Dark Berry Wedding

What is prettier than the colour of merlot? A wedding with this hue as a highlight spells luxury and warmth all wrapped up in one beautiful ceremony. From burgundy lined envelopes inviting guests to the nuptials to bridesmaids' dresses in a rich red hue, this wedding theme is a standout!

For those of you looking for a London wedding venue, we couldn’t think of a more suited color trend. Grand venues filled with history and surrounding magical sites like Buckingham Palace make for a gorgeous and memory filled day.

Details for a Dark Berry Wedding

It's taken far less for us to dream up a drool-worthy big day. The Peaches & Mint tablescape provides plenty of wedding ideas to work with. For starters, berries and autumn go together like bread and butter. With that in mind, we figured that we should go deeper into some of the details of planning a berry wedding if, at all, it helps any bride-to-be out there.

This isn't the first time we've talked about autumn berry weddings on Burnett's Board. In this case, let's shine the spotlight more on the table setting style as well as the floral design and arrangements that work for various aspects of the big day.

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Colour Palettes for a Dark Berry Wedding

The tablescape serves as a colour palette guide for a dark berry wedding. It brings together the gorgeous seasonal pigments in a romantic and aesthetically-pleasing way. Perhaps the best part is how the rich hues of autumn blooms blend harmoniously with figs, grapefruits, plums, raspberries, and strawberries to spring the berry theme to life.

A combination of burgundy, green, purple, white, ruby red, and pink is perfect for this wedding scheme. The chestnut-coloured wood as well as the gold and silver details show us how to include some warmth to the otherwise dark colour palette. As for the textural linens, they give us a reference on how to introduce prints and patterns.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Dark Berry Wedding

The incredibly irresistible pigments, stunning accents, and thoughtful styling give us more ideas about the type of backdrop that would suit a dark berry wedding. We still see it as a woodland-inspired affair that best comes to life at an outdoor wedding venue. A reception by the river is yet another idea that most brides would simply fall in love with.

An outdoor ceremony hosted at a hillside location equally sounds like an autumn-perfect choice. Naturally, you'll want to toss in plenty of burgundy-coloured plants, berries, and striking red flowers around the outdoor wedding space. Include some warmth with details like pampas grass, wicker baskets, rattan chairs, and wooden barrels.


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Ceremony Decor for a Dark Berry Wedding

The ceremony is often short and sweet but it's still an important part of the big day. To bring in the dark berry theme, you'll want to strategically "plant" clusters of dark blooms as well as the richly pigmented fruits all around the wedding venue.  Also, create a rustic wedding arch/backdrop crawling with an overgrowth of autumn flowers and scrumptious berries.

The red tapered candles placed on gold-toned candle holders are other elegant elements that further highlight the dark berry theme. It's also a lovely touch to pin some dark-coloured flowers and plants behind the chairs and set up similar floral arrangements along the aisle.

Reception Decor for a Berry Wedding

Berry and rustic also go hand in hand, and that in itself sums up the type of wedding decor that suits this theme. Picture setting up rows of long tables at a meadow, garden, vineyard, or countryside barn for the occasion. A dessert table loaded with a spread of yummy plums, purple-hued macarons, blueberry tarts, and the grand presentation – a  berry-themed cake – will definitely steal the show.  

Gold-tone vases, fruit bowls, and candle holders further offer a spark of warmth. Mesh metal baskets, wooden signs, and patterned gray draping are other wonderful additions to the wedding decor. The reception venue should also involve plenty of rich-hued floral arrangements and an abundance of berries.

Table Setting Style for a dark Berry Wedding

The berries, pomegranates, and pears add an organic element to the tablescape. They also more or less bring to mind the farm-to-table aspect when hosting the reception at a garden, hayfield, or barn location. Red tapered candles perched on gold candle holders further elevate the dark berry scheme.

Other elements that also highlight the table setting style include the berry-flavored drinks served in highball glasses, gold-toned cutlery, and red ribbons. Keeping the table bare also works for the overall aesthetic. If you prefer to have tablecloths as part of the setup, go for the gray patterned fabrics similar for the texture and softness they bring into the theme.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Dark Berry Wedding

The floral design focuses on the selection of dark wedding flowers harmoniously blended with various berries and pigmented foliage. Go wild with arrangements of flowers and plants in dramatic shades of ruby red, burgundy, purple, and pink. Posies made of Celia lilies, dahlias, roses, ranunculuses, Leptospermum, and scabiosa work for a dark berry theme.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of the different types of berries, plums, figs, and pomegranates used for the floral arrangements. Hypericums and snowberries are other wonderful additions to the wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral centrepieces. Purple feathers, lobed leaves, buds, and succulents are other great inclusions to the buttonholes.

Portrait Props for a Dark Berry Wedding

Taking wedding portraits is among the list of fun activities most couples schedule for the big day. Using thematic props can add a touch of elegance or result in memorably whimsical photos. Colour smoke bombs highlighting the dark berry scheme are superb wedding portrait props. Classics like chalkboards, large picture frames, ampersands, and "just married" banners still do the trick.

Floral crowns, swing sets, and bicycles stacked with berries and autumn flowers preset another category of wedding props that guests will equally love. The simplest props that work for just about every wedding include rose petals, lanterns, confetti, sparklers, coloured balloons, and oversized cut-outs.

Wedding Invitations for a Dark Berry Wedding

If there's ever a better time to break away from traditional white stationery it's when you are planning a dark berry-themed wedding. Your guests will be pumped up when they receive bold-coloured wedding invitations. The first option is to select plum-toned stationery bearing gold-coloured text in an elegant font.

You can still keep it simple with a combination of dark-toned blooms, dark berry, and plum-coloured motifs printed on the edges of the stationery. Another alternative is to run with the rich dark burgundy tone for the envelopes paired with a softer colourful floral print for the top fold and wedding cards.

Favours & Gifts for a Dark Berry Wedding

Whether you are having the wedding in your backyard or hosting the occasion at an idyllic location; it's always a kind gesture to send guests off with wedding favours. It's the thought that counts but etiquette dictates that the gifts should be personalised and accompanied with a “thank you” note. Some autumn-approved options include jars of strawberry jams, blueberry syrup, and plum chutneys.

Still, in the edible category, cherry-flavored beer, mini sweet pies, chocolate-covered strawberries, berry-flavored popsicles, and mini-bottles of grape wine are other wonderful choices. The classics still work as wedding gifts and that includes tea tins, seasonal seed packets, DIY gardening kits, and themed fridge magnets.

Bold Red and Berry Tablescape Inspiration shoots

Today’s bold red and berry Tablescape inspiration shoot from Peaches & Mint is absolutely exquisite. It flawlessly combines two of Pantone’s colours for fall – samba and vivacious – for a sensual autumn colour scheme. The samba red hues infuse a sense of grandeur and drama while the vivacious berry tones add an unruly and wild nature to the entire palette!

Red, berry, and pantone vivacious place setting http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry and pantone vivacious inspiration shoot http://peachesandmint.com/
Deep red, vivacious, and berry centerpiece http://peachesandmint.com/
Autumn berry wedding boutonnières http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry, and pantone vivacious place setting http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry, and Pantone vivacious http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry and pantone vivacious inspiration shoot http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry, and pantone vivacious place setting http://peachesandmint.com/
Deep red, vivacious, and berry centerpiece http://peachesandmint.com/
Red, berry and pantone vivacious inspiration shoot http://peachesandmint.com/
Berry jam wedding favor http://peachesandmint.com/

Each of these images is reminiscent of a still-life masterpiece. The warm chestnut-brown woods, textural linens, rich Merlot colours, and lavish gold details are expertly woven throughout to bring this sumptuous Tablescape to life!

Credits: Photography: Peaches & Mint // Styling & Design: Lovely Weddings // Floral Design: Flowerup by Fiona Seidl // submitted via Two Bright Lights.