Get the perfect product shots to stand out with professional commercial photography. Commercial photographers in LA manage professional studios that capture images that appeal to your audience. Whether you need pictures for your online store, send out product PR information, or looking to update your brand, these commercial photographers in the "City of Angels" can help you accomplish your goals.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Los Angeles? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Tiffany Luong

Tiffany Luong isn’t a photographer that takes on any project. When she started her photography business years ago, she had a goal to work with brands with a purpose, and she’s maintained true to her criteria.

Photos are meant to create memories and moments. Tiffany enjoys shooting commercial photography for brands, products, and entrepreneurs to create images that encourage their audiences to have experiences rather than materialistic things.

Working with these types of clients brings out Tiffany’s creativity as she’s able to use her camera to tell a story – ultimately encouraging people to live more instead of simply spending money.

Matthew Roharik

From working with big brands on international campaigns to photoshoots individuals in the local Los Angeles area, photography has allowed Matthew Roharik to work with various clients. As a commercial photographer, he can make anything, and anybody, look campaign-worthy.

For the past two decades, Matthew has built a global reputation through ad campaigns, product shoots, editorial-style images, and more. He’s a professionally trained photographer who’s shot with various subjects and even can work in a studio or on location. His elegant images have a fine art approach that makes them stand out anywhere they are seen.


Brands worldwide can have access to the best commercial photography inside the VRset Studio. Established by lead photographer David Victory, he brings products to life with the best quality at his studio.

Whether you’re based in Los Angeles or not, VRset has worked with clients from around the world. David focuses on photography for eCommerce, so he has expertise in getting the right shots for popular platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

The first impression is everything, and David shoots flawless pictures that can help you reach more people. He can shoot products or with people modeling them.

Sergio Garcia

Clients can look forward to an easy working experience with Sergio Garcia. As passionate as he is about photography, he understands the commercial viability of his client’s projects. Hire him and he'll work diligently to make your ideas come to life.

Sergio is no beginner to commercial photography. From his LA studio, he’s shot many ad campaigns, including for big brands such as Pepsi. His workflow makes him a desired photographer. He understands receiving creative briefs to direct the project and follows them exactly to give you a product better than you imagined.

Apex Photo Studios

Arriving at Apex Photo Studios, you’re likely to be greeted by Dennis, who will ensure that you have the best photoshoot experience. His local LA studio near downtown has multiple locations to get the shots you need.

Clients can rent out rooms in Apex Photo Studios for their commercial projects. Each room is flooded with natural light and set up for white screens, green screens, lifestyle shoots, and even an available rooftop with LA skyline views.

Apex Photo Studios staffs in-house photographers to assist with your photoshoot. The studio has worked with major brands including Bath & Body Works, Bombas, and Smuckers.

LA Photo Team

It’s hard to keep up with the constant content creation that brands and individuals have to do now. Save yourself time by getting a gallery of professional images that last with LA Photo Team.

LA Photo Team is your photography partner who will capture professional shots of your product, image, retail location, etc. Its photographers have worked across industries, including medical, hospitality, and corporate settings.

To their expert photographers, pictures can showcase the best of your brand, with frames lined up perfectly to capture just what it is you have to offer.

Shaun Alexander

LA-based photographer Shaun Alexander has experience with photographing for clients globally. His eye behind the camera has shot images for campaigns you’ve probably seen before since he’s worked with big brands in retail, liquor, fashion, and other industries.

Shaun Alexander shows his expertise in every session as he puts his creativity to the test to shoot images that resonate with your audience. He’s spotlighted numerous brands and models, creating pictures that people enjoy looking at instead of strictly for selling. He’s the perfect commercial photographer to transform your brand or product into a lifestyle.

Rare Studio LA

It’s uncommon to find a place like Rare Studio LA that can shoot professional commercial images at a reasonable price. Now, it’s no longer an issue for companies with long product lines because Rare Studio LA can get the shot and delivered back to you with a fast turnaround.

Adidas, Hilton, DJI, and Volvo are just a handful of the many companies that Rare Studio LA has worked with. Its niche is high-end pictures for eCommerce storefronts, catalogs, or editorial publications. The studio has resources in-house to make any product sell just as you want it to.

Fresh Print Media

When it’s time to give your brand or product an updated look, Fresh Print Media is the one to call. This LA-based commercial photography studio is known for capturing pictures that make you stop scrolling.

Take your product photography to the next level with Fresh Print Media. This company steps away from traditional product shoots and adds a touch of creativity to each shot. Your product will get professional styling, custom backdrops, and props as if it were a model itself. Fresh Print believes each of these elements are necessary for crafting beautiful commercial imagery.

Ecliptic Media Photography

An excellent way to kickstart your company could be through an award-winning short film. Such was the story of Ecliptic Media Photography when it was founded in 2009. The studio has since transitioning into a photography focus back in 2016, but carries the lessons of filmmaking within their craft.

Commercial photography has become a specialty for Ryan Hartford, who founded Ecliptic Media Photography to pursue his creative passions. His experience has landed him prominent commercial projects with Amazon, Keller Williams, Fender, and more.

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