Top Costume Stores in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Top Costume Stores in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Edmonton, the capital city of the province of Alberta, can be found resting on the picturesque North Saskatchewan River. It bears the nickname Canada’s Festival City, which already promises a good time to anyone who decides to come for a visit.

This city hosts plenty of festivals throughout the year, such as the TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival, the Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival, Silver Skate Festival and a number of others. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you’ll be happy to know that Edmonton is home to the biggest mall in all of North America – the West Edmonton Mall. A fascinating site to visit is the Muttart Conservatory, its domes filled to the brim with all kinds of plants, where you can also be a part of different courses and events. For those looking for a park to spend their time outside, Edmonton will deliver as there are many parks both inside the city and around it.

The vibrancy that Edmonton exudes in all parts of its life is further enriched by the many costume stores that allow its citizens to appreciate and show what they love. Ready to start your search for costume stores in Edmonton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your outfit.

Karries Kostumes & Dance Supplies

Karries Kostumes & Dance Supplies have been providing their customers with dance and Halloween costumes for almost four decades. Here, you can buy a plethora of costumes in different styles, colors and sizes. And you don’t just have the option to buy them – you can also rent them.

Besides costumes, Karries Kostumes & Dance Supplies has any and all accessories and extra items you can think of, including hats, masks, jewelry, wings and gloves. This store offers beauty makeup and body paint, as well as other things necessary to complete any costume – contact lenses, prosthetics, tattoos, eyelashes, brushes, and sponges.

Theatre Garage

Theatre Garage has thousands of costumes you can choose from, and no one gets left out as they offer costumes both for adults and for kids. Whether it’s the costume of your favorite superhero, attire from a particular time period, a fantasy creature – Theatre Garage will be able to come to your aid and help you get the perfect costume, no matter the occasion.

The Theatre Garage provides not just the costume, but all that goes with it – masks, makeup, weapons, wigs, facial hair and various accessories. This team offers many tools needed to make your own costumes and crafts, like sewing supplies, paint, fabrics, trims and embellishments.

And All that Jazz

This store has been in business for two decades, and they offer items for all the dancers out there, but also for the fields of skating, swimming and gym. Since making sure their customers get everything they need is a priority, they are always in contact with local dance studios, so they can stay in the loop.

Whether you are an experienced professional or are just about to start your first dance lesson, And All that Jazz has you all covered. Here, you can get bodysuits, dance dresses, tights, footwear, accessories and anything else you might need.

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