Millennials are crushing over the dreamy loft apartments and bedrooms which are taking the internet by storm. With distinctive décor and large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use, lofts provide more space than a studio and an open floor plan. These features make them great for a photo shoot, film shoot, private party, and plenty of other events. Plus these spaces tend to be very affordable, but as for almost everything, they can vary depending on size, location, and features the space has to offer.

Why rent a loft for a day?

Renting in a big city can be quite expensive, so it’s only natural that you would want to minimize your expenses while at the same trying to find the space that fits all of your needs. If you were to rent a loft for a photo shoot or video shoot, you’d want an open space with large windows for natural light. Additionally, modern lofts with bright colors make them great for hosting a birthday party, private party, or a private event!

From aesthetically-pleasing décor to amazing color schemes and artwork, lofts provide a picturesque venue for millions of memories and fun moments like:

  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower
  • Film shoots
  • Small and intimate wedding
  • Pop-up dinners
  • Musical nights
  • And a lot more!

Types of lofts on Giggster

Unique Bohemian Loft & Roof Deck New York, NY

Lofts can vary widely by their features and sizes. From open and airy spaces, great for filming, to lofts with dance floors and chandeliers in the main area, there is a wide variety of lofts available for rent. Below are a few available lofts that are available for rent on Giggster.

For each location pay close attention to any location rules, amenities that are included, off-limit areas, and especially the minimum hour requirements for any location. When in doubt, message the host. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about their space or the project or event you plan to host there.

Bright Downtown Loft Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a loft for a day?

So, the big question, how much should you expect to pay to rent a loft for a day? Since not every loft is created equal, this can be a tricky question. Searching online you can find lofts ranging anywhere from upwards of $600/hr to as low as $50/hr, depending on location size and any additional amenities. The prices you see on other sites often don’t include extra costs for parking or a cleanup crew.

On Giggster, an average-sized loft can cost you around $110 per hour and a smaller one can cost you around $50 per hour. When you rent a location on Giggster you don't have to worry about surprise fees for parking or cleaning. Everything is included in the hourly price you see.

"How much does it cost to rent a loft for a day?" is full of questions and variables. We hope this article gave you some direction on "How much does it cost to rent a loft for a day?" and what types of options are available for your project or event.

Find unique lofts on Giggster now!

Brooklyn Film Shoot Loft New York, NY

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