Colourful Summer Wedding

Shades and hues in a wedding can make a big impact. A groom dressed in soft colours and a bride carrying a bouquet that gives an intense pop of colour makes a wonderful contrast. Her soft gown with a gold accent belt pairs amazingly well with the gold-rimmed glasses in the photo shoot.

Another colour statement is seen in the bride’s fabulous necklace. Lovers of intensity, think about a neon necklace with your gown! A wedding in York is the ideal location when you are looking for incredible colour. With beautiful gardens and parks like Breezy Knees Gardens and Dean’s Park near York Minster Cathedral, inspiration is right at your fingertips!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Colourful Summer Wedding

When you’re looking to make a splash of colour with your wedding, there are a number of avenues to go down with your wedding venue. You could go with a relatively blank canvas like a rustic barn or hotel space so that your colourful decorations and themes really sing out and take centre stage.

Alternatively, a great way to bring showstopping colour into your wedding venue is to step out into nature. From the vibrant greens of surrounding trees and bushes to the gorgeous red and orange hues of that come with the closing of the summer season, to the explosion of colour that can be brought to life with the summer sun, there are plenty of ways to integrate colour into your wedding venue as well as the rest of your wedding themes.

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Food for a Colourful Summer Wedding

On the surface of things, having colourful food for your summer wedding might be a bit tricky, however there are so many options to brighten up your wedding table. Starting with the main culinary attraction: the cake. The temptation here is probably to go multi-colour, but instead maybe pull out a couple of key colours in your scheme and really make them pop against white sponge or plainer looking icing.

For the dinner service, you can really go all out colour-wise with something fun like tacos or sushi where having different colours and textures is a key part of the cuisine. That and they’re super tasty!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Colourful Summer Wedding

So the dress: traditionally some kind of shade of white and sometimes, a little dull. That being said, showing up in a completely different coloured dress might be a step too far for some brides, especially if you’ve already got your bridesmaids in bright colours anyway.

Instead, maybe opt for some colourful accessories, shoes or a different coloured tulle underneath the main body of your dress. That way when you move around, your guests will get some cool flashes of colour all night long. If you do want a coloured dress, make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the theme. What you don’t want is to be the same colour as the tablecloths, the cake and the flowers!

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Colourful Summer Wedding

Okay, so floristry is where you can really inject some powerful colour into your theme and into your colourful summer wedding as a whole. Especially in the summer, the choice on offer when it comes to different styles of bouquets and boutonnieres is amazing, so the world really is your oyster here.

To maintain a common thread throughout the floristry theme, either stick with one main colour throughout or pick the same particular flower and get them in all different colours. The key here is getting the colour injection you want but still keeping cohesion with the overall wedding theme.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Colourful Summer Wedding

When it comes to getting some beautifully shot mementos of your big day, you want to try and make sure that they encompass the joy and the overall vibe that you’re trying to create, so you can hold onto that feeling for years to come.

For a colourful summer wedding, consider balloons in the backdrops, or powder paint or flares to create a power-packed burst of colour that is really going to embody the fun and excitement that this colourful Summer Wedding theme is really all about. If you want to show off your own colourful outfits, consider a plain backdrop and let you and your party sing!

Portrait Props for a Colourful Summer Wedding

A great way to add some more fun and quirkiness to your colourful summer wedding is to have either a photo booth or set up a photographer with a big box of props for all your friends and family to experiment with as the reception night rolls on – you’ll notice when the free drinks are really starting to kick in.

There are the standard classic props of big sunglasses, top hats and veils, but to incorporate the colourful summer wedding theme into these gorgeous photos lean into the summer holiday vibe. Think about flower garlands, beach balls, comically large cocktail glasses – the whole nine yards.

Ceremony Decor for a Colourful Summer Wedding

With ceremony decor for your colourful summer wedding, there are a few directions you can go in and a couple of decisions to make. You don’t want to go too over the top with too much colour and risk the whole wedding looking jarring and messy, so think carefully.

If you’re choosing to have colourful wedding outfits for you and your bridal party and are in a colourful wedding venue, you’re not going to want a ton of colourful decor distracting from the main event. If your colourful summer wedding theme is coming from your decor, then choose bright floral arrangements, chair covers and drapery to bring the look together.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Colourful Summer Wedding

Obviously, wedding reception music and entertainment is something that is largely down to the personal preference of the couple. If you’re looking for music to match your upbeat colourful summer wedding vibe then take inspiration from warmer destinations and holidays with a Latin band or a summery DJ.

In terms of entertainment, nothing says colourful and summer like dancers, especially if they’ve got great costumes in beautiful hues to really bring the party vibes to your wedding day. If you want something a little bit more low key, consider doing karaoke with your guests to really inject some fun into your big day.

Favours & Gifts for a Colourful Summer Wedding

Choosing the right wedding favours for your guests and the right gifts for your wedding party can be difficult – there are costs to consider and finding something that the majority of people will appreciate. For the wedding favours think about different coloured miniature cocktails or candles that still have that colourful summer night feel to them.

For the gifts for your wedding party, you can either use the same idea and go bigger with it, with full sized cocktails or a colourful pamper set, or you can change tact completely and go with a traditional jewellery or accessory gift type. You know your bridal party, just get some colour in there as a memento!

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Colourful Summer Wedding

If you’re wanting to take your wedding outside, this colourful summer wedding theme is a great way to do it. Obviously, the summer aspect of the day lends itself nicely to being outside on a nice bright day or near the beach or seaside if that’s something you’re interested in.

The colourful part of your wedding theme can be massively brought to life by being outside, and using the natural light, the vibrant flowers and foliage around you.  It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with flares and balloons without it causing lasting damage or looking cluttered – the world is your oyster.

Colourful summer wedding ideas

This colourful summer wedding inspiration shoot from Byron Loves Fawn is such a stunner. And just in time because the summer wedding season is right around the corner! The styling for Imbue Weddings is fantastic and I’m loving the combination of the soft colours of the groom & pink depression glass with the bright flowers and amazing neon statement necklace. How the touches of gold on both the bride and bridesmaid’s belts mimic the gold-rimmed glassware is pure genius. This shoot breathes both romance and fun – you’re going to adore it!

I’d like to give a big Mahalo to Bret & Kristi of Byron Loves Fawn for submitting these gorgeous images!

Looking for another bride in an amazing statement necklace? Be sure to take a peek at this colourful art museum inspiration board.

Credits: Photography: Byron Loves Fawn // Styling: Imbue Weddings // Flowers: Elyssium Blooms // Paper Goods: Wolley Stationary // Wedding Dress: Jennifer Gifford Designs // Suit: Will Valor // Tie: Marcello Neckware // Rentals: The One Day House // Pink Depression Glassware: Peachy Vintage Collections // Makeup: Kate McKenna // Hair: Nicola Daly