Corporate video production was considered a lavish expense that only top-brand companies were privy to—often, they were used for commercials, TV advertisements, or websites, making them a prohibitive activity that not many smaller businesses could afford to do.

Nowadays, with the ever-there presence of social media, videos for businesses and companies have suddenly become a necessity. Many production companies took notice of this new niche, and thus, connecting with a corporate video production company has never been easier.

It's crucial to pair up with a company that understands your vision, your brand, and can shoot your preferred content style within the budget that you set. While videos could be done in-house, if you don't already have a videography expert, chances are it could just be a waste of time.

By engaging a professional production company, you know you will be receiving their industry expertise and come out with a spectacular product. So let us help you get started—check out our list of some of the top corporate video production companies in Sandy Springs, GA, below.

Craig Miller Productions

Craig Miller Productions is a corporate video production company founded by Craig Miller in 1985. Craig Miller has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and boasts a client list of extensive Fortune 500 companies that have looked to Craig's expertise to tell their stories year after year. Craig is joined by his team of expert directors, producers, and editors, who deliver quality material to their clients.

Craig Miller Productions is a full-service company that offers a variety of services related to corporate video production: scriptwriting, creative strategy, production design, directing, video editing, and post-production processing. Craig and his team are ready to take on any project from end to end, promising you a smooth and seamless experience.

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Kelly Rose Productions

Kelly Rose Magnusson is the owner and founder of Kelly Rose Productions. Kelly envisioned her production studio to be one that combines artistry and technical mastery, using the leading industry equipment and technical skills to ensure that all her clients get the most dynamic videos possible.

Kelly Rose Productions specializes in video production—from wedding videos, website social media marketing strategy videos, corporate training videos, and even testimonial videos.

Their highly-skilled team can easily meet your project needs. In addition, everyone in the Kelly Rose team is a master storyteller, whether through the videography itself or the post-production—with such a diverse and modern team, they can surely breathe life into your brand and marketing content.

Carbon Film

Carbon Film describes itself as a "full-scale" video production studio that brings together creativity, expertise, and accessibility in every engagement they do. The team at Carbon Film is passionate about helping their customers achieve business objectives, so whether you need help from the very beginning with conceptualization and planning, or you simply need extra help in post-processing stock footage, Carbon Film has you covered.

The strength of Carbon Film is a narrative video style. They like to tell stories with your brand and products, and they take great care to ensure that none of your messaging and brand image is lost in the videos. Precise messaging, professional cinematography, and a targeted audience strategy are all the things Carbon Film can help you with to meet your goals.


Crewsouth is a full-service corporate video production company that streamlines your entire video project from the planning and conceptualization stage to the final post-production stage. The Crewsouth team offers various services in conjunction with end-to-end corporate video production; live streaming, corporate events, web videos, and more.

While Crewsouth is available to travel to on-site locations for shoots and events, they also have their own live studio that is perfect for live broadcasts should your company need it. Otherwise, Crewsouth can bring their expertise right to your doorstep, producing professional and high-quality videos with their skilled team of experts.

Remedy Films

Remedy Films is proud to call itself more than just a video production company—they are your partner and your teammate when it comes to show-stopping marketing strategies. Content produced with their team is sure to wow your target audience and keep your executives happy. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, and more than 500 satisfied clients, Remedy Films has gained a premier spot on lists for the best corporate video production companies in Georgia.

The team at Remedy Films prizes bold creativity that encourages you to explore out-of-the-box ideas. Their videos are more than just pretty content; they have a solid strategy behind them that can help increase your engagement and create content that brings your audiences closer to your brand and product. You can rely on Remedy Films to be with you every step of the way on your journey.

Hencar Productions

Hencar Productions is a video production company based in Georgia. Its founder, Joe Carter, has a rich background in both traditional and digital media, having worked as both an anchor and reporter on broadcast television and founding an earlier company that focused on creating content for digital platforms. Hencar Productions is the brainchild of the skills from traditional media, with the dynamic new rules of digital media.

Hencar Productions are end-to-end content producers and your partners in marketing, strategy, and leveraging digital media. They offer services such as storyboarding, aerial videography, cinematography, post-production editing for a variety of styles and digital platforms. Hencar Productions always starts with your story, and they create powerful images to bring your story to life.

NueWay Studios

NueWay Studios was founded and launched in 2014 by Charday Oldacre, who serves as the company's creative director and CEO. NueWay Studios was conceptualized to help smaller companies get access to tools, materials, and expertise to help them level up and level the playing field between them and their bigger competitors. Since then, NueWay has evolved into one of the most respected and trusted production companies in Georgia.

A proudly woman-owned business, NueWay Studios has an incredibly diverse team that offers different perspectives and rich insights on how to help you create—or even reinvent your brand and brand story. Their video production skills are highly adaptable depending on the project's end goal. You can be sure that the NueWay team will help you find a "nue" way of meeting your goals and targets.

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