Top Costume Stores in London, UK

You can enact a character and display their personality to an audience with a costume. Dressing up in costumes helps children develop fundamental literacy, creativity, and life skills. Dressing up in costumes encourages creative thinking and sharpens communication skills, and in general are fun for all occasions.

If you are looking to get costumes in London, this article discusses seven costume stores you can check out. Ready to start your search for costume stores in London? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big event.

Fancy Dress Town

Fancy Dress Town is an outstanding costume store for your fancy dress needs. A vast collection of fancy dresses at the store is available, giving you a wide range for easy shopping and selection. So regardless of the look you want to achieve, dresses at Fancy Dress Town will provide you with a great and captivating look at your party.

Excellent customer service is the mantra at Fancy Dress Town. When ordering your fancy dress through the dispatch and after sales, be assured that the customer service is always available to assist you and give you good value for your money. At Fancy Dress Town, you will get good-quality dresses at low prices. And you are assured of receiving your order the same day you place them before 2 pm.

Prangsta Costumiers

Prangsta Costumiers provide exquisite handmade costumes that attract admirers. This costume store has an immersive collection from delicate bodice embellishments to outlandish winged codpieces. The company works with many brands to make top-quality wardrobes.

Prangsta Costumiers believe in sustainability. They create clothing with the intended use. Consequently, their pieces are rented multiple times and even worn by performers and party goers. All dresses are made to fit the wearer, making them stand out in an industry with mass-produced throw-away fashion.

Mad World Fancy Dress

At Mad World Fancy Dress, you can hire and shop for dresses. Whatever era you want to enact, there is something for you. Mad World Fancy dress has several categories, including medieval 1920s and Victorian, you can hire from; your imagination only limits you.

Besides costumes, Mad World Fancy Dress also retails fancy dress accessories like wigs, face paints, and stick-on mustaches for several themes. You can also purchase from the costumier's wide range of Venetian masks in different styles, from simple to elaborate.

Costume Studio

Costume Studio is a well-established business that supplies all types of costumes for several purposes, including film, theatre, television, and the music sector. You can also get costumes for historical periods into the 20th century for your events or advertising.

Furthermore, you can provide your ideas, images, and design. And the costume studio will help you make the best choice. You can also hire accessories, wigs, footwear, and military costumes. Costume Studio places a premium on customer service and they answer all calls personally.

Ad Hoc London

Ad Hoc London is a fashion-style shop that offers iconic special events costumes for hire or purchase. You can order in-store or order online for delivery anywhere in the world. The store has an eclectic collection of clothing and accessories for any event, including birthdays, Halloween, and festivals.

Due to their efficient service and customer prioritization, Ad Hoc London has several positive reviews from new and returning customers. Whether you are looking for footwear, accessories, clothing, or novelty materials, Ad Hoc London has them all in stock.

Carnival Store

Carnival Store hires and sells quality fancy dress costumes and accessories. They are one of  UK's biggest online fancy dress retailers. With over 18,000 products sold worldwide, the store is still expanding and focusing on satisfying its clientele's fancy dress costume needs. Carnival Store has several available costumes regardless of the look or era you are trying to enact.

The Carnival Store has operated for over 60 years as a family business. Thus, they are popular and known for their dedication to providing only quality costumes and accessories for their customers. Furthermore, the store has efficient customer support and offers flexible and quick shipping and a secure payment system.

Costume Boutique

Costume Boutique is a fancy dress store offering exclusive and quality costumes to parties, private customers, stylists, photographers, and event agencies. Production companies also get costumes for commercials from Costume Boutique, a treasure trove full of stylish and inspiring garments and accessories. You can match whatever you get at the boutique to your specifications.

The Costume Boutique was named one of London's top 10 fancy dress shops by Time Out. Some costume categories for hire include Easter, historical men & women, pirates, wild west, and uniforms.

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