Commercial photographers are responsible for staging and capturing images of various products and services specifically for marketing and brand building. It encompasses several sub-genres of photography, including product photography, real estate photography, events, fashion shoots, to name a few. Thus, commercial shoots attract and require photographers with a diverse set of skills.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Phoenix? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your own brand.

Alex Medina Productions

Alex Medina Productions is a full-service commercial photography studio with special interests in the real estate sector. With significant clients across the industry and years of experience, Alex Medina has truly carved out a name for themselves in the city of Phoenix.

The studio has a dedicated team of photographers who are veterans in the commercial space. They're willing to undertake any commercial photography assignments and are prepared to travel for that purpose anywhere in the country.


The studio of Glamworks is headed by the inspirational leadership of Jeff. The founder he's been a photographer since he was 15 years old and can now comfortably say that he's mastered the craft.

An experienced industry veteran, Jeff has worked previously on everything from black and white film to commercial shoots and more. He brings that combined experience into each and every project Glamworks commits to for clients. Travel-ready and with a style all their own, Jeff and his team look forward to hearing from you.


Behind the name of Orcatek is the face of Dean Farrell. Dean is an experienced industry veteran with years of professional experience shooting all kinds of commercial photography assignments.

Though he may appear to be a natural behind the camera, Dean worked hard to gain his skills. Childhood passion turned to a career as he gained client success after success. He's previously worked with leading brands in the automotive, fashion, and modeling industries.

Cameron Pictures

When it comes to commercial photography, people often forget that beyond the product or brand, there's a specific story to tell. And this is what the lead photographers at Cameron Pictures strive to do.

They understand that when you're trying to promote a brand, you're also trying to promote a need, and that's what they try to capture through their photography. They're capable of achieving that need, making a branding efforts through photos a success. Cameron is a general studio with cross-disciplinary experience, including weddings, engagements, conventions, and corporate shoots.

Phoenix Headshots

Phoenix Headshots professional photography studio is all about shooting great quality headshots across various genres. They offer corporate headshots, fashion headshots, glamour, and modeling headshots, among many other genres and subgenres.

Phoenix Headshots particularly excels in the commercial headshots segment, especially in glamour, fashion and modeling. Their state-of-the-art photography studio has everything that one needs to produce professional-quality images for clients just like you.

Hollywood Photo Studios

Hollywood Photo Studios is a professional commercial and fashion photography studio in Phoenix. Their primary service offerings include commercial photography, family portraits, outdoor photography, newborn photography, birthdays, and others.

With commercial photography, they focus on modeling, glamour auditions, business headshots and even real estate galleries. Hollywood Photo has a variety of client experiences for each. Thanks to their fully equipped studio, their team is capable of producing high-quality photos in a short turnaround time.

David Schacher Photography

David Schacher is a photo artist with years of experience as a commercial photographer. His client focus has been on the hospitality industry, including clinics, medical facilities, corporate shoots and more.

David also loves headshots and frequently undertakes corporate headshot assignments for small businesses. He pairs his photography work with videography and can shoot an introductory video for your brand or business as well.

Nicholas Spade Photography

Nicholas Spade is a commercial and headshots photographer with a penchant for details. He started his journey as a photographer when he was still in high school, and it soon grew up to become a passion for life.

An absolute professional, Nicholas ensures that every photoshoot he undertakes produces the results that the client has envisioned in the first place. For all commercial photography, he leaves no stone unturned to make sure that all the parameters are satisfied. He can – and has – traveled nationwide for his assignments.

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