Top 5 Commercial Photographers in Manchester, UK

Top 5 Commercial Photographers in Manchester, UK

Excellent photography can go a long way in guaranteeing customer interest in your business. As a business owner, understanding how professional images of your business portray you to the public eye can generate buzz for your business.

There are some top-notch commercial photographers in Manchester, UK with impressive portfolios portraying the high-quality images they have been able to create for their clientele.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Manchester? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Greg Harding Photography + Video

If you want to take your brand engagement goals through the roof, you should use photos and videos that will elevate your online and offline marketing. Greg Harding provides professional photography and video services in Manchester and all areas of Northwest England.

Since its establishment in 2005, Greg has also provided corporate videography services, with a talented team of creatives. With this team, he can deliver time-lapse photography, video services, and unmanned aerial vehicle capture on a variety of highly technical project briefs.

Claire Wood Photography

It is impressive to see the level of clientele Claire Wood has been able to add to her list in 20 years of being a professional commercial photographer. What is more impressive is probably her portfolio of celebrity portraits for prominent magazines and TV. You can work with Claire to tell the story of your business in the perfect way.

Businesses and design agencies can contact Claire for projects on locations across the North of England, Manchester, London, and Leeds. Her specialty includes undertaking commercial photoshoot projects to create media suitable imagery for all types of businesses.

Tangerine Event & Corporate Photography

Tangerine Event Photography is one of the most popular commercial photography services in Manchester, UK. They also provide services to clients across Cheshire, Lancashire, and the UK.

You can contact them to book quality commercial photography services ranging from corporate photography, event photography, school and charity photoshoot projects, and even large corporate events. Apart from providing on-location services, they hire out an eco-friendly photo booth for events and parties around Greater Manchester.

Tom Barker Photography

Based in Manchester, UK, Tom Barker is a commercial photographer who specializes in creating environmental portraits with a cinematic edge. He's one of the top-rated guys, and your business should consider working with him if you want well-priced, top-notch photography for your next media promotion.

For more than 8 years, Tom Barker has established a presence with clients that regard him as easy to work with. His endeavors in commercial and headshot portraiture set him easily among the best in the region.

Vincent Abbey Photography

Vincent Abbey is a professional photographer who has carried out business for over 17 years. He is the owner of Vincent Abbey Photography and has carried out photoshoots for models and commercial work for decades. As far as experience and versatility goes, this is a good photographer to consider, as he has also done headshots and showreels for actors and musicians.

If you need a photographer to work with you while capturing images that express the goings-on of your business and what you are about, contact Vincent. He is available to help out and deliver top quality galleries for whatever project he's tasked with.

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