Top 8 Commercial Photographers in Memphis, TN

From the Grind and Hustle city to the home of Blues and Rock ‘n’ roll, Memphis dons a variety of personas. Just like these impressions of this city, the first impression of your product is paramount. This lets your audience see the product, brand or service the way they should.

The commercial photographers in Memphis help you create this relatable first impression with stunning and tailored visual content. From real estate to food and jewelry, you’ll find creatives on this list who breathe new life into your product, service or brand.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Memphis? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Foto Stories

Linda is essentially a portrait photographer who creates beautiful snapshots for both commercial and personal use. Her goal is simple - create a profile picture or headshot that is worthy of being on a magazine cover.

Unlike other photographers who prefer to shoot in color, Linda offers her client the choice of having a headshot or a portrait done in monochrome (B&W). In addition to her commercial venture, she provides private clients with candid family sessions and special portraiture sessions for women over 40.

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Creation Studios

Creation Studios is a commercial studio that provides clients with branding imagery for their products and services. They work with clients manufacturing goods and designing products to educational institutes and real estate companies.

The team at Creation Studios believes that their combined pool of talents, skill sets, ideas and perspective help them create images that speak to the intended audience. These visual concepts reflect different photography styles, settings and backgrounds tailored to the product or brand.

Sélavie Photography

From growing up in Corsica to working as a commercial and interiors photographer in Memphis, Sarah’s journey as a photographer has been interesting.

Sarah credits her interest in both interior design and photography to two different influences. Her mother, an interior designer, and the beautiful French island. An education in Interior Design followed by a course in Fine Arts and Film Photography deepened her passion for spaces and images.

When it comes to capturing images of people, places (especially hospitality centers and restaurants) and food, she lets her training take over. This results in beautiful composition and great styling, all evidenced by her stellar portfolio.

Roush Studios

Jeff is a commercial photographer from West Tennessee operating in unique niches. He provides clients with industrial, interior, product, and corporate brand imagery for website, sales and internal company use.

Jeff specializes in annual reports, brochures, PR sessions, modeling portfolio, magazine ads, sell sheets and catalogs. With three decades of experience behind it, he creates tailored images that fit the specific requirements of each assignment.  

Jeff and his team of assistants work from their studio serving clients in Memphis, Dyersburg, Jackson and Nashville. They belong to that rare breed of creatives with a motorhome that carries their gear for out-of-state location shoots.

Annabella Charles Photography

Are you seeking commercial branding imagery with an artistic touch? Then Annabella is the Memphis photographer you should consider for your next project.

As a fine art editorial photographer, Annabella carries this still-life flavor across other client niches from wedding and bridal sessions to food photography.

What stands out about her work is her uncanny ability to capture small details that others miss out. This allows her to create imagery that elevates the product or service and makes her human subjects beautiful and elegant.

Michael Allen Media

Michael is indeed a huge name in the wedding photography industry in the South including Memphis. But fewer people seem to be aware of his equally immersive fashion, food, headshot and architectural photography.

Michael and his team of creative professionals handle everything from makeup and outfits to staging and food styling. His work stands out for a particular reason - a steady persistence in getting the perfect shot.

His work is both elegant and modern. Michael showcases his subjects in the most flattering way and manages to capture complete shots every time.

Bob Pierce Photography

A song writer and music producer from Nashville to a recording studio owner and photographer in Memphis, Bob has had an exciting career trajectory that many dream about.

With 25 years of work experience of creating commercial and audio content for corporate training, television, motion pictures and radio, Bob made the big leap to still-life commercial photography.

According to Bob, a great picture tells you a story.  His portfolio is replete with stunning imagery that tells fascinating stories of places, spaces, people and homes. His distinct use of colors, contrast, saturation, lights and shadows make his images stand out among the rest.

Carla McDonald

Carla considers herself as non-traditional and off center as the city she lives in. She offers her clients a varied set of commercial and non-commercial photo services, and creates magic with every shot.

She considers photography as a form of therapy, especially her personal sessions. To this end she makes great use of props, lighting setups and creative reimaging of your product or brand voice.

Carla's work has been featured in prominent newspapers and magazines, such as: The New York Times, Fodor's Travel Guide, Dance Magazine, and The Memphis Flyer.

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