Drone videography is an exciting element to add to your current business and marketing collaterals, or as a fun addition to event photography. Drone footage adds a dimension of sight that your clients or target market would not be able to otherwise see, making the experience more unique and unforgettable for them.

While drone videography might be a little modern for a city nicknamed Old Town, you might find it to be the perfect complement for your event or business. Not sure where to look for your perfect drone videographer? We'll help you get started; check out our list of the best drone videographers in Alexandria, VA, below.

Aerial Drone Video VA

Aerial Drone VA services Northern Virginia, Washington, and Maryland, and offers a wide range of drone videography and photography services. Their pilots are certified by the FAA and are highly trained in aerial videography, so you will be sure that you will receive quality output from their company.

Their aerial videography services include covering sports and general events, creating music videos, or filming for commercial and real estate use. Aerial Drone VA has a full-service video production team that will ensure your vision will be met with the utmost precision, so you can get the results you want to achieve.

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DroneBase was founded by Dan Burton, who first gained an interest in drone videography and photographer during his service as a Marine Infantry Officer from 2007 to 2011. DroneBase is the concretization of Dan's vision for a global go-to drone platform, made up of expert drone pilots and aerial images professionals, to help businesses and clients worldwide to achieve their objectives.

DroneBase operates all across the US, and has an expert team located in Virginia to help you with your drone videography and aerial imagery needs. The company services all kinds of industries, from real estate to construction, insurance, and many others. DroneBase has produced spectacular aerial videos that show the expertise of their pilots, whether it's over surf, sand, or right in the heart of the city.

Air Aspects

The team at Air Aspects has over 30 years of experience in commercial photography, and is fully FAA licensed and insured as professional drone pilots. Having been in the business for more than 20 years, Air Aspects understands what needs to be done to deliver the best and most exciting aerial videos you need—whether that's for an event or your business.

Air Aspects can shoot drone videography in nearly any kind of condition: indoors, outdoors, over the sea or other waterscapes, and even in the woods. With their expert pilots and years of experience, it's easy to see why Air Aspects is a top choice for anyone looking for a drone videographer near the Alexandria area.

Force Aerial

Force Aerial offers aerial videography and photography for individuals and any size of businesses, whether you're Jaguar or National Geographic (whom they count as part of their roster of clients), or a homegrown Virginia business looking to bring more excitement and angles to your business collaterals.

Force Aerial is an FAA-approved company, and each client is assured that a certified pilot will be joining them for every shoot. Force Aerial's team takes highly-skilled shots of challenging scenery, and combined with expert post-production, creates stunning moving imagery that is sure to capture the attention of your target market and elevate your marketing strategy.

Michael F. Cormier

Michael F. Cormier is an award-winning filmmaker whose work spans TV shows, corporate videos, documentaries, and more. Moreover, Michael offers incredible drone videography and aerial cinematography that shows his distinct style after over 20 years of experience in the filmmaking industry.

Michael is an exceptional worker and can take a production on "from start to finish"; from conceptualization, to actual shooting, and inputs on pot production, your project will surely benefit from Michael's expertise and keen eye for design. In addition, Michael is comfortable shooting in any location, and under most circumstances, so he can definitely take on whatever you have in mind.

Drone Videos

Drone Videos aims to provide a reliable network of highly qualified, certified, and experienced drone operators who can deliver excellent results no matter what kind of project you engage them for. Drone Videos only uses Ultra HD footage, and is complemented not only by the technical skill but also the artistry of each drone pilot, resulting in projects that are truly value-adding to your company's needs.

The portfolio of Drone Videos shows a wide range of industries that can benefit from the stunning—and sometimes even practical—aerial videography their team can offer. So whether you are in real estate, construction, or want to showcase your location for a presentation, Drone Videos will be your partner every step of the way.

Mid-Atlantic Drones

Mike Sobola and Luisa Winters are the aviation-savvy owners and founders of Mid-Atlantic Drones. Both Mike and Luisa have hands-on experience flying aircraft, which ensures that the Mid-Atlantic Drones team has an expert understanding of aviation safety, giving them a unique advantage over other drone service providers.

Among the stellar services Mid-Atlantic Drones provides is cinematic drone videography. Mike's and Luisa's works have been used in films and documentaries, TV shows, commercials, to name a few. With over 30 years of experience in video production and post-production, Mid-Atlantic Drones promises to bring you "breathtaking" aerial cinematography—the quality that you deserve.

Global Drone Video

Josh Bois started Global Drone Video in hopes of providing an end-to-end content and strategy service, complete with both engaging and high-quality aerial cinematography and well-informed marketing strategy guidance, to ensure that your company can achieve its intended ROI and growth targets. Their post-production team will also take into consideration your desired vision, style, and corporate branding, so you know that the finished product will be unique to your company.

Global Drone Video's team is composed of highly experienced and licensed drone pilot professionals who can shoot a myriad of drone videography services from events, music videos, real estate, surveying, and even private clientele needs. You'll feel confident knowing that their team can help create the aerial cinematography project of your dreams.

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