Weddings are often an eventful, memorable, and, for some, a rare occasion. Ensuring the day and ceremony remain as special and meaningful as your relationship is vitally important. After all, you are not only celebrating with each other, but your friends and family as well.

From the all-important location to the budgetary requirements, wedding planning is an intimidating venture for many couples forced to ask themselves, “how much does it really cost to rent a wedding venue?” “What aspects are included in the cost?”

What factors affect the cost of a wedding venue?

In New York, factors that affect the cost of a wedding venue include the date, guest count, and most importantly, location. In choosing a location, it becomes prudent to further inquire whether the wedding venue is all-inclusive. A venue that is all-inclusive would invariably save you money overall – as amenities such as catering and furniture, would be part of the rental package.

Furthermore, one needs to decide whether you will be having the ceremony and reception at the same location. If so, this would save you additional money. Logistically speaking, the need for guest transportation, furniture rentals, and so forth would be eliminated. As an added stress-relief, with a single location hosting your wedding, you will not need to worry if everything is set up to your specifications at two different locations.

How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue?

Surveys depict an average cost of a wedding venue to be approximately $5000 to $15000, along with essentials like catering and furniture. With $6000 as an average cost for a wedding venue rental, wedding planners often recommend couples to plan for about half their budget to be used for the venue alone.

As such, this all depends greatly on the type of wedding venue one chooses. In New York, most venues average between $200-300 per hour. However, the cost can run as high as $2000 per hour, should you choose an elegant ballroom, a large event center, or banquet hall.

It is especially important to note a venue’s hourly minimums when pricing. Of course, you may always reach out to the host of a particular location to inquire about a custom rate, particularly if you will be using it for longer than a few hours.

Types of wedding venues in New York

This short list encompasses the range of wedding venue options available throughout New York; each venue catering to different needs and wants, unique in their own amenities and aesthetics, all at varying costs.

19th Century Heritage Red Dutch Dairy Barn
This history barn displays a rustic, country charm and costs $300 per hour with a 3-hour minimum.

Joya Hall Ballroom & Event Venue
This newly renovated banquet hall boasts elegance and space, with room for up to 650 guests. It costs $200 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

Enchanting Catskill Colonial Home on 14 Acres
This quaint venue adjacent to 4000 acres of preserved state forest costs $150 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

This majestic property atop a ridge offers a peaceful, private setting surrounded by gothic/Victorian influence costs $250 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

Where can I find a wedding venue to rent in New York?

As important as the question of “how much does it cost to rent a wedding venue” is, so, too, is the question of the location!

New York is brimming with banquet halls, ballrooms, churches, and the like, and Giggster is the perfect tool for finding them all. Giggster has a library of thousands of  beautiful, unique, and creative locations (not only wedding venues). Easily search for a wedding venue by location, price, and the features/amenities that would complete your dream wedding.

Giggster provides high-quality photos, location amenities and details, along with plentiful reviews from previous renters. Planning your wedding is a huge deal. As such, if you still have any questions, concerns, or comments, you can always reach out to the host of the venue for further details and assistance.

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