London is a historic and modern city with stories at every corner waiting to unfold. The city has a bustling business and tourist scene which creates its own demand for visual media for advertising and branding. Commercial photography is indeed a broad genre that includes everything from headshots to food photography and industry images.

In a hypercompetitive place like London, you need talented blokes and ladies who can create magic of the commercial kind with their camera. Our list includes top-tier commercial photographers in London who click anything from shampoos to automobiles.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in London? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Simon Callaghan Photography

Simon’s portfolio is an impressive and eclectic collection of diverse subjects from real estate to corporate headshots. He prefers to create pithy images that convey the brand message and don’t leave your audience confused or ambivalent.

Past work leaves him in demand with advertising, event and print media clients who need someone who clearly understands their concept and end goal. He works with global brands, local businesses and charities, agencies, designers, and regular people promoting their brand or lifestyle.


While he is a favored commercial automobile photographer today, George has been clicking cars of all sorts from the age of fifteen.

His surreal and captivating images reveal his signature style, showcase his passion for this niche and dedication to his work. George’s client list reads like the Who’s Who of the car industry, especially when it comes to luxe brands. Although London is his base, he travels worldwide on client assignments creating advertising, billboard and product launch images.

Nadine Brandt Photography

Nadine happens to be a Berlin native who now calls London her home. One of the area’s top commercial photographers, she initially pursued photography only as a hobby.

After years in the corporate world, she walked away from it all to create visual content for businesses and brands that needed it. That she loves the minimalistic style of portraying things, people and spaces is obvious from her gallery of work. Nadine's skill with colors, textures, shapes and angles provides her images a fine art finish.

Nunzio Prenna Photography

Are you seeking images with a bit of glam, cinematic and fine art vibe to them? Then take a deep look at Nunzio’s portfolio. This East London photographer excels in portrait, interiors and other commercial imagery that evokes a reaction and a response from the viewer.

Nunzio adds an interesting story element to his pictures and yet the focus is always on the product, subject or person. Some of these techniques could be attributed to his travel experiences through a previous career as a 3D Visualizer.

Michael Malloy Photography

The presentations never feel busy, even when there are multiple elements within the frame. And her use of lifestyle elements can add to an interior design or culinary narrative on display. With over two decades of practical experience and acquired skills, Michael is a veteran in this field. He's worked with all sorts of companies, brands and small businesses that require enticing images for marketing.

Michael’s shooting expertise includes multiple industry projects from healthcare and aviation to tech and headshots. His images, whether about construction activity or a person, have an energetic look and a painting-like touch.

Piranha Photography

The team at Piranha is skilled at creating commercial visuals that present a realistic picture of the brand, event, person or product. Corporate branding, portraits and headshots form a significant part of their client work.

They have adopted a distinct style at Piranha with a penchant for heavy shadows and rich color palette. They avoid the heavily retouched imagery that is quite popular with other commercial photographers. The team’s ability to capture striking images under tight deadlines has rewarded them with clients like Epsilon Telecommunications, Citigate, and Alliance Automotive.

Alex Upton Photography

Alex is an architectural photographer through and through. His portfolio is filled with stunning image after image of real estate, interior, commercial and private building and skylines.

A formal training in fine arts has everything to do with the aesthetically pleasing clicks within his portfolio. Alex is no stranger to the use of well-defined lines, spaces, and human elements in his dynamic images. He's one of the few real estate storytellers who adds people to the frame. Another distinct aspect of his pictures is the use of motion blur to add depth and scale.

Kalory Photo & Video

The team at Kalory has been recognized for their top-notch retail photography. This Studio team is a collective of four talented and established photographers with a shared purpose and vision.

Retail images often include small, delicate products or items that are hard to photograph. Clients trust the Kalory team’s skill in the use of colors, textures, props, backdrops and lighting to create impressive photos. The team also offers interior photography for retail stores, hotel industry, and other businesses to display their shopping spaces to customers.

Owen Billcliffe Photography

Since 2007, Owen has steadily made a name for himself as an event and Public Relation (PR) photographer. Having worked with diverse clients from big brands to tiny firms, he seeks to provide them with images that represent them or their brands.

Whether you need images of an event set up or of kids at a coding camp, Owen captures stylish and dynamic images for social media and promotions. He's worked with the likes of Channel 4, PepsiCo, Marks & Spencer, Park Hotels, and the Royal Academy Of Music, among others.

Scott Ramsey Photography

By his own admission, Scott is a mustache-curling photographer who creates engaging pictures for advertising, editorial and brand personal promotion.

He enjoys a human-centric story and can be often seen capturing people at work, from farmers to corporate executives. Scott prefers normal visual narratives and wide-angle shots with none of the theatrics and special effects. His inimitable style of combining environmental photography with branding portraits create images that seem like mini presentations.

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