Top 9 Commercial Photographers in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis may be famous for its memorials and car races, but there is more to the historic place. A happening city with a vibrant entrepreneurial and dining scene, there is always a need for talented visual creatives. People who know exactly who, when, what, where and how to photograph services, brands and people to best convey your message.

The top Indianapolis commercial photographers on our list have the skills, acumen and experience to provide photographic material for all your marketing or advertising requirements.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Indianapolis? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Carly Secrest Photography

While Carly enjoys creating stylish portraits of people, she's equally at home shooting commercial photography, especially products and lifestyle brands.

Fascinated by the out-of-box approaches that happen in a controlled studio environment, Carly considers each commercial project as an adventure. According to her, the ability to create immersive and impressive images is the ultimate reward. From baby showers to action shots, she has you covered.

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Zach Dobson Photography

Zach is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Carmel with two decades of experience. With an educational background in Journalism and Photography, it’s only natural for him to document people, places, and business and brands.

He prefers using the documentary style as it provides an authentic way to tell a brand, service, people, corporate or product story. Some industries he has been associated with include travel & tourism, industrial settings, health care, sports, construction and architecture. Over the years, Zach has worked with the likes of Coca-Cola, Hamilton County Tourism, Indiana Pacers, Visit Bloomington  the AARP among others.

Leah Trib Productions

Leah works as a commercial photographer who provides clients with product and brand related videos. Leah has been creating product, food and lifestyle branding images since 2015. Her penchant for creating stories around your business is obvious from her body of work. With Leah, expect colorful pictures that exude warmth.

Leah shoots portraits, brands, lifestyle and products for clients in the Midwest and around the country. With her you can be assured of professionalism and passionate towards your project.

CX Photo Works

Kevin has been passionate about photography right from the time he experimented with film. He armed himself with formal education in photography and entrepreneurship to give his creative skills the technical and practical boost.

From 2012, he has been working under his studio banner – CX Photo Works with a focus on helping local businesses with corporate, commercial and advertising images. Kevin is a skilled artist with an eye for compositions and comes up with innovative ideas, as revealed by his portfolio. Composites and special effect images are some of his favorite pieces of work - with himself often as the subject.

Susan Fleck Photography

A look at the list of accolades is enough proof of Susan's talent in photography. Her passion for real estate, commercial and interior imagery is matched by her creative and collaborative approach to each of her projects.

Susan believes that every product, building or space has a story within it waiting to be seen and appreciated. She helps clients showcase their work and ensure it gets interpreted in the right way by customers. As a former photojournalism professor whose work featured in national and global publications, she provides an artistic touch to her commercial photos.

Greg Folkins

Greg is an award-winning and nationally recognized commercial photographer with 20 years of industry experience. Greg is one of those creatives who focuses on one or two types of imagery. In his case, this is real estate, architecture, lifestyle advertising and corporate headshots. He often covers project including buildings, people and spaces from corporate, industrial and construction to hospitality, education and healthcare.

One look at Greg's portfolio and you’ll notice a cinematic and fine art style of capturing landscapes, spaces and structures. This enables him to create arresting images that bring the best things about the subject to the fore.

Chris Bucher

Chris Bucher is one of those diverse commercial photographers who has his hand in every pie and enjoys the variety and the associated challenges.

Chris has partnered with clients in diverse fields not limited to architecture, electronics, healthcare and life sciences. His brand storytelling skills have won him photography awards from National Art Museum of Sport. When Chris is not clicking striking visuals, you’ll likely find him working on educational photography guides as a technical editor.


Rob and Julie have been serving commercial clients in Indianapolis and the US for three decades and counting.  They are skilled at capturing events, trade shows, professional headshots, advertising and real estate imagery.

Rob and his team at Banayote use modern and classic techniques of color, light and form to showcase products, people and spaces in a realistic and expressive way. Their transparent, relaxed and responsive work style turns photo sessions into pleasant experiences for all their clients.

David Arthur Photography

While clients seek out David for his lovely portraits and headshots, he dabbles in commercial imagery of all shapes and sizes. From architecture and landscape to events and products, he knows how to take pictures that speak to the intended audience.

David has a natural talent for creating balanced and attractive compositions and using light to capture angles and depth. Some of his work may well fall into the fine art category, to the benefit of each of his clients.

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