Top 8 Commercial Photographers in Houston, TX

Professionally-done photos of yourself, your company, or your product can add tremendous value to your business. Whether you are a professional who offers services—such as a consultant, a lawyer, or a fitness instructor—or you have a company that sells products like beauty products, food, or even industrial machinery, it helps to have tasteful photos that can show off your level of skill and quality, helping you reach a wider audience.

Finding a good commercial photographer isn't always easy. Not all photographers are adept at the commercial art; it takes skill to convey a brand story through photographs, and even working with inanimate objects or products can be daunting for some photographers. Lucky for you, H-Town, Texas is home to these 8 professionals set to help you on your photographic journey.

Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Houston? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your business.

Solaris Studios

Aric C. Hoek is the founder and head photographer of Solaris Studios. Aric is a passionate photographer whose love for art started when he was 16—today, he is a multi-awarded professional photographer that specializes in corporate photography.

Before becoming a corporate photographer, Aric was a popular international wedding photographer and traveled frequently, capturing weddings in a technically-strong yet beautiful portraiture style. This fine-art style of photography is most evident in his executive portraiture, where he is able to similarly portray a story and a personality through a single, well executed shot.

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Calvin Pennick Jr Photography

alvin Pennick Jr Photography is one of the top portrait and corporate headshot studios in Houston, TX. Calvin Pennick, a self-taught professional photographer, founded the studio in 2007 and has quickly become one of the sought-after studios for this type of portraiture.

Calvin Pennick Jr Photography offers acting and corporate headshots and other services such as audition taping for actors. The studio's team prides itself on being experts in acting and corporate headshots, which require a different style and technique than wedding or lifestyle photography. Headshots from Calvin's studio are clean, professional, and offer an unadulterated view of yourself as a professional.

Brian Vogel Photography

Brian Vogel is the founder and head photographer of Brian Vogel Photography. Brian always aspires to deliver quality and premium services for his clients, and is a very diverse photographer that can shoot commercial, creative, or lifestyle portraits.

Your commercial portrait session with Brian will be tailor-fit to your needs and the image you'd like to portray. He's creative with lighting and location to help you look your best. His goal is to represent your personal brand in the most authentic way possible.

T Foteh Photography

Tarick Foteh has a strong background as a former advertising art director and a creative director. After a few years in the industry, Tarick decided to change careers and become a professional photographer. Within three years of his career shift, he was shooting commercial photography for big-name brands such as Marriott, Hewlett-Packard, Ikea, among others.

Tarick has a diverse portfolio covering everything from industrial and automotive photography, to architectural and product photography. His photography style is sharp, with vivid colors and an artful use of light.

Bob Werre Photography

Bob Werre is the jack-of-all-trades owner and head photographer of Bob Werre Photography. Bob has several photography specialties: corporate, industrial, fashion, lifestyle, aerial photography, and more. With over 30 years of experience and a roster of top-name clients, Bob and his team are one of Houston's premier corporate photography studios.

Bob and his team are passionate about finding the perfect creative solution to your business needs and objectives. Whether it's macro photos of your product to highlight its supreme quality, to warm and engaging corporate photos that show off your brand's image and story, you're sure to receive only the best work from Bob and his studio.

Joe Robbins Photography

Joe Robbins founded his studio in 1984 with big dreams. At the time of the studio's founding, Joe had already been a professional photographer for 10 years, specializing in the advertising and corporate industry photography niche. From there, he honed his photography techniques at the time of film cameras, where you had only a few shots to "get it right," and hope for the best once you get to the darkroom.

The attention to detail and sure-shooting style of Joe carries on to his digital photography today, making him an efficient and highly-technical photographer, without sacrificing any creativity. Whether you need him for industrial, architectural, or product photography, Joe delivers extraordinary results that will help you meet your business goals and bring your brand image to the forefront of every visual.

Sylvester Garza Productions

Sylvester Garza is one of the top commercial photographers in Houston. With over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies, Sylvester has gained valuable insight over the years into what makes a great photo that fits within a company's deadlines, budgets, and objectives.

Sylvester specializes in corporate headshots, industrial and architectural photography, as well as product and food photography. This diversity allows him to be readily available for all types of commercial projects according to the needs of his corporate clients. Sylvester prides himself on creating a confident and comfortable atmosphere at each of his shoots.

Shannon O'Hara Photography

Shannon O'Hara is a student and a son of the arts—his parents both taught art, and he himself lived the life of an artist, pursuing his dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer at 16. After dancing in the Houston Ballet, Shannon eventually found himself in New York, where he discovered a new passion: photography.

Shannon worked with some of the most legendary photographers of the New York scene, whose lessons became cornerstones when he founded his own photography studio. Her work is elegant, timeless, while at the same time dynamic and eye-catching – everything your brand needs to stand out and get noticed.

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