Top 8 Commercial Photographers in Pittsburgh, PA

Nicknamed "The City of Bridges," Pittsburgh lies on the confluence of the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River that form the Ohio River. With a wonderful skyline and a variety of natural landscapes and historic museums, the city is full of excitement.

Pitt truly has something for everyone, and if you need a commercial photographer in the region, there are plenty of talented individuals who can help you bring your vision to life.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Pittsburgh? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Lokmer Photography

John Lokmer is an award-winning photographer who focuses on commercial and wedding photography and whose work has been nationally recognized. He describes his photography style as a mixture of clean modern design, great color harmony, and strong artistic composition, but he will work with you to arrive at the style you prefer.

John’s client list contains several Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, and design studios. He has experience working internationally on different commercial projects, so you can make sure he will cover everything you need.

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Matt Shuck

Matt Shuck entered the world of visual arts by studying Philosophy and Film Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and shooting and editing film for web and television spots. He soon turned to commercial and portrait photography as his specialty.

Among Matt's images you will find sportsmen, office workers, construction workers, and models. His photographs often feature strong contrasts and bright colors, as well as dramatic backgrounds, making them draw attention at a first glance.

Javo Studios

At Javo Studios, the equal amount of attention is dedicated to every step of creating a photo, from conceptual photo development and capture to editing and final delivery. They create high-end digital photography that can be enlarged to suit your needs, as well as 360-degree product photography and videos.

Java Studios offers a possibility of set building, so you can create any environment you wish for your commercial photos. If you want some other location, they will provide location scouting and finish the whole process with post-production – such as retouching, online proofing, and file management.

Allan Adams

When taking photos, Allan seeks to find or make the perfect light, and he describes this quest as his favorite place to be. His studio is great for both tabletop shoots and large scenes and offers a large shooting area that gives you freedom to try out anything you have in mind.

Allan’s gallery contains portraits, composites, people and places, and headshots, and he also does video production. He enjoys photographing people and focuses on the uniqueness of each of his subjects.

Daniel Baca

Daniel’s client list is long and contains names such as Nike, Adidas, and Mylan. No matter who his client is, he always strives to create impactful images and bring customers closer to their brand; you can count on him to do that for you, too.

To achieve his photo goals, Daniel collaborates with art directors, designers, and advertising professionals. His focus is on commercial and lifestyle photography and his images are clear and sharp, consistently making viewers feel like they can touch the product showcased in them.

Walsh Photography

Frank has 20 years of experience under his belt and has collaborated with clients such as ESPN and Philips, and is skilled in many different genres of photography, including portraits, athletes, and product photography.

His images often have dark backgrounds so the subjects can pop out. Frank also relies on contrast and black and white photography for a stronger impact on the viewer. In addition to taking stills, Frank is also familiar with production and has dabbled in the world of videography.

Ray Feather Photography

Following the saying that a photograph is worth a thousand words, Ray Feather creates commercial and family photos that attract attention with their bright colors and skillful use of light.

He shoots photos both on location and in his studio, so you can arrange for him to come to your place of business and present it in the best and most original way possible. Be it a product or a person, Ray will do his best to create images that are eye-catching.

Media Creative Agency

Just as its name suggests, Media Creative Agency is there for all the media services you need, from photos and videos to graphic design and social media management. When it comes to photography, they offer a relaxing process and a fun experience with their photography team that results in high-quality photos that show your business in the best light.

They have worked with companies such as Tesla and Uber. The Media Creative team will dedicate themselves to collaborating with you until your idea is turned into amazing images.

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