Recording studios have long been a major player in the music lover’s imagination. Many music fans know where their favorite tracks were recorded from Sun Studio in Memphis to Capitol Records in LA.  With the rise of home recording equipment and DIY, today’s recording artists are highly likely to create their own customized recording studios in attics or garages.

If you are looking for a quality, professional space to record your next album, you might be asking: how much does it cost to rent a recording studio with up to date equipment and instruments?

Why would you rent a recording studio?

Why rent a recording studio when you can use your laptop and a microphone? Acoustics is the short answer here unless, of course, you’ve built your own in-home recording studio. Professional recording studios will be soundproof and designed to provide the best sound possible.

Also, recording studios often come equipped with top-quality instruments available for use. While you would certainly bring your own instruments, you’ll likely need drums or perhaps a piano. Many studios have the larger instruments that are difficult to transport and they might have a larger collection of acoustic and electric guitars that you could have access to.

Not only that, but many studios will have “for hire” professional recording engineers to record your session or studio musicians that you can book for backing tracks or for live recordings. Don’t forget the studio you rent can be a great setting for your music video or a documentary shoot!

There are many other reasons to book a recording studio – need to record a podcast or an audiobook? Recording studios offer perfect locations for interviews or private meetings that need to be recorded, you’ll get superior quality audio in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Imagine booking a recording studio for a private karaoke party or a listening party! It could be a fun and unique team building event or corporate outing; some studios offer parties for children or adults where you can record your own karaoke tracks or music videos.

From professional recording sessions to private workshops and fun events, recording studios provide a creative atmosphere where you can be a participant in the constantly evolving music industry.

How to rent a recording studio

Recording Studio Control Room New York, NY

While many recording studios have their own online booking systems, Giggster is the best way to rent a recording studio. Giggster is your number one booking platform for all kinds of events, from performances to photo shoots or parties. Venues are available to rent from local hosts by the hour or by the day, providing an easy way to book your own recording studio.

While you can search specifically for a recording studio, you can also search for a related event type (such as “music video” or “performance”) and filter your results to narrow down to recording studios. You can also use keywords or other features (like “drum kit”) to find a place that fits your requirements. You are able to set the price range, capacity, location and other details to assist in finding you just the right spot.

Types of recording studios

A major factor in the cost of renting a recording studio is the type of space you choose. You’ll find everything from intimate home studios to larger spaces to accommodate bands or orchestras. Consider what you’ll  be hosting there and how many people will be included while comparing the spaces.

Here is a good sample of the different types of recording studios and their prices:

  • A Recording Studio in Brooklyn Heights, near Manhattan, New York. Rent it for $45/hr with a 2 hr minimum.
  • Recording Studio Control Room & Vocal Booth. This Control Room is part of the State of The Art Recording Studio complex in Soho, New York. Rent it for $200/hr with a 4 hr minimum.
  • Ultra Modern Recording Studio in Burbank, California which also has a soundstage suitable for filming. Rent it for $50/hr with a 2 hr minimum.
  • 800 Square foot Podcast Recording Studio  located in Atlanta, Georgia. It includes equipment and an Audio Engineer. Rent it for $249/hr with a 1 hr minimum.

How much does it cost to rent a recording studio?

There are several contributing variables making up the rental rates for recording studios and there is simply no one good answer to the question, How much does it cost to rent a recording studio? You can however, expect the cost to vary based on location, size, amenities, and what services and equipment they might have available.

This Modern Music Production Studio is on the lower end of the price range. This 200 square foot Los Angeles space has been fully renovated and remodeled offering studio space that is not only stylish but also acoustically sound including an Ableton Push and Pioneer XDJ-RX.

For more of a mid-range venue, look at RedBird Studio in Manhattan. This 300 square foot recording studio and writing room is located in the top corner of the Music Building in Times Square with it’s design and buildout being done by the Proshop. They include a House Engineer and a 2nd Engineer with their three hour minimum using Pro Tools within a proprietary analog-digital hybrid system. You can discuss your setup and software needs by starting a chat with the host.

This higher priced Sound Stage / Recording Studio in Los Angeles is a 4000 square foot acoustically treated commercial recording and filming facility. This industrial, free standing space has been fully renovated offering a luxurious space throughout and lounge area with a television, kitchenette, sofa and dining table. Instruments and recording services are available for additional fees and the studio staff is available to ensure your experience is exceptional.

Selecting a recording studio is not only about the equipment or the location. It is also about locating that space that draws you in, providing a space where you will feel cool, comfortable and confident in your creativity.  Whether you want a bright naturally lit space or a cozy dark spot  to bury into , these recording studios on Giggster offer an excellent selection of venues for any budget.

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Sound Stage / Recording Studio Los Angeles, CA