Drone videography is a fascinating genre because it adds an entirely fresh perspective compared to traditional video formats. The aerial view is unique, and therefore a lot of small-medium and large business owners are waking up to the possibilities of using drone videography in their marketing mix.

Drone videographers are thus a very sought-after class of videography experts. If you're looking for the best drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Amagansett, NY, we recommend starting your search right here.

Drama Films Life

Drama Films Life is a specialist drone videography studio based in Amagansett. They offer their services mainly to the wedding and engagement industry. They provide a unique perspective and capture the most important day of your life from a beautiful aerial angle of view.

Drama Films' specialization in the wedding and engagement industry shows an outstanding commitment to creating beautiful films. With their drone pilots, licensed for FAA and able to fly drone commercially all over New York.

That's a Wrap Productions

That's A Wrap Productions was started by Craig, the inspiring founder behind the studio. They work on many different genres of video production, including drone videography. They offer their services to the personal events industry and the business sector.

Whether you're looking for a drone videographer for a wedding or looking for an aerial cinematographer to make a flyby of a real estate property, That's A Wrap Productions can handle both.

Drones New York City

Only a handful of drone videography companies are licensed to operate in New York City. Drones New York City is one of those companies. The company employs one of the best drone pilots and some of the best aerial cinematographers.

With every client, the objective of their pursuit is to ensure the final video captures the uniquely excellent view of your property. The studio employs state-of-the-art heavy lift drones for this purpose.

Over the years, Drones New York City has worked with large budget feature films, television episodes, covered sporting events, and has even contributed to Netflix originals.

Drone Services New York

Drone Services in New York is full-service drone videography and aerial cinematography company based in New York. They have worked in the television space, shot commercials for many companies, and worked on many other aerial cinematography assignments.

The company employs licensed drone pilots who are certified under part 107 of the FAA. The company is authorized to service the entire New York area, including the controlled airspaces of John F Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty international airports.

They're ready to take their services anywhere in the USA and work on any drone videography and aerial cinematography assignments.


AerialViews4U offers its services to many businesses, big and small. Whether it's a construction site looking for continuous monitoring of the place, or a large educational institution looking for a small flyby video, AerialViews4U can handle any aerial cinematography work.

They have skilled pilots on their payroll licensed under part 107 of the FAA and permitted to fly drones commercially.

With investments in state-of-the-art equipment, including commercial drones and high-quality cameras capable of recording in 4K format, they can deliver your content on time.

Elevate Your Listing

When you choose a drone videography company, it becomes imperative to find out if it employs licensed drone operators. Elevate Your Listing uses experienced drone operators who can field your properties in all their glory.

Working with Elevate, they help add value to your production, creating stunning footage that elevates your branding videos' impact to an entirely new level.

Cinematic Aerospace

When it comes to aerial cinematography, Cinematic Aerospace specializes in this particular genre of video production. They have worked with many high-profile, high-budget cinema productions.

The drone pilots they employ are licensed under part 107 of the FAA. The license to operate in most areas in New York, even the Class B, C & D areas. These pilots are highly skilled and have the experience necessary to elevate your branding efforts to an entirely new level.

Cinematic Aerospace offers services throughout the country, with pilots ready to travel anywhere to take care of you and your brand.

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