Top 7 Corporate Video Production Companies in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Top 7 Corporate Video Production Companies in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Businesses need video production companies to market their products and services and build their brands. Video production companies can be of great help with corporate brand building. A professionally shot and produced video speaks volumes about the brand.

Many large and medium businesses operate in Melbourne, a central business hub in Victoria, Australia. Small enterprises also thrive here. Video marketing and branding are crucial for these businesses. Corporate video production companies in Melbourne are among the best in Australia.

This is the place to start your search for the best corporate video production companies in Victoria, Australia. Ready to start your search for corporate video production companies in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your upcoming project.

Dream Engine Video Production Company

Dream Engine Video Production Company is one of Melbourne's most trusted and experienced video production companies. The company produces videos of all kinds, including corporate training videos and various enterprises' web and event videos. They work with large enterprises, educational institutions, and government organizations.

Established in 2002, Dream Engine has been operating with a single focus on producing high-quality videos for clients that bring in desired results. Over the years, the company has fine-tuned and maintained a full-proof system with a high standard throughout each process.

Angry Chair

Angry Chair was started to produce high-quality videos from concept to finished product in one seamlessly integrated process. They work with all kinds of clients from all types of industries. Even if you've no idea about the kind of video you need, Angry Chair can discuss concepts and finalize a video in no time.

The company focuses on the key production areas to ensure that the client has a seamless experience. Everything starting from conceptualization to final edit and presentation is done in-house under the watchful eyes of the production managers.

Corporate Video Productions

Corporate Video Productions is a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia, offering custom-made video products from businesses. They provide high-quality videos for many purposes at an affordable cost allowing businesses of all sizes to harness the power of storytelling to their advantage.

The business has been operating based in Melbourne for the past 30 years. Over this time, they have created an impressive portfolio of clients, many of whom give them repeat orders. Their business motto is simple: creating a seamless process that helps clients achieve the greatest bang for their buck. Over the years, this simple approach has ensured that they have been able to deliver to the expectations of both big-budget and budget production needs.


Indimax is a corporate video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. They offer video production, animation, and photography services to end clients and agencies across Australia.

The company has been working since 2003 and has built an impressive portfolio of clientele. They offer an end-to-end solution in corporate video production. The team incorporates production managers, videographers, storyline developers, editors, and helping hands vital for any production house. Indimax offers its services in tv commercials, product videos, interactive videos, live streaming of corporate events, testimonials, and much more.


Over the years, Vidico has been producing videos for businesses, from innovative startups to tech enterprises. Michael and Evan Pirone started the company with a clear focus on bringing together some of the industry's best minds and offering a seamless experience for their customers. Over the years, they have formed a core group of video professionals, including skilled hands in cinematography, directors, designers, and technologists.

Although they work with many companies across industries, their focus has been on the software, hardware, and DTC industries. With more than 200+ clients and over 1.1 billion views over the last 12 months, Vidico knows how to capture the target audience's attention and make sure that the expectations of their clients are fulfilled above anything else.

Rockmans Creative Media

Rockmans Creative Media is a company working in the video production genre for well over 18 years. Over this time frame, the company has gathered a unique experience of working in the television genre non-stop, and this is something that they bring on to the table when working on any new assignment.

Started by Josh Rockman, Rockmans Creative Media offers bespoke solutions for any video production need. They have a group of skilled professionals on their payroll who are experts in their activity area. The company's motto is to bring together all the experiences of the founder and the rest of the team and produce high-quality, engaging content that delivers ROI, is honest, and quite cost-effective at the end of the day.

Visual Domain

Adam Connolly started visual Domain with his years of experience in video production. He brings that tremendous experience into play when he assumes the role of the company's creative director.

Adam started his career as an assistant editor while working on documentaries. He later got promoted to senior editor. His love for storytelling quickly saw him branch out into other areas of video production – including motion graphics, direction, camera operating, and producing. All solutions offered by Visual Domain are bespoke, and every process is monitored by production managers who are supervised by Adam personally.

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