Video content is a competitive field that continues to require top-quality production to catch your audience’s attention. Achieve the results you’re looking for with amazing production by a dedicated company.

West Hollywood corporate video production companies bring the quality of a feature film to create a compelling marketing video for your company. Go viral or drive sales growth when working with these corporate video production companies in West Hollywood, CA.

Zane Productions

Phone accessories commercial shot [Zane Productions]

Zane Productions has the skillset that you’re looking for to transform your creative video idea into a finished product. It’s one of the top video production companies based in West Hollywood, servicing corporate clients.

Today, it’s essential to bring lots of creativity to the table, and Zane Productions excels at it. The team creates videos that are entertaining and effective for hitting client goals discussed in the consultation.

Zane Productions is a full-service company helping in everything from the video concept to shooting to post-production edits. It has updated equipment for shooting industry-standard quality for your commercial or ad.

The award-winning company continues to develop some of the best corporate videos and commercials in the area. It’s worked with companies including Samsung, Virgin, and Marvel.

Adjust Production

Behind the scenes of an Amazon product video shoot [Adjust Productions]

No matter what coast you’re on, Adjust Production is your go-to for video production. The bi-coastal company makes it easy to have consistency in your video campaigns regardless of where you’re working.

Adjust Productions combines strategy with creativity to achieve client goals. Thanks to its understanding of making an effective video with results, it’s an excellent choice for corporate video marketing.

You can work with the company for various videos – branded content, product videos, and fundraising with Kickstarter campaigns. Adjust Productions works with all budgets, including startups and big corporations.

Adjust Productions provides everything you need for a successful project. It assists with brand storytelling and scriptwriting. On the shoot day, you’ll have an entire video crew and equipment shooting in 8K.


Screenshot of product campaign shot [Fictitious]

For a decade, Fictitious has created some of the best corporate videos for its clients. It’s a West Hollywood video production company that stays in demand by major clients to produce big-budget campaigns.

Fictitious has worked with many of the biggest companies – Facebook, Nike, T-Mobile, and Walmart. The video quality surpasses industry standards making all of the final products appealing to any target audience.

Working with Fictitious is always a collaborative effort. Creativity is a two-way street, and the team welcomes feedback and input from the client to develop achievable goals for the video project. The process has proven successful and keeps clients coming back.

800 Kamerman

Behind the scenes of a viral video campaign [800 Kamerman]

The Emmy Award-winning 800 Kamerman delivers the same quality and dedication to all of its clients’ projects. It has projects spanning internationally with an office based near West Hollywood for a convenient work process for local projects.

With more than three decades of experience, 800 Kamerman is one of the top corporate video production companies. It’s worked with major companies, including Red Bull and Rosetta Stone. It offers full-service from pre-production to post-production.

The team at 800 Kamerman are true visionaries at work. It stays ahead of trends for shooting styles and equipment. You can get as creative as you want because of its flexible video types. It has capabilities for high-speed shots, aerial footage, and more.

Lemon Light

Aerial footage from yacht club campaign [Lemon Light]

Lemon Light makes it easy to go from video idea to final concept. It’s an affordable West Hollywood video production company that doesn’t sacrifice quality based on a client’s budget.

Lemon Light operates multiple locations around the US, including an office serving the Los Angeles region. It’s produced videos across numerous industries – tech, medical, professional services, fitness, and more.

The mission for Lemon Light is to create videos that support business growth. The underlying focus is one of the advantages that the company has in hitting client goals.

Lemon Light has an effective six-week process. Their team starts with a consultation and strategy. From there, they will brainstorm ideas, shoot the project, and edit it to deliver a video by your project deadline.

Rebel Way Entertainment

Camera video onset of a production [Rebel Way Entertainment]

Step outside the box with Rebel Way Entertainment. It takes your videos to new levels with unconventional visuals used by standard video production companies.

Rebel Way Entertainment was founded by Obi Globus, famous for producing successful feature films. With a team of successful filmmakers on the roster, the video production company shoots industry-quality videos full of creativity.

Aside from the film projects that the company is involved in, it’s available to work with corporate clients on commercial projects. Clients get the same video quality and talent working on a commercial for TV or sharing on social media.

In all, Rebel isn’t afraid to push the boundaries to catch the attention of your audience.

Chrome Productions

Camera rig setup [Chrome Productions]

Working with a global company like Chrome Productions invites an international perspective on your creative ideas. It has a US office located in West Hollywood and works with some of the biggest companies in developing effective video content.

Chrome Productions is known for its award-winning videos. It specializes in various videos, including branding, products, and more. You’ll get access to a team of passionate videographers that take pride in delivering exceptional work.

The extensive video portfolio of Chrome Productions includes projects from American Express, Coca-Cola, and Gucci. High-quality production value and creativity make them one of the best companies to develop your video ideas.

The Film Mob

Screenshot of product video produced [The Film Mob]

For the past few years, The Film Mob has been successfully tackling projects in West Hollywood. If you have an upcoming product launch or looking for a viral video, the company specializes in it.

The Film Mob is a trendy video company that brings you to where your audience is. Create the perfect video that your audience wants to share and, better yet, purchase your product. The company tailors each project based on the client’s goals – you can always expect a personalized experience.

From script development to editing, The Film Mob has you covered. It works with a range of budgets and project sizes. A couple of the recent projects were completed for FashionNova and Bang Energy Drinks.

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