Sunny Portland is known for its dining scene from hipster bars and cafes to restaurants, and numerous small businesses.

A thriving local scene translates to the need for attractive visual branding and social media content to stay in front of the customer. The City of Roses has its share of talented professionals who help take your product or brand to the next level.  

Our list showcases the best Portland commercial photographers who will give your brand or product the compelling visual story it needs.

Sean Michael Carr

Sean develops images that highlight the best aspects of a client’s brand or product. Sean’s portfolio showcases his work in the travel, editorial, lifestyle and food photography niches.

He enjoys capturing images that tell a story and show the product, brand or person with a genuine and authentic manner.

He works with diverse clients in and around Portland and is open to travel on assignments. Some of his projects include work done for Lodge Cast Iron, Ginew USA, Stetsons and VSSL Java.

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Michael Jones Photography

While he is based in Portland, Michael works with clients in both his studio, their space and on a location of their choosing. He covers an interesting variety of industries from footwear and apparel to automotive and athletics.

While Michael enjoys playing with artificial lights and manipulating their effects on the photos, he is equally effective working in natural light.

His images have a cinematic vibe about them and he manages to bring the core value behind the product to life.

Bill Whitmore

Bill’s work as a commercial photographer has been in the advertising and entertainment fields. A Texan native, He was a musician who also covered the music scene with his trusty camera before going commercial.

He sees photography as a medium to create things with like minded people and goes out of his way to give his clients’ vision a visual life.

Bill’s portfolio reveals his eye for detail and his excellent use of color and light to highlight the product or scene.


Andrew is a commercial photographer who worked with all levels of clients in the corporate, real estate and branding space.

Andrew works with business and brands, big and small, providing commercial images for products, branding and real estate.

Andrew's style is minimalistic yet appealing, keeping with his philosophy of capturing the rawness of the product or the natural looking shots of his individual clients for branding portraits.

He uses angles, lights, poses, props and other elements to get that real and natural feel.

Leah Verwey Photography

From the woods of Pennsylvania to sunny Portland, Leah’s journey has been an interesting one. An alumni of Ithaca college, she learned the ropes in the Film and Photo department.

Leah has worked with agencies like AfterAll Studio Unexplored and one-on-one with clients like Banner Bank, Levi's, Prego and Campbell's Foods.

Her commercial photo style is contemporary and she doesn’t shy away from using bold colors, unique angles or striking props to enhance the appeal of the product being advertised.

In her personal capacity, Leah works with Do Good Photoshoot, a Pop-up portrait studio that raises funds for nonprofits.

JD White Photo

As revealed by his portfolio, JD White is a still life photographer and commercial stop motion animator. He offers branding and advertising imagery for clients in the apparel and product segments.

He also dabbles in personal portraits that reveal the personality of the subjects. JD style is definitely modern but it still retains a classy touch. These images and graphics are perfectly tailored to each of his commercial projects.

Small wonder that some of his commissioned work is for clients like Nike, Quill, Adidas and River City Bicycles.

Steve Temple Photography

One look at his work, especially his beverage photography, and you’ll realize why Steve appears on this list. The bright and colorful images and the artistic use of props reveal his creativity and technical skills.

He organizes work style to make every photo-shoot a stress-free and pleasant experience for his clients. Steve indeed goes beyond the minimum required in order to deliver a visual product they and their audience will love.

His clients belong to the fashion, footwear, beverage and product niches and includes Nike, Sorel. Sephora, Canary, and more.

Jeff Amram Photography

With three decades of experience, Jeff has the pulse of the real estate industry. This native New Yorker who now calls Portland home specializes in all kinds of architectural imagery. Whether it is a hospital that wants images from its website or a college for its booklet, he has worked with all.

Jeff’s work in the pre-digital age as production assistant and location scouter laid the foundation for his future career as a real estate photographer.

He sees this form of photography as a way to see the transitory of time and emotions attached to a place. He uses color, light and form to showcase spaces in a realistic manner.

Tim Trautmann Photography

Tim is a commercial, portrait and editorial photographer based in Portland. His quote,” Have passport, Will travel” sums his extensive work for the travel industry.

Tim also has 25 years of experience working with commerce ecommerce, fintech and business clients. This provides him with the necessary creative and production expertise needed to execute your photography projects with ease and ace it.

Some of his work has been featured in Oregon Public Broadcasting and Smithsonian Magazine. His client list includes Redf Skateboards, Oakland Museum of California, and ThinkNW.

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