Top 10 Commercial Photographers in Philadelphia, PA

Take your brand marketing to the next level with professional commercial photography. Commercial photographers in Philadelphia assist companies in developing their branding, shooting ad campaigns, producing content, and more. Commercial photography solves plenty of business problems, and these photographers will help you do so successfully.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Philadelphia? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Addison Geary Photography

Commercial photography by Addison Geary transcends industries as he’s worked with everyone from industrial corporations to health field organizations to branding and more. Whether using the images for marketing your company or promoting a new product, Addison Geary will take the perfect photos.

Addison has substantial experience working with creative briefs. Even without the project manager on site, he confirms all details for the shoot and delivers exactly what you’re expecting. He can incorporate the local scenery to spotlight local Philadelphia businesses or shoot inside your offices to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your operation.

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Visual Technology

For more than 25 years, Visual Technology has provided professional commercial photography services to clients in Philadelphia. It’s adapted with the times and now provides digital images for various commercial needs.

Ready to launch a new product and need optimized images for social media? Or perhaps you want to showcase the personnel behind your company to put a face to the brand name. Visual technology does everything from white background product photography to corporate headshots, providing a one-stop-shop. Its imagery will help you create the company image you’ve always wanted.

Richard Quindry Photography

Commercial photography with Richard Quindry always has measurable results. He’s a photographer who keeps the bigger picture in mind to boost your company’s sales or expand your audience.

Rich understands business and knows that your commercial photoshoot is an investment. After learning your objectives for the shoot, he handles the creative end to deliver images that will achieve the goals. You can now improve your web presence with striking visuals as soon as your potential customers land on your page. Or showcase your customer service reps to help establish immediate trust with your clients anytime they contact you.

Dave Moser

From the office to the field, Dave Moser can help spotlight every step in your production process. He’s an international award-winning commercial photographer and has been featured on local Philly media multiple times.

Dave Moser harnesses the power of commercial photography to solve business problems. He helps companies stand out with their marketing efforts and even makes products look exactly as they will when arriving at a client’s house. His portfolio includes images working with agriculture farmers to show their operations or insight into an organization’s corporate offices.

Phil Kramer

You’d be amazed what 35 years as a commercial photographer can do to your portfolio. Phil Kramer’s camera has captured images for some of the largest corporations in the US to photographing famous people like Pope Francis and Jay Leno.

Phil is one of the most experienced Philadelphia commercial photographers, having worked with more than 2,000 events and personal creative projects to keep his skills sharp in between client work. Having a local studio in Philadelphia makes it more convenient when working with clients. As a result, he can shoot in-studio images or on-location.

Heartbeat Branding

Knowing her specialty helped Megan settle in her role as a commercial photographer. She partners with companies to be their designated content creator who will consistently deliver high-quality visuals.

You’ve now got access to your very own marketing department thanks to the help of Megan’s company, Heartbeat Branding. She helps create social media content, web content, and other visuals for companies in the wellness or hospitality space.

Working with Megan on a commercial project is always exciting for both parties. She takes your project brief and develops original creative concepts around them just for you.

Philip Gabriel Photography

With a multitude of projects under his belt, Philip Gabriel is a familiar name amongst the ranks of best commercial photographers in Philadelphia. His studio is just outside the city to have easy access to local projects or in-studio sessions.

The past 15 years have flown by for Philip Gabriel, who has kept busy shooting everything from product images to lifestyle commercial shoots. He can snap product pictures optimized for the web or social media channels. However, Phillip’s creativity shines when he can bring your brand message to life.

Mike Styler Photography

Update your company image with commercial headshots captured by Mike Styler. He’ll capture everyone’s best side in a collection of images that will impress your potential clients as soon as they discover you.

Announce your company’s headshot day to ensure everyone will be present. Mike can take individual corporate portraits or team marketing images. He doesn’t expect you to be professional models, so he has plenty of power poses to make you truly look like the boss. Each session is time efficient so that you can get back to running your business.

Zave Smith Photography

Even with still imagery, Zave Smith knows how to make them speak volumes about your marketing messages. Whether working on a project to market an educational institution or taking pictures for a retail brand ad campaign, Zave has experience working with various commercial clients.

Zave Smith takes images full of energy and color that jump off the screen to grab your attention. He works excellent with people, able to transform your marketing message into a lifestyle scene. He’s also skilled with still photography, creating striking images of your products enticing customers to buy.


Stevie is the creative brain behind many companies’ marketing campaigns. He collaborates with local brands or multinational corporations on creative, bold images. Working with brands on creative projects helps push his imagination. As a result, Stevie always creates original ideas for his clients and effectively executes them.

You can’t help but stop scrolling once you come across an image shot by Stevie. With bold colors and graphics, he takes pictures that can easily go viral on social media. His surreal imagery is a signature touch that adds to the creative appeal of his commercial photography.

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