What Wedding Colours Mean

More Than Just a Wedding Colour

Mention weddings and the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a blushing bride draped in a gorgeous white ensemble for her walk down the aisle. While it's the look that has long been engraved in our minds as the traditional wedding style, brides are really not limited to white. More women are stepping away from the neutral hue, and we can thank designers like Vera Wang for giving coloured bridal ensembles a renewed resurgence.

Most women also choose to step away from the classic white colour simply because it doesn't suit their aesthetic. It's equally refreshing for brides to fully embrace a pigment that they absolutely love. Going back to the basics, all colours have symbolic meanings.

Different colours represent varying emotions and each also exudes different moods/ feelings. That's why the choice of a wedding dress colour is quite important, if only for the reason that it displays who you are beyond the surface. With that said, it makes sense to understand more about some of the popular wedding colours and their meaning.


Green represents nature. The pigment is also symbolically linked with well-being, tranquility, and peace. A bride who chooses to wear a green wedding dress also comes off as an eloquent and well-educated person, according to certain cultures.

Darker shades of green bring about the feeling of compassion and it's also linked with refinement, harmony, and healing. There are two ways about it; you could either wear an all-green dress with different coloured accents or introduce the pigment as accents on a white-coloured gown.


Grey has long been associated with age and maturity but it's also a colour that signifies composure with a hint of refined sophistication. It's equally a calm shade that connotes organisation, and composure.

Again, you can choose to either wear an all-grey wedding dress or introduce the pigment as an accent. The neutral tone also creates a striking effect when paired with silver, black, and white.


Red is a fiery hue that symbolises a range of things, and in terms of weddings, it has a positive connotation evoking the concepts of love, excitement, passion, and strength. You'll often see Eastern brides wearing red wedding dresses because it culturally signifies celebration and luck.

However, it's a lovely choice for any bride who wants to make a bold statement and truly create a lasting impression. It's a particularly wonderful choice for Valentine's Day and Christmas nuptials.


Blue is linked to water and the colour of the sea. It's a colour that represents peacefulness and calmness while also conveying a sense of purity, femininity, and life. The pigment is also often associated with lifelong loyalty, stability, and security.

Brides who choose blue-coloured wedding gowns typically settle for a lighter shade but again, the daring woman can brave a darker shade if it suits her aesthetic. Royal blue is the perfect choice if you prefer a dark blue tone but shades of powder blue


Yellow is a cheerfully bright colour that instantly gives any room a joyful look. Several cultures also consider yellow a symbol of adventure, laughter, intelligence, and optimism. It suits brides with an outgoing personality who definitely don't mind having even more eyes on them during the big day.

A pale yellow shade is a perfect choice for a wedding dress and it also happens to be very photogenic. The colour also pairs beautifully with white and gold but it's best left to shine on its own.


Black is considered a spooky colour and it's also a hue that's mostly tied to funerals. It's an unusual choice for weddings but there are women who have rocked beyond beautiful black-coloured wedding gowns.

It suits a gothic event but it's also an equally elegant option for black-tie events. In general, the black pigment represents mystery, power, formality, refinement, and sophistication. A black wedding gown pops more with glitzy, gold, or silver embellishments.


Pink represents a child-like innocence, good health, freshness, and purity. It's also a pigment tied to a good life and good health as well as femininity. In general, the colour suits women with flirtatious personalities.

Most brides who opt for pink wedding gowns typically choose lighter shades of the pigment. Blush is the popular colour from the family of pinks that's favoured by brides who want to rock pink-coloured gowns. Other lovely options include pale rose and blossom shades.


Coral is closely associated with pink, and in recent years it became a popular wedding dress choice after the Pantone Color Institute touted it as the 2019 "Color of the Year." The pigment is associated with vibrancy, warmth, acceptance, and perceptions of hope.

It's a hue that's also favoured by brides who prefer individuality and a general desire to stand out from the rest. The pigment is also reminiscent of the colours you'll typically see when dawn breaks which inspires feelings of confidence, happiness, and optimism.


White has long been the colour associated with weddings because of its relation to purity, light, and innocence. It's also a pigment that's closely tied to perfection, status, and in general, goodness.

The wedding colour dates back to  1840 when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria jumped the broom. The queen wore a regal ensemble in all white, and she is largely credited for starting the trend. The age-old choice is also preferred because of religious and cultural reasons.


Gold is an extravagant hue that signifies wealth, power, wisdom, and happiness. It's also a statement colour but you can tone it down by introducing it in small doses perhaps as the liner colour or wedding dress embellishments.


Ivory is often the leading choice for brides who want an alternative-coloured wedding dress that's closely associated with the white pigment. Forget about those who say that it has connotations of tainted purity. It's a gorgeous hue that flatters most brides.


The royal colour exudes power and sophistication. It's a statement colour that stands out in its lighter tone and also as an accent colour for the bodice or skirt. Shades of lavender, lilac, and mauve look gorgeous on wedding dresses.

Sage and Coral (+ What Your Wedding Dress Color Means)

coral and sage green wedding colors and inspiration

Blush shades of coral and mint greens have been shown stealers this past wedding season (see what I’m talking about here) – but what about changing it up a bit and going with a coral and sage look? They are a lovely combination! And check out that green Vera Wang dress – amazing! Now before you go writing that off listen to this: white wedding dresses are a relatively new trend from just this century in fact. The white wedding dress trend was started by Queen Victoria (and yes, I wrote a post about this WAY back when I first started this blog) and then it morphed into this whole ‘purity’ thing. Well, not so much because ask any western history or art scholar and they’ll tell you that the colour of purity is blue. That’s why when you go to art museums and churches you always see the Virgin Mary in blue.

And then there is that old wives tale that goes ‘married in green, ashamed to be seen’ etc. Doesn’t listen! You should wear whatever colour wedding dress you feel best in. I mean lets face it, a lot of people just don’t look that great in white. If you are curious about coloured wedding dresses, add a few into the mix while you are bridal gown shopping. If you’re a bit timid about straying too far from the norm, Look for soft tints of lavender and pink. Add a coloured sash or dip dye the bottom of your gown (like Gwen Stefani did or like this orange stunner).

So, back to that crazy old wives tale…

Vera Wang green wedding dress
gray wedding dress by Vera Wang
Vera Wang red wedding dress
blue wedding dress
yellow wedding dress
black wedding dress
pink wedding dress
white tulle wedding dress

So what do you think of the old wives tale and coloured wedding dresses? Let us know!

Credits: photo credits: coral wedding bouquet, Vera Wang Spring 2012 green wedding dress < from Colin Cowie Weddings, melon bowl, succulent favor < via Ruffled, invitations < available on Etsy, macaroons.