Dreamy Wedding

This is a fun wedding photo inspirational shoot and when you browse through the images, you’ll see what we mean! Pastels are the hit here and we’ll tell you to take a look for the cello!

Color Palettes for a Dreamy Wedding

Dreams could be represented by various colors and different shades. But soft hues like pastel colors will bring out the magical vibe of your decor and create a romantic atmosphere. Pastel blues, light pink, yellow, and blush are some wedding colors that will surely help you achieve the dreamy and peaceful feel for your biggest day.

To elaborate on the vintage side of things, try incorporating the colors of nature like green and brown into your designs. Taking advantage of the hues of nature is one of the most convenient ways of bringing your own choices of wedding colors to the table. Also, consider exploring the beauty of blue and gold for your wedding cards and purple for your other designs.

Details for a Dreamy Wedding

Picture an enchanted forest, a magical place full of wonder, floral beauty, and lush scenery, and you’ll have a perfect idea for your dreamy wedding. Flowers will play a huge role in making this theme attainable. But the right lighting is equally important.

There’s no limit to what you can do in terms of decor for your dreamy wedding. You always have the creative freedom to decorate and design a magical setting that will tap into your fond childhood memories. Use vintage furniture to add a layer of old-school grandeur to your wedding. You can also set up a matrimonial bed adorned with flowers and greenery that will lay the foundation for a fruitful marriage.

Table Setting Style for a Dreamy Wedding

Choosing a style for your table setting is one of the countless decisions that could stress you out. However, this shouldn’t be the case because, for a dreamy wedding, you have the choice to keep things casual but elegant. If you don’t have too many guests, circular tables with white linens and florals at the center will suffice. For a larger reception, consider the square tables or long banquet tables to keep friends conversing.

Don’t pressure yourself too much when choosing your utensils and table accessories. A simple set of transparent glasses and the usual white plates and silver cutlery would be appreciated by your guests.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Dreamy Wedding

One way to turn your dream wedding into reality is to wear your dream wedding dress on your big day. It could be a cocktail dress with intricate floral details or a long bridal gown that will capture everyone’s attention. With quiet confidence and an alluring smile, you’ll look stunning at your wedding no matter what style and type of dress you wear.

For your accessories, match your unassuming elegance with a silver necklace. You may opt for different pendants, though the conventional round and heart-shaped ones will always deliver. Finally, wear your hair however you are comfortable to symbolize your acceptance of a new challenge. You may want to decorate your hair with an orange flower for the ultimate sweet aura.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Dreamy Wedding

If you’re thinking about fusing your dreamy wedding with a tropical theme, then you’ll have plenty of choices for strikingly beautiful wedding bouquets. Carnations, roses, and peonies with some lavender and lush greenery will bring color to your celebration. If you opt for a forest wedding venue, you will stand out carrying an oversized bouquet of your favorite wedding flowers.

Boutonnieres are accent flowers, but these often attract most people’s attention. Choose the same flowers and greenery from your bouquet to your boutonnieres. Garden roses in yellow or purple would be fantastic choices. If you used ferns or lavenders for your wedding bouquets, give your boutonnieres the same touch.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Dreamy Wedding

Cakes symbolize celebration, so a reception dessert that will echo your hope for abundant life is essential for your dreamy wedding. Treat your guests to a feast for the eyes with scrumptious dream cakes. If you’re sticking with vibrant colors, a full display of the rainbow spectrum through floral cupcakes might just be what you need.

For a dreamy wedding, the fluid gradience of white or light blue would be a perfect blend. Also, cupcakes in pastel palettes would always blend in. Dish out a three-tier cake in an eggshell color if you want to share something rare with your friends and family.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Dreamy Wedding

Wedding photos are an excellent way of capturing your most joyful and optimistic moments. For a dreamy wedding theme, let your guests feel like they’re living inside your dream through your stunning reception and ceremony pictures. Sharing your joy with nature in the background is an idea that’ll never get old! Flowers are synonymous with love, so they need to be present, too.

Go ahead and be playful and bold and set aside your quiet side. Consider sharing your musical side if you are so gifted, and play during the ceremony by bringing out the violin or cello.

Portrait Props for a Dreamy Wedding

Dreams are best experienced when relaxed. So, take the ultimate risk of staying lowkey and comfy by taking your bed out and bringing it to a forest setting (this could even be your backyard). A bride will look like a fairy waiting for their prince charming while relaxing on this soft bed adorned with flowers and greenery. Keep the dreamy sequence by setting up a lamp beside the bed.

A music sheet paired with a small bouquet of fresh lavenders would also make for a creative and artistic portrait prop. Another thing you can do is share your relaxed look by reading a book while lying on the bed for your photo shoot. Consider the addition of a musical instrument to add some tone to your dreamy wedding photo shoot.

Ceremony Decor for a Dreamy Wedding

Dreams are sometimes best enjoyed with intimacy. For your dreamy wedding, embody this intimacy by not going for too vivacious decorations. Flowers, alone, could do more than enough to bring your dreams to life. Remember that in the ceremony, the bride and the groom will be the center of attention, so why not be surrounded by gorgeous blooms?

More people are leaning towards vibrant colors, and you should, too, by surrounding the ceremony venue with a galore of colorful flowers. Add unique textures for a touch of diversity. If possible, incorporate cloudlike pastel colors to complete the dreamy wedding appeal.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Dreamy Wedding

Let the dreamy atmosphere set in for outdoor wedding venues by going out in the forest. You may also go for spaces with a naturally magical vibe, like gardens, stateside spots, and beaches, to create that fairytale-like atmosphere you want. Add delicate lighting and soft colors, and incorporate plenty of flowers like roses, lavenders, and peonies.

Create an inviting entrance made with cascading flowers and vines creeping up the door to create a sense of excitement and set the tone for what’s to come. Fairy lights, candles, or tea lights are your best friends to add an enchanting feel and enhance the look of your outdoor party.

The Dreamer

wedding inspiration shoot with lots of dreamy pastels

I am in love with this inspiration shoot by Kelly Rucker. It’s so peaceful, dreamy, and the pastel colors are perfection. The vintage details are sweet and the wooded forest location in Texas along with the iron bed bring enchantment to this whimsical shoot. The details are all so wonderful that I’m sure you’ll have as hard of a time choosing a favorite as I did! Enjoy!

wedding inspiration shoot with bed
lavender bouquet
flower garland
pastel wedding bouquet
wedding inspiration shoot
rose wedding bouquet in pastels
lavender wedding inspiration
lavender bouquet
girl with cello
pastel bridal bouquet
dreamy wedding photography

Credits: Photography: Kelly Rucker Photography // Hair Stylist: Lindey Duckworth // Floral Designer: Kate Foley Designs // Rentals: Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals // Spray Tan: Sun Revolution Dallas // Personal Stylist: H Design // Model: Carissa Bleeker.