Commercial photography isn’t just about grasping a smile in its purest form – it's about driving business and showcasing your brand. Commercial photographs are important to business owners because they market their goods for the world to see.

Commercial artists are not as plentiful as portrait and wedding photographers. They can’t be found on every corner of every street in the busiest of cities. However, each commercial photographer out there definitely has a profound ability to help you reach your commercial goals.

Keep on reading to see some of the best commercial photographers in the Edmonton region of Canada. Their talents won’t go unnoticed. Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Edmonton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.


Brock Kryton is an Edmonton native who began his photography career at the young, ripe age of fifteen years old. Almost immediately after high school, he jump started his own personal photography business where he excelled tremendously.

As his love for photography grew, so did Kryton’s love of knowledge. The commercial photographer started post-secondary education, learning how to strengthen his photography and editing skills and pick up other forms of media for his transcripts. During this time, Kryton continued to manage his business and has since then taught several classes on photography to grow the industry.

Trident Photography

Trident Photography owner Jeff Hilbrecht started up his part-time photography business in 2000 with no intention to make it a full-time career. Little did he know, life had other plans.  He quit his job to pursue his dream - and the rest is history.

Today, Jeff will not graciously present you with a speech about his passions. Instead, he’ll bring you the real facts of photography, promising that every desire you have for the camera is presented with purpose. Commercial Photography through Trident accomplishes every goal deemed necessary, that can be said for sure.

Crystal Puim Photography

Crystal Puim loves visualizing the world through her camera lenses. Why? Simply because she genuinely enjoys grasping attention and telling a story for the world to see.

To Puim, an image is not merely an image, it showcases a message. Depending on the type of photography selected will depend on the outcome of said message. Puim is great with introducing new people, products, and places of work - just like she’s great with planning, schedule coordinating, and quick delivery.

Caputra Imaging

If you’re looking for custom content creation, look no further than the photographers over at Captura Imaging. Brands. Businesses and individuals alike work personally with the professional photographers of Captura Imaging to bring their vision to light, no matter the media requested.

Be sure to book sooner rather than later, as scheduling can be a bit crammed. Considering Captura Imaging knows exactly how to bring your business or brand to the modern world with an online presence that speaks volumes and draws customers in It is no wonder there’s a wait list for photography needs.

Cooper & O’Hara

Bryan Cooper, co-founder of Cooper & O’Hara, melds technique, science, and art together naturally. Clueing in his eye for detail, he’s able to draw out anyone’s unique talents and skills for the rest of the world to see.

Thomas O’Hara, also co-founder of Cooper & O’Hara, loves adventure just as much as he loves people. His true desire is telling interesting stories through photography and videography - both while traveling and inside the four walls of his studio. Together, this duo team has everything you’re looking for in the perfect commercial photography setup.

Chris Bernard Photography

Chris Bernard Photography offers a full service marketing solution with a deep focus in video and photography for companies, both local and long distance, to enjoy. Web design and graphic design are two additional passions Chris includes in pricing packages.

In the beginning, this marketing team started out by producing creative content left and right. As the time went on, ad campaigns and promotions became a developing favorite all clients and companies grew to love.

Forte Studios

Who’s the girl behind the lens at Forte Studios? Her name is Kristen Huggett, and she found her passion for photography while working for a small startup marketing agency while she was attending university. Luckily, her passion grew and her talent became deep rooted in capturing the best moments she set her eyes on.

The past five years has changed Huggett for the better, allowing her the opportunity to build up her client list and educate herself on all things photography. Her personal branding mission has been quite successful and she can’t wait to share her expertise with you.

Aaron Kurmey Photography

Owner, photographer, and digital artist of Aaron Kurmey Photography has been doing this gig for over 10 years – and to be completely honest, he’s killing it. His kit is fully portable, giving him the ability to transform any space into a photo studio. That includes the office, the boardroom, the dining area, and more.

Aaron is great; he knows how to shoot headshots, commercial, corporate, aerial, real estate, events, and beyond. He invites variety so that he can capture new and exciting images, challenging him in every avenue of the career he calls photography.

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