Texas is home to a number of unique and interesting cities that will awaken your spirit of exploration, one of them being Fort Worth, aka Cowtown.

In addition to its interesting place in American history as one of the largest cow trade centers, it is a cultural hub that is home to several art institutions such as the Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

Fort Worth is among the fastest growing cities in the country, and both small businesses and large corporations call it home, accompanied by talented videographers, photographers, and producers there to capture their growth and development.

Ready to launch your company's next campaign in this southern hub? Check out this list of some of best corporate video production companies in Fort Worth to find the best pros for your project.

Lowtown Studios

From Velasquez Art video by Lowtown Studios

Lowtown Studios is a video and photography company that sees every project as unique and gives brands a chance to tell their own story in a visual way. They have four stages – stage A that is soundproof and has a green screen, stage B with two white walls, the kitchen, and the lounge.

In addition to professional equipment such as state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and a sprinter van, they have a voiceover and podcast suite, a client screening suite, and an editing and coloring suite.

Sofia Video Production

From Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse commercial by Sofia Video Productions

A full-service company that offers services such as videography, editing, and marketing, Sofia Video Production will bring the idea you have for your business to life.

Their process starts with a phone call during which you talk about the general details of the project such as the timeline and the budget. It continues with you receiving a Creative Brief from the producer and choosing the video package that suits your needs, followed by moving to the production process.

Film Guy Productions

From a pop-up shop market video by Film Guy Productions

Located in the heart of the city, Film Guy Productions is a full-service video production company that specializes in creating and producing unique promotional videos for local businesses. Their services include corporate and live event videos, product photography, script writing, video editing, motion graphics, and many more.

Zach and Jayme are the creative minds behind the company’s name, with twenty years of combined experience in the business, and they believe that you only get one first impression, and the best way for it to be good is a quality video.

Serendipitous Films

From EbLens video by Serendipitous Films

With clients such AT&T and ExxonMobil, Serendipitous Films is an award-winning film and video company with a diverse portfolio that includes training videos, web videos, commercials, events, conferences, and more.

Their goal is to tell your story and they pride themselves on over-delivering on expectations and being fun to work with. The company has been in the videography business for more than two decades and operates in a large studio space with three sound stages, providing services such as production management, audio recording, and video editing.

Red Productions

From Western Companies – The Great Engine video by Red Productions

With numerous projects done for both large commercial clients and nonprofits, Red Productions is a company that believes that every project has the power to move someone. They go above and beyond the services they provide and use creativity and passion to bring your vision to life.

Their process consists of pre-production, focusing on the timeframe, storyboards, and creative development, physical production – working on location with the right equipment, and post-production, during which animation, editing, and distribution are done.

Genius House Media

From “You Are HSC” video by Genius House Media

Creating a video that perfectly showcases your business can be overwhelming – that is why you can rely on Genius House Media to do just that. A team of experienced professionals, they rely on their digital insight and agility to create an efficient and high-quality production process.

Their list of services is long and contains storytelling videos, branded content, animation, testimonials, social media content, aerial videos, and much more. To keep up their authenticity, the company nurtures a culture of humor and lightheartedness, so you can be relaxed during the entire process.

Fuel & Spark Media

From Acre Distilling video by Fuel & Spark Media

With a mission to give you a return on your investment, Fuel & Spark Media is a video production company that focuses on video marketing.

The first step in their process is targeting your audience and creating a strategy, which is followed by the production itself, during which video content and graphics are made. The final stage is the advertising campaign execution, during which the videos start running and the company analyzes their performance and provides constant communication with you.

Arcpoint Studios

Earth Supplied product launch video by Arcpoint Studios

Whether you need branded storytelling and scripted commercials or social content creation and live event coverage, Arcpoint Studios is there to turn your vision to reality.

Story, purpose, partnership, and passion are their core values and they helped them partner with brands such as Nike and Viridian and provide them with videos that engage their viewers. Their services cover content strategy, video production, photography, and live events, and their creative process is always based on collaboration.

Fluxtown Productions

From C200 video by Fluxtown Productions

Fluxtown Productions have over a decade of experience in creating videos and they believe that their work in the background brings your brand to the foreground. They have worked on projects of different sizes and their goal is to help you realize your goals over an extended period of time.

The creative process starts with pre-production – finding the right concept, creating the script, and scheduling the shooting. Production can be in the shape of half-day shoot or full-day shoot. Post-production comes at the end, with editing, your feedback, and the final cut.

Asper Studios

From 2020 Shelby GT video by Asper Studios

Specializing in videography and photography, Asper Studios will help you create videos for social media platforms, be it an Instagram reel or a YouTube video, because they understand the meaning quality videos have in the media world that all businesses need to be present in.

They have worked with clients such as Ford and Porsche and their team consists of experienced editors, video creators, and photographers who use modern gear, including top-of-the-line cameras and lighting.

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