These days, no matter the type and size of business that you run (startup, big corporation, or nonprofit), Los Angeles – the second-most-populous city in the United States and entertainment production capital of the world – has the support and infrastructure to help develop such business. To achieve this growth, the importance of branding cannot be overemphasized. Video production is a significant aspect of branding because it tells your business’s story, highlights your vision, creates brand awareness, and contributes to digital marketing campaigns and social media presence.

Video makes your marketing more human and relatable, especially when it focuses on customers’ needs and how your products or services can meet them. Getting the best corporate video strategy can be challenging because it takes time, effort, and expertise. Needless to say, investing in a corporate video production expert from the City of Angels can be a profitable investment.

Ready to use one of the many corporate video production companies in Los Angeles? Check out this list of our favorites who can run with your vision and make it a reality.


Adobe - Jonathan Adler
Marketing video for Jonathan Adler [Casual Films]

Despite its name, the Casual Films brand is very far from casual. They are a renowned Los Angeles video production company with enterprise-level clients like Google, Facebook, Rolls Royce, alongside thousands of other corporate and private clients in and outside of the city.

The professionals at Casual Films have been in the business of creating videos for marketing, recruitment, and other branding purposes for over a decade. Clients continuously work with them because of their professionalism and ability to effectively generate top-quality content that suit their businesses.

They are also loved by the community for their contribution to nature through their “Produce One, Plant One” program – a tree-planting initiative.


Decibullz - Commercial
Decibullz commercial [LocalEyes Video Production]

LocalEyes Video Production is another Los Angeles corporate video production company. They pride themselves on creating videos that produce and drive results by blending storytelling and promotion. Their corporate clients include Dropbox, Cisco, SurveyMonkey, amongst many others.

Clients laud LocalEyes for its ability to create compelling videos tailored around a unique marketing strategy aimed at bringing brands to life. They have eyes for details and possess the research skills to understand your business’s target market to help you connect with them effortlessly.


Visa Fingerprint Scanner Technology
Brand Marketing Video for Visa [Column Five]

The Column Five Media brand is one of your best partners in work if you are a Los Angeles-based businessperson. With a team of over 50 people and numerous years of experience, the corporate video production company creates bright, modern, and phenomenal content. The team at Column Five intends to discover and craft engaging and educative stories for brands.

Clients include Microsoft, Visa, UCLA, LinkedIn, and numerous other private and public organizations. The all-round talented team also publishes e-books and articles on video production topics for readers.


Corporate Video Production Los Angeles  |  (888) 435-JMAV
Video ad with moving starts [JMaverick Studios]

Led by Jeremy Williams, JMaverick Studios is a Los Angeles corporate video production and social media marketing company specializing in branding and creating social media content for businesses. They create visual stories that connect your business to its target audience and push them to action.

Corporate clients include Yahoo, Google, Adidas, BMW, and others. JMaverick's portfolio of prior work boasts of energetic, unique, and provocative content curated in artistic ways.


Brandefy demo reel shot [Brandefy]

Brandefy is a full-service Los Angeles video production company full of storytellers and filmmakers. The award-winning brand behind commercials and video ad content offers services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. No matter the project, the team at Brandefy will meet your production budget needs.

Brandefy focuses on your story, drives it in a well-told manner, and tells it to the world in a compelling way. Whether you are new to creating video productions or have experience in the field for years, there is always something for you to learn when working with this studio.


2015 Special Olympics // Brand Video
Special Olympic World Games (Los Angeles 2015) [Lemonlight]

Lemonlight is another on-demand video production company in Los Angeles. With thousands of top-quality videos for top corporate clients like Forbes, Inc., TECHCO, and many others worldwide, Lemonlight boasts an eye for details and top-notch customer experience.  

If you are looking for a video production and content marketing company in Los Angeles, the Lemonlight brand is a reliable video partner in quality and affordability. Their portfolio consists of a diverse mix of top-tier productions focused on branding and product showcases.


Video for Baha Mar Resort [Transit Pictures]

Headed by the CEO and Executive Producer, Brennon Edwards, Transit Pictures is a Los Angeles corporate video production company for all businesses. The brand prides itself on working for both SMEs and major corporations. Regardless of your business size, their professionalism and customer service are outstanding.

As the name implies, the brand describes its crew as mobile, able to go where and when they are needed to make your production shine. All in, Transit makes eye-capturing videos aimed at telling your business’s story.  


Video Ad for Heartland Bank [Blend]

Blend is another noteworthy Los Angeles corporate video production company. As the name implies, Blend’s team is a mix of strategy, productivity, and quality production. They have worked with corporate clients like Lyft, Porsche, Verizon, MasterCard, and others. As their portfolio attests, producing high-quality video content is truly in their DNA.

Blend is an omnichannel corporate video production company that will help put your stories on any digital media platform. From Facebook to Instagram, or other high-budget commercial channels, they have the necessary experience make your production catch eyes and attention.  


Kobe Digital Video Testimonial | Shiraz Restaurants
Video testimonial for Shiraz [Kobe Digital]

Kobe Digital is a team of corporate video production experts working out of Los Angeles. They have carved a niche for themselves in the business of connecting brands to their target audiences through bespoke digital experiences and growth-focused strategies.

Right from perusing through their visually-pleasing website, you can tell that they know their beans and will produce an excellent result for your brand. They are applauded by corporate clients like TeleSign Corp., Penske Media Corporation, HJC Helmets and others for their ability to develop dynamic digital solutions.

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