This driftwood wedding has so much going for it! A rowboat that matches the wedding decor and of course, driftwood that elegantly styles the venue all the way from table to ceiling are truly inspirations to draw from!

We love the driftwood hanging over the wedding reception table, so don’t miss that as you scroll through this wonderful photo shoot. Get terrific ideas for your driftwood wedding and start planning.

Details for a Driftwood Wedding

A driftwood wedding is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding style that uses driftwood as its primary design feature. For some, driftwood is just a random piece of log floating on the sea or washed ashore. But others have seen the potential of this natural element to bring the ocean setting into their wedding celebration.

Unique driftwood weddings are casual yet elegant. They add a touch of sophistication to your big day and create a cosy tropical appearance. Plus, driftwood is eco-friendly and accessible; it only requires your creativity to turn an ordinary piece of wood into fabulous wedding decor. It works for various wedding venues, whether at the beach, lake, or indoors.

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Colour Palettes for a Driftwood Wedding

Colour makes any design come alive and can breathe life into your decoration. It can set the mood in your event, attract attention, and influence emotions. So no matter what wedding colours you choose, it’s vital to pick the shades you love instead of following the tradition or trend.

There’s no standard colour palette to use for your driftwood wedding, but many couples love the shades of beige and blue since they’re often used for beach-themed parties. But if you’re not fond of soft, muted neutrals, you can explore bold tropicals to match your shining personality. You can also experiment with deep undertones or light pastels for a dreamy, bright, and romantic driftwood wedding.

Budget for a Driftwood Wedding

Breaking down your budget is one of the most daunting yet essential parts of wedding planning. You’ll have to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on your guest list, venue, catering, entertainment, wedding attire, wedding flowers, and more. Fortunately, driftwood weddings are often budget-friendly since the primary design element is typically free and easy to find, depending on your location.

It means you can cut down your expenses on decor and allocate the money to other areas and save more. You can exchange vows under a driftwood arch decorated with wildflowers or white linens, make driftwood candle holders, or embellish your table with driftwood vases.

Table Setting for a Driftwood Wedding

Expect the unexpected on your table if you’re organising a driftwood wedding. And we’re not talking about some exotic food here (although that would probably fit the theme, as well). Vintage jars, candles, and lots of greenery are popular wedding centrepieces to achieve a laid-back, countryside appeal. But there’s no better way to highlight your driftwood wedding theme than adding a piece of wood for a more dramatic effect on your table setting.

Collect some twigs and string them together to create a driftwood garland laid casually on your tabletop or hang it overhead. A big piece of driftwood can also stand alone as a centrepiece, added with other natural elements like shells, stones, and flowers.

Dresses & Accessories for a Driftwood Wedding

For a laid-back celebration, think of intricate laces, delicate floral designs, and natural fabrics. These elements create a chic country style perfect for a driftwood wedding and look fantastic in a natural environment, like the open field, beach, or farm.

For anyone who prefers the combination of simplicity and sophistication, backless wedding dresses in a pastoral setting look magical. They will enchant you with their subtle touch of elegance while giving you an innocent yet sensual appeal. You don’t need a lot of sparkles or an elaborate headpiece. Remember to stay true to your style when choosing a statement piece and keep everything simple.

Groom Style for a Driftwood Wedding

Are you looking to step away from the classic black tuxedo? There’s a reason why this formal clothing has become a go-to wedding attire for grooms for many years. However, we can’t deny that neutral shades and unexpected hues of brown, blue, or grey give the wearer a bit more personality.

Since there’s nothing traditional with a driftwood wedding, it’s an opportunity to explore and dress in something you’re confident in and comfortable. Ditch the jacket and just wear a vest for a more casual look. Consider adding some flair and character to your outfit with a polka dot tie, and complete your style with a fedora.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Driftwood Wedding

While wedding bouquets are a must for the celebration, boutonnieres are often among the most commonly overlooked details. If you’re organising your driftwood wedding, make sure everything is accounted for, including those small floral accessories worn by the groom and groomsmen. Most grooms wear a boutonniere that matches the colour and style of the bouquet. Still, you can also be creative and wear something more personal.

Lilies and roses are a classic choice, but you can go with one large flower or succulent and balance it out with leafy greens or fresh herbs. Remember that the bridal bouquet is your ultimate accessory for your wedding. Therefore, make sure it’s special and represents you and your big day.

Reception Decor for a Driftwood Wedding

Decor is the most notable attraction in a wedding reception, so make sure it creates the tone and mood you want to achieve. If you’re after the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a driftwood wedding style, use various organic elements in their most natural state. Find more raw, unfinished woods instead of polishing a log for a sleek, glossy look.

Take advantage of different textures, shapes, and colours of unrefined woods and stones. Sure, it gets a little gritty, but these elements are highly versatile. That’s why it’s easy to incorporate any decor, like foliage, blooms, and lights. You can make a stylish driftwood centrepiece with greenery and flowers, a cake stand, or a wedding sign made of old wood.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Driftwood Wedding

No wedding is complete without a photo shoot. It’s a simple yet impactful activity that can immortalise your big day. To create driftwood wedding photographs, capture the couple’s romantic interaction in the natural lake setting. Add a portrait shot of a classic rowboat while the lovers look sweetly at each other, and you have the recipe for a memorable wedding day.

Getting close-ups or individual jaw-dropping images of the bride and groom are essential additions to your wedding album. Also, the candid shots, where the couple walks hand in hand, will always be timeless. You can see their love radiating through those photos.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Driftwood Wedding

Although they can suit indoor celebrations, driftwood weddings often mean outdoors. They offer spectacular sceneries and guarantee a marvelous backdrop for photos you can look back at for years. It fulfills every nature lover’s dream, whether held in a barn, greenfield, grapevines, campsite, or the piney woods.

Think outside the box and let your creativity run wild to bring unique creative details to a sprawling outdoor space. Make the most of the pleasant weather and marry by that mythical lake or decorate your backyard to give it an uplift suited for the special occasion. No matter where you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to implement the elements of wood, florals, and branches into the event design.

Rustic and Refined Driftwood Wedding Inspiration

The driftwood has to be one of my favourite design elements used in weddings. The way the water shapes and smooth driftwood reminds me of sculpture and I’ve never seen driftwood used so well, and in so many unique ways as in today’s driftwood wedding inspiration shoot from Kristyn Hogan Photography, all of which was designed and styled Tennessee’s Cedarwood Weddings!

Flower adorned rowboat | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood chandelier | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Rustic and refined wedding invitations | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Flower adorned row boat | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Botanical and and naturalist wedding ideas | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Protea topped wedding cake | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Sarah Janks wedding dress | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood place cards | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Protea wedding bouquet | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood installation | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Antlers and king protea | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Row boat portraits | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood wedding reception | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Side braid hairstyle | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood chandelier | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Flower and antler adorned row boat | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Hand blown glass with flowers and driftwood | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Sarah Janks wedding dress | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
wooden heart carving | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Protea wedding bouquet | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:
Driftwood-themed wedding reception | Kristyn Hogan Photography | see more on:

Driftwood adds a rustic-to-refined vibe to any décor that it’s utilized in. Combined with antlers, exotic flowers, candlelight and sequins – the entire look of the reception setup in this inspiration shoot is utterly jaw dropping and reminiscent of a naturalist’s dream. Bistro chairs and hand-letting add a sense of warmth to the ambiance and those rowboat shots!? It’ doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Credits: Photography: Kristyn Hogan // Event Design & Florals: Cedarwood Weddings // Cake: Patty Cakes // Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom // Wedding Dress: Sarah Janks via The Dress Theory // Draping: Events Plus // Paper Goods: Designs in Paper // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals & Liberty Party Rentals // Venue: Historic Cedarwood near Nashville, Tennessee.

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