Videos are a compelling means of delivering your brand message to prospective clients and telling the story of how your company came to be. But the process of corporate video production can be overwhelming, with so many decisions to be made, professionals required, and expensive equipment needed.

That’s where experienced video production companies come into the picture, offering a one-stop-shop from concept to creation. Austin has no shortage of options to draw on when it comes to creating TV commercials, social media marketing, or in-house “how-to” videos, and here are 10 of the best to choose from.

Vivian Studio

Vivian Studio in North Austin [Vivian Studio]

Established in 2015 by Buttons Pham and Tim Hoppock, Vivian Studio draws on more than 30 years of commercial and creative video production experience. It boasts a creative team of in-house professionals who can get the job done, as well as a full-service video production studio in North Austin. Whether you need assistance with project coordination, digital content marketing, or video editing, Vivian has the resources to deliver exceptional results.

Mosaic Media Films

Mosaic Media Films specializes in high-quality videos [Mosaic Media Films]

From live-streaming videos to social media marketing and pre-recorded keynotes, Mosaic Media Films creates high-quality and compelling videos. The company has created a 9-Part Framework to make the process as easy as possible while taking the time to really understand each of their client’s visions. Their free strategy sessions are the first step to telling your company’s story, with a mission to reduce stress and adhere to predetermined budgets.


A live music event documented by Sparksight [Sparksight]

Founded in 2007, Sparksight is an Austin-based video production company that describes itself as a “homegrown success story”. The company is 100% self-funded (so it doesn’t have to answer to investors) and offers services that range from concept to creation. Aside from working for brands that include Oracle, HomeAway, DocuSign, and Luminex, Sparksight has featured on the Austin Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” list for three years in a row.

UPG Video

A scene from a UPG Video corporate production [UPG Video]

UPG Video has been working with both small businesses and large companies since 2008, with a reputation for telling great stories and making carefully crafted videos. By placing their clients at the center of the process, they strive to create an emotional connection that will appeal to prospective customers. UPG Video is led by Strategy Director Ben Cecil who has a background as a TV news writer and producer while Mike Bracht draws on his passion for cinematic storytelling as the company’s Lead Editor.

Matthew and Company

Matthew and Company on-location in Houston [Matthew and Company]

Matthew and Company is a full-service video production company that works closely with clients from concept to completion. This talented team specializes in TV commercials, corporate interviews, and industrial videos, as well as branded content, social media videos, and short feature films. Previous clients include Good Morning America, Marriott, and United Rentals, not to mention ESPN, DELL, and Jaguar. Aside from their studio in Austin, Texas, Matthew and Company also work with clients in Richmond, Virginia.

Independent Media Productions

A behind-the-scenes shot from Independent Media Productions [Independent Media Productions]

Working throughout Central Texas, Independent Media Productions has more than 20 years of experience in digital media production. They can assist with multi-camera location videography, pre-and post-production, scriptwriting, and casting, with a team of seasoned professionals who can handle all stages of the process. Independent Media Productions collaborates closely with clients to understand their goals, whether they are high-tech companies, industrial firms, state agencies, or non-profits.

Cognitive Films

A still from a branded film by Cognitive Films [Cognitive Films]

Specializing in story-driven films, Cognitive Films is an Austin-based video production company that works with businesses and nonprofits throughout the United States. In the pre-production stage, they can assist with defining your target audience and establishing a unique vision before shooting either on-location or in a fully-equipped studio. In the post-production phase, their editors will process the footage, create sound bites, and creative graphics to help bring your brand and message to life.

Revelator Productions

Branded content produced by Revelator Productions [Revelator Productions]

Producing commercials, brand films, and music videos, Revelator Productions is a creative video production company based in Austin. They describe themselves as “storytellers” who believe that well-written scripts, beautiful cinematography, and outstanding design can elevate your company message. Whether you’re after a documentary-style film, a lifestyle video, or live event video production, Revelator will deliver outstanding results. In today’s changing world, the company is also pivoting to remote-focused workflow to provide a safe and convenient client experience.

Arise Video Studios

A marketing video by Arise [Arise Video Studios]

With a focus on marketing videos, documentary films, and animation, Arise Video Studios is dedicated to delivering your message with brilliance and beauty. Their video consulting services include video planning, video production, video promotion, and campaign management, and they can provide support in the marketing of your video on social media networks or through paid advertising channels. Drawing on their award-winning production skills, Arise Video Studios has a reputation for offering clear and simple processes that deliver incredible results.

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