago Aerial Videos.

Chicago Aerial Videos is a full-service videographer and photographer team with capabilities in real estate, property mapping, marketing, and both public and private events. The creative team pushes for the best possible solutions for their customers to ensure a perfectly executed visual.

They’ve worked with a handful of realtors and commercial property owners throughout Chicago. With just a small team, they’ve been able to capture some of the most stunning images of Chicago’s landscape, exclusive properties, and private celebrations.

Robo Aerial

Navy Pier at sunset shot by Robo Aerial.

Robo Aerial utilizes modern drone technology paired with enhanced virtual reality videography. By combining the two storytelling technologies, they create unique visuals for their clients that entice and excite them with uncommon viewpoints.

On top of their 360 video VR and aerial cinematography, their services include real estate and corporate events that have served past clients like PBS, Cadillac, the Chicago Bulls, and the Obama Foundation. Given the opportunity, Robo Aerial focuses on enhanced storytelling with ad agencies, marketing groups, and film producers.

Synapse Video

View of downtown Chicago photographed by Synapse Video.

From humble beginnings to their full-service production company, the team at Synapse Video offers a wide variety of services on top of their expert drone operations. They employ drone footage to give that boost of over-the-top video experiences for their clients.

Regardless if you’re looking for simple ground shots or skilled overhead videos, the duo will work with their clients from pre- and post-production to guarantee a perfected final product. Their experience in video editing, product consulting, headshots, and business communications have brought them to be a reputable videography company in the Chicago area.  

Elevate Videography

Elevate Videography’s overhead shot of the University of Illinois. 

Elevate Videography uses a cost-effective method to deliver quality video and photography shoots. Serving the majority of the Chicago area, the uses state-of-the-art technologies to execute any event.

From weddings to music festivals, Elevate Videography ensures an immersive end-product with their expert FAA-compliant drone pilot authorization. Their competitive pricing makes them stand out from the rest of Chicago and is an astute choice when it comes to quality and service, which is likely why their previous clients have given them a number of accolades.


Aerial shot of a retail store by CineAir

CineAir focuses its videography and photography skills on branding and marketing strategies for corporations. Their social media-heavy productions are fine-tuned to promote your brand’s business through wondrous videos that capture your company’s essence.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time campaign or an on-going project, the team at CineAir focuses on making the client’s voice heard. Their range of services, including interviews and hundreds of real estate photos, sums up their 20-plus years of artistic services.

Alert Five Productions

Sky-high shot of a new development captured by Alert Five Productions.

By using only the best and top-tier technologies, Alert Five Production is sure to showcase your home or business in a new way. Their experience in a number of diverse properties gives the final touch to properties that are already breathtaking from the floor. Having an overhead shot of your estate truly is the cherry on top.

Covering virtually any type of infrastructure and landscape, the team offers videography services for every event with innovative and creative displays that capture the spirit of the moment. For weddings, residential, new developments, and even 4D mapping, Alert Five covers every detail necessary to seize the moment.

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