Top Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Brooklyn, NY

Top Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Brooklyn, NY

The increasing abundance of choices for affordable drones mean photographers have adapted. Many of the best offerings out there are now trained in piloting drones for the sake of making stunning aerial footage. These shots can be utilized in films, commercials, real estate shoots, and more.

Quite frankly, Brooklyn is one of the most iconic cities in the entire world. With stunning urban views and architecture, there's plenty of space to take in - from the ground or in the sky. If you are looking for drone experts to help you with your upcoming projects, we created a list of the aerial specialists in this city.

Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Brooklyn? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

2Bridges Productions

2Bridges Productions is a company that focuses on being experienced video marketing specialists by creating compelling stories for businesses using their powerful aerial cinematic videography techniques.

The company was built from the ground up by Reggie Beltran, together with Philipp Stuvecke and James Wu. With Reggie’s skills in business and finance, he created the company to create video solutions for businesses in New York. Later on, James and Philipp joined the company and united their talents to create one of the best drone video production companies.

Johnny Puetz Productions

This award-winning video production company offers drone photography for aerial cinematography, allowing you to create stunning aerial footage for your film or photo projects. If you have film projects and need drone footage to improve them, you can hire Johnny Puetz Productions to take care of such aerial cinematography needs.

This studio offers their services to large businesses and startups. No matter the scale of your project, the production company can help you with your drone needs. They have a massive range of drone selections in their arsenal, allowing them to shoot compelling aerial footage to help your website or social media pages look more enticing than ever.

Freedom Film LLC

Freedom Film LLC has worked with many clients locally and globally, including AOL, Amazon AT&T, Bacardi, BET, and more. The list goes on, and that goes to show that many large companies trust Freedom Film LLC with their aerial cinematography work.

Aside from shooting drone footage for films and commercials, Freedom Film also shoots drone footage for concerts and music festivals. If you have a startup or brand idea, get in touch and they can bring their aerial cinematography to your project. In addition to production, Freedom Film provides creative direction and and consulting on projects.


When it comes to artistic aerial cinematography and drone footage, Aerochase is the best at what they do. Chase Gensheimer, the main drone videographer at Aerochase is a master at flying drones, makes impossible shots possible with his piloting skills.

Chase actually started as an aeronautical engineer before starting his career as a photographer and pro drone pilot. Following in his father's footsteps as a pilot of a new kind, this studio provides a creative approach to all kinds of photography and video production.

Beige Cashmere

Beige Cashmere is a highly-creative video production company that offers cutting-edge drone aerial cinematography services for any type of project. Whether you need aerial footage for your business, website, or film, Beige is a Brooklyn-based provider with reasonably-priced packages for startups and well-established businesses.

This studio is used to making music videos, social media content for influencers, storytelling shoots for families, drone footage for weddings, and a lot more. You name it, and they can probably create it. You can thank their 100% dedication to client satisfaction for that.

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