Top Costume Stores in Toronto, ON, Canada

Top Costume Stores in Toronto, ON, Canada

Whether you need a custom look for a theater performance, events, dance festival, or film production, costume stores are the places to go. You can find modern, mythical, historical, or dance apparel to fit your preferred aesthetic. Many costume stores offer costumes for rent as well, and carry several unique accessories to complete your look, including jewelry, makeup, and wigs.

Toronto, Canada, is a diverse city, with world-class performance, productions, and events. It’s also a hot spot for costume shops. Whether you want a Santa costume for Christmas or you need period clothing for a themed photo shoot, you can find what you need at one of the costume shops in Toronto. Here’s a list of some of the top costume stores, with all of the gear you need for your next festival, photo shoot, or event.

Ready to start your search for costume stores in Toronto? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your celebration.

Candy's Costume Shop

Candy’s Costume Shop has been operating in Toronto for over a decade, providing its customers with high-quality masquerade masks, costumes, wigs, special effect makeup, accessories, and gifts. The shop works all year, trying to provide its customers with out-of-the-box ideas and unique-looking, fun costumes and accessories. You can trust Candy’s Costume Shop with costumes for plays, films, theater, cosplay events, Instagram reels, photoshoots, or special events.

Toronto hosts several fun-filled costume events around the clock, and Candy’s Costume Shop enables you to attend these events without worrying about your costumes or the gifts for the hosts. They have an online store and a street shop located on Mount Pleasant Road in Toronto.

Woodbridge Costumes

Woodbridge Costumes has been in the costume industry, selling high-quality, distinguished products for almost three decades. They rent and sell authentic, original costumes and customize designs according to their customer's wishes. This seller also deals in wigs, makeup, collectibles, accessories, and masks to help you complete your look.

From costumes for mascot parties to dance, disco, howdy, and antique, all categories are sold at their online shop. Woodbridge also sells balloons and novelties in the shop with a no return or refund policy. This costume store is based in Toronto, Ontario, and is a 5-star rated store in Canada.

Hogtown Mascots

Hogtown Mascots is not just a costume retail store but a place where the magic happens. One of the co-owners, John Kernaghan, is a self-proclaimed mascot nerd with lots of experience. He has worked with Paramount studios and Disney, making him an expert on costumes and toys.

George Civello, the other co-owner, assists with the design and business side of the business. The duo gives out costumes for sale and rental. They can also revamp your nasty old costumes into excellent, fun, and high-quality ones. They also offer onsite cleaning services. From characters to accessories, props, and sets, this duo gives Toronto the best mascot experience.

Flash Design Company

Stacey Gonder and her team have used their talents to design and manufacture high-quality, unique-looking costumes for more than two decades. What started as a one-woman company is now a fantastic team of professional artists who thrive by making authentic costumes, selling them, and renting them out.

Stacey has a career as a dancer, which inspired her to go into the design industry. The store is Canadian and has a made-in-Canada tag, making them a popular choice. Being a dancer herself, Stacey focuses more on creative dance costumes. Flash Dance Company offers a wide variety of styles at affordable rates.

Susan Dicks & Co

Susan Dicks and Co. has been in business for over three decades and provides custom costume and fashion design, development, and fabrication for professional clients.

They specialize in creating high-quality special occasion garments, costumes, and accessories for designers, performers, and production clients. They work with their clients, integrating ideas and creativity to enhance their designs.

Susan Dicks & Co. has a portfolio of costumes and apparel that shows an attention to detail, creative customization, and an out-of-the-box methodology.

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