Top 10 Commercial Photographers in Chicago, IL

Commercial photography is all about grabbing the attention of your target audience and drawing them into your brand. It has to be engaging and impactful, with just a split second for consumers to take note or walk on by. Photographs that shine through in the crowded media world of The Windy City will be necessary for the success of your business.

As a major hub for brands and businesses, Chicago is home to plenty of talented commercial photographers whose work is sure to impress. Ready to start your search for commercial photographers in Chicago? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your business.

Chicago Commercial Photography

Founded by lead photographer Bob Grosse, Chicago Commercial Photography offers professional photography services and high-quality photo processing. His team works out of two Chicago locations for your convenience and have collaborated with big-name clients that include General Electric, Microsoft, Sears, and the Discovery Channel.

Chicago Commercial Photography can be hired to shoot lifestyle images for your brand or product photography for catalogs and websites. Either way - you can ship your items to them or Bob and his team can set up a studio at your facility. At the end of the day, Chicago Commercial just wants to make sure the result is just as you intended.

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Clayton Hauck

While based in his hometown of Chicago, Clayton Hauck is available for assignments around the globe. He describes himself as a “traveling visual salesman” and has worked with everyone from the Bank of America to Bloomberg, Minute Maid, and Sam Adams.

Clayton draws on his background in film production and editing to create images that are compelling enough to tell your brand story. In addition to lifestyle stories and people portraits, Clayton also shoots travel images, food, and social events.

Brian Gross Photo

Brian Gross is based out of a commercial studio in Addison and has worked as a product photographer since 2008. He has spent his entire life in the Chicagoland area and first discovered his love of photography with disposable Kodak cameras. After studying at the University of Illinois, he went on to pursue a career in digital marketing and project management.

Today, Brian is a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America association and has worked on projects with Fresh Pine, Apple Valentine, and Lexpert Tech. Check out his portfolio and see how his camera may work for you.

John Gress

With more than 20 years of experience in the photography industry, John Gress certainly knows how to get the job done. He is one of Chicago’s top commercial photographers and regularly partners with leading companies and media outlets that include The New York Times, Microsoft, and Burger King.

John’s specialties include national lifestyle advertising, beauty portraits, and action shots of professional athletes and he has been described by Professional Photographer Magazine as “one of the nation’s foremost experts on lighting.”

Jordano Studio

Powell and Sasha Jordano are the creative couple behind Jordano Studio, a Chicago-based business that specializes in food, beverage, and product photography. In addition to their studio space in the Andersonville neighborhood – which can accommodate multiple sets – they also offer print production services.

Jordano Studio uses the latest image capturing technology and can be hired to do advanced retouching to ensure your images are of the highest quality possible upon delivery.

Ricky Kluge

Based in Chicago, Ricky Kluge is a portrait and lifestyle photographer who has photographed thousands of people from around the globe. Over the years, he has worked with leading brands in the United States, including Trulli, Ogilvy, and Rose Pest Solutions, to name just a few.

Ricky is on a mission to help companies build their visual identities and the results are impressive, to say the least. Aside from working in the studio, he can also be hired to shoot on location with artists, athletes, and professionals.

Haute Mice Studios

Owned and operated by Kendall-Kinmiar James Cunningham, Haute Mice Studios is a Chicago-based photography studio that specializes in commercial fashion, e-commerce, and portrait photography. His style has been described as “slick, stylish, high energy, sexy,” with a minimalistic approach and a unique style of lighting.

Ultimately, Kendall-Kimmiar wants to mesmerize his clients and make their products and services outclass their competition. His portfolio is infused with glamor and invites you into an enviable world of beautiful people, places and products.

Jeff Sciortino

Over the last decade, Jeff Sciortino has worked with celebrities, athletes, politicians, and high-level executives, as well as everyday people from all walks of life. As a commercial photographer, he has shot for Abelson Taylor, Budweiser, and General Motors, as well as Bloomberg Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine.

Jeff says that his goal as a contemporary creative is to “breathe life into visual narratives, capture the humanity of my subjects and exceed expectations.”

Anthony Tahlier

Anthony Tahlier’s portfolio is incredibly diverse, ranging from portraits to fashion, food, and architecture. He says that he loves capturing it all, from the “things we love” to the “things we crave,” and shoots both in and outside of his Chicago studio.

Whether he’s photographing people or products, Anthony’s images are always beautifully composed and expertly lit to really draw you in. Previous clients include American Express, Affinia Hotels, Canada Goose, and Allan Copley Design.

The Kovalchuks

Alex and Lidiya Kovalchuk are the husband and wife team behind The Kovalchuks, a Chicago-based commercial photography business that works with restaurants, clinics, clothing brands, and fashion designers. They offer both photography and videography services for advertisements, websites, and social media channels. In fact, food is one of their favorite things to photograph, and they do it in style.

The Kovalchuks have extensive experience in styling food and other products, to make them appetizing to clients and their audiences. Alex and Lidiya have tips up their sleeve for keeping every photo fresh, for whatever your business may be.

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