Top 6 Corporate Video Production Companies in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Top 6 Corporate Video Production Companies in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Videos are a great way to showcase your brand and company in a dynamic medium. They are a great way to breathe life into a company's mission and vision text, and can help you make your brand promise feel a little more real to your clients, customers, and target markets. However, video production is something that is usually best left to the professionals—especially if it's something that will come to represent your brand name.

The good news is that Sydney is a haven for creatives and video-savvy professionals who know not only how to make a good video, but also how to bring to life your creative vision. Efficiently, within time and budget constraints - these video production houses are some of the best at what they do.

Ready to start your search for corporate video production companies in Sydney? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

Story Machine

Story Machine is an agency that can help you with more than just corporate video production. An independent advertising agency, Story Machine has a strong foundation in strategy and campaign production, helping you reach more business goals with one engagement with a single partner. Since the company's founding in 2012, Story Machine has quickly become the premier video production and advertising agency in Sydney, with clients coming from a wide range of industries.

The team at Story Machine are award-winning and industry-leading creatives, producers, and professionals. Their videography and photography staff are top-notch in the industry, with decades of combined experience geared towards producing the best videos possible that satisfy clients time and again.

Full Frame Productions

Full Frame Productions is a corporate video production company servicing Sydney and the companies in the area. Full Frame is not new to the game, and has been a household name in corporate video production in Sydney for years. The appeal of working with Full Frame is that they have a full roster of producers, photographers, cinematographers, editors, and even animators to ensure that no matter the creative project, their team can deliver.

Full Frame Productions' specialty is in creating exceptional videos that are best for online uses and campaigns. They're also not afraid to think outside the box. With their arsenal of tools, a pool of experts, and years of experience, Full Frame can be counted on to deliver your video fuss-free, and within the timelines you've set.

Wow Moment Productions

Wow Moment Productions was founded by Scott Winter, who also presently serves as the studio's Creative Director. Wow is one of the best independent corporate video production companies in Sydney, creating videos for clients engaged in a wide range of industries. WMP has received awards for its lifestyle photography, cinematography, and graphic design—all produced by the in-house team of photographers, videographers, creatives, editors, and more.

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop style experience, Wow Moment Productions is your best bet. Not only can they source talent for you, but everything from pre- to post-production can be handled by their team under your overall creative vision and strategic business goals. With a fast-paced business landscape like the one in Sydney, you'll want to make the most of this set of experts to help you build your audience and client base.

Captiv8 Australia

Captiv8 is one of the leading corporate video production companies in Sydney. This unique studio is driven by a passion for discovery, combining ideas and technical skill. Staffed by a team of experienced creative and digital professionals, Captiv8 is well-poised to become your partner in breaking through a new dynamic, digital world of video marketing and customer engagement.

Captiv8 is ready to support you in every step of your creative journey: from conceptualization of the video idea, to design, actual filming and shooting, editing, and online activation – you can be sure that the team at Captiv8 will put their collective experience to use helping you reach success.

Rocket Productions

When it comes to corporate video production companies in Sydney, it would be difficult not to find Rocket Productions on the list. Established in 2005, Rocket Productions has been a trusted partner for many large multinational and household brands in the Sydney area, such as MasterCard, Microsoft, Vaseline, and more. This venerable studio offers premium video production services such as corporate and agency video production, TV commercial production, animation, online video production, and more.

You can trust Rocket Productions to be there for the entire production process of your video. They give you access to their staff of experts from start to finish of the project. The Rocket team are warm, friendly and approachable; they give every client a professional approach, ready for all your needs and questions.

Two Giraffes Creative

Two Giraffes Creative is a corporate video production company in Sydney founded by Arielle Peters. She and her team offer full-service video production for clients of global brands and national agencies. The company has a wide range of video services to suit your needs, whether they are internal (like training videos) or external (like testimonials, commercials, and brand films).

Two Giraffes Creative are big on close collaboration with their client. You can come to them with nothing more than a vague idea and a vision, and the talented professionals at Two Giraffes will help you flesh that out into a masterpiece of a video. More than anything, they want to help your company stand out from a multitude of digital noise. With Two Giraffes' help, be prepared to see the results your company has been waiting for.

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