Top 9 Commercial Photographers in Sacramento, CA

Is there something holding your brand or business back? Perhaps it’s the quality of images on your website and social media channels. With the help of a professional commercial photographer, you can enhance your online presence and have people talking for all the right reasons.

Read on to learn about some of the top commercial photographers in Sacramento and the areas they specialize in.

Stacey Doyle Photography

Stacey Doyle’s first introduction to photography was pouring over the “Time Life” photography books belonging to her dad. Inspired by the images she saw, she dusted off his old Minolta T-101 and started playing around with film photography.

Over time, the camera became a shield against her extraordinary shyness and allowed her to connect with the world in a way she hadn’t been able to before. Today, she is one of Sacramento’s leading commercial photographers, with a portfolio that’s filled with images that tell your story.

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Mark Ohanesian Photography

Based in Sacramento, Mark Ohanesian is a commercial photographer with more than a decade of experience in the industry. He believes that people want to see authentic, beautiful, and captivating images of products and services that tell the story of your brand and enhance your online presence.

Mark uses high-quality cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment during his commercial photography shoots, as well as professionally retouching his images during post-processing.

Profile Business Photography

Founded by Jordan Engle, Profile Business Photography is a professional team of photographers, editors, and creatives who love what they do. They offer headshots, lifestyle, and product photography that is designed to boost brands and businesses throughout Sacramento and beyond.

Professional Business Photography understands that having an image of your product or service alone is not enough. It needs to show the lifestyle surrounding the product to create an emotional connection that will draw prospective customers in.

Gerry McIntyre Photography

Gerry McIntyre says that he started playing around with cameras and shooting videos at the age of 12 and has now been a photographer for more than 30 years. He is based out of a 4,000-square-foot studio in Downtown Sacramento that is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting gear.

Over the years, Gerry has shot countless food and product images, as well as being a talented portrait artist. He loves capturing people doing the things they love, with environmental portraits one of his specialties.

Andrea Gunn Real Estate Photography

Andrea Gunn is a self-taught real estate photographer who has lived in Sacramento for the last 10 years. Backed by her business degree, she understands the types of images that sell and has the technical ability to capture them.

In addition to real estate listing photos, Andrea can be hired for virtual staging, 360-degree virtual tools, and interior design imagery, as well as aerial and architectural shots. Andrea also has a broker in her family, so she has insider’s knowledge of what is most desirable when it comes to real estate photography.

John Decker Photography

John Decker is an award-winning photojournalist who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. His work has appeared in the “New York Times,” the “Los Angeles Times,” and “USA Today,” and he worked as the personal photographer for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as he traveled around the world.

John holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communications from Ohio University and is highly skilled when it comes to commercial and event photography.

Sacramento Real Estate Photography

As its name suggests, Sacramento Real Estate Photography is a go-to name for individuals and realtors looking to sell properties, although they have the experience and resources to meet a variety of marketing needs. It is operated by a team of photographers who capture high-quality images and videos for listing presentations that will appeal to prospective buyers. Sacramento Real Estate Photography prides itself on offering 24-hour photo deliveries but they can do same-day deliveries on request.

CB Photography & Videography

Based in Carmichael, CB Photography & Videography collaborates with small businesses, corporations, and organizations to help increase their growth and trust through effective branding.

Not only do they offer high-end commercial photography services but they are a one-stop shop for strategic consulting and brand analysis to help their clients better understand their audience.

In addition to commercial photography, CB Photography & Videography can be hired for weddings, maternity, and newborn shoots.

Ryan Angel Meza

Sacramento photographer Ryan Angel Meza offers everything from headshots and business branding to product and food photography. He says that he “searches for the raw and edgy; the interesting and clever,” with a “passion to match that of any entrepreneur.”

Ryan holds a B.A. in Photography from California State University in Sacramento and an A.S. in Marketing from Sacramento City College. With these two qualifications and a ton of talent, he’s definitely one of the top commercial photographers in Northern California.

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