Commercial photography is a vast photography genre that encompasses several different sub-genres. From fashion photography to shooting commercial real estate photos, shooting food photos for a restaurant, to shooting niche products for a small sole proprietorship business – commercial photography involves all of these and much more.

In Savannah, Georgia, where people and business thrive in the sun, you'll find a variety of commercial experts set to help your own enterprise grow. Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Savannah? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Eastern Marketing Solutions

Eastern Marketing Solutions is a full-service professional commercial photography studio specializing in shooting real estate properties. They photograph 2D and 3D shots, highlighting a property's exterior and interior for maximum traction and better offers.

Eastern Marketing's solutions are used by property owners, real estate marketing agencies, brokers, and many other interested parties. They're widely acknowledged as one of the best real estate photography studios in all of Georgia.

Greg Ceo Studio

Greg Ceo Studio is a full-service real estate and commercial space photography studio. They not only shoot real estate but also specialize in producing high-quality professional images of hotels and other commercial properties.

Greg uses state-of-the-art photography tools with various lenses to produce crisp, sharp images. They also maintain a professional editing routine that accentuates every photograph they finally submit to their clients, showcasing the property at its best.

They work with some of the best hospitality companies worldwide, including but not limited to Hilton, Omni, Starwood, the Taj Group, InterContinental, and the Marriot.

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Dreamweaver Photos

Dreamweaver Photos is a full-service commercial photography studio. They offer their services across several commercial photography genres, including restaurants and hospitality sector, food, fashion, and special events. They're also known for doing weddings and engagements with dramatic flair.

The company employs skilled commercial photographers who have years of experience under their belt. They will appoint the right photographer for the job so that the client will benefit from the relevant experience that the photographer brings on to the table. Professional and prompt, Dreamweaver will deliver your photos efficiently.

Shamrock Visual Solutions

Shamrock Visual Solutions was initially established as a drone photography and videography company. The business soon evolved into a full-service real estate photography solutions provider for clients in Savannah.

Harnessing the power of drones to capture a unique perspective from the air, they have successfully promoted a large number of real estate properties and commercial spaces over the years. The small yet dedicated team at Shamrock Visual Solutions will travel anywhere in the USA to take up your real estate photography assignment.

Autumn Kulla Photography

Autumn Kulla Photography is a full-service commercial photography studio. The studio is run by Autumn, the founder, and the lead photographer. She's a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design with a particular interest in lighting. Her love for lighting and minimalist yet striking compositions captures many clients.

Autumn excels in experimentation and she loves to push the boundaries of what commercial photography can offer. Clients love her attention to detail and the beautiful renditions of their products that Autumn originates.

After Tec Advanced Imaging

After Tec Advanced Imaging is about pushing the boundaries of what's possible and generally accepted, they have skilled photographers who are constantly vying to create something unique. The studio's professionals use a lot of post-processing techniques to achieve their vision. They excel in producing HDR imaging, which every real estate property owner loves to see in their listings.

Thanks to a talented team of in-house retouchers, After Tec can produce high-quality, immaculately retouched images for each and every client. The studio also offers drone-based real estate photography and videography.

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