The power of creating breathtaking movie sequences from the sky is now more accessible than ever before - thanks to the invention of consumer-friendly drone cameras. However, aerial cinematography requires its specialists, experts with the drone camera.

If you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and need to produce aerial cinematography shots for a project, short movie, vlog, or commercial you are working on– the city is home to many professional drone pilots who can help you capture the aerial footage you need.

If you want to upgrade the quality of your projects with stunning aerial imagery– this article will be your number one resource. Ready to start your search for drone videographers in Halifax? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Tilt Media

Tilt Media believes that visual content is worth a thousand words, and that is why they dedicated their time into mastering the craft of filming high-quality drone footage.

If you are looking for a media company that is not only an expert in shooting high-quality footage but also understands the importance of quality footage in expanding brand awareness– Tilt Media would be a good fit for you. Their team is really easy to work with, thanks to their experience and knowledge. If you are not sure if you need drone footage for your project, you can also consult with them to share your thoughts and ideas.

The Tilt team believes that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. This is why they strive to create footage that demands more engagement, evident from their extensive portfolio. Whether you need scenes for a movie project you are working on or creating a simple video for your brand, Tilt Media has you covered.

AMac Photography

AMac Photography has been in the photo and video industry in Halifax for over a decade. And with the introduction of accessible drone video cameras not so long ago, it's no surprise that AMac worked its way into mastering the craft. The company offers a bunch of services, but one of their top-selling services is their 3D virtual home tours for real estate listings, which involves cinematic drone footage from inside homes.

What sets AMac apart from other real estate and cinematic drone videographers is such interior cinematography. Altogether, they offer a wide range of aerial footage, such as panoramas and stills – all quite pleasing to view.


Proptonics is one of the leading drone videographers, not only in Halifax but also in the greater Nova Scotia area. They've worked with big names, such as Acura, Kia, Volvo, and more. Such big name brands say a lot about their ability to create cinematic aerial footage that sells.

If you are looking to upgrade your content by adding cinema-quality aerial footage to your projects, Proptonics are experts in their craft. They don’t only offer drone footage, but you can also consult with them and plan video projects from start to finish. The Proptonics website and social media accounts showcase some of their best work.

Halifax Video Production

Compilation of Drone Shots by Halifax Video Production [Halifax Video Production]

Halifax Video Production takes pride in capturing comprehensive video experiences through the use of their drones. They specialize in creating stories through high-quality drone footage and won many awards for their drone filming skills. If you are looking to increase awareness for your business or brand, Halifax can help you generate more engagement with their compelling drone footage and creations.

Every drone shot they create delivers a compelling message about a business’ brand, personality, and voice. They have a unique way of really capturing the essence of any aerial scene. With one look at their extensive portfolio, you'll be instantly impressed with their perspective.

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