Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

The most impactful image in this stunning inspirational wedding shoot is the bouquet. It puts the colour in colourful! The use of local flowers supports the eco-chic side of the day and everything, from the lovely invites to the natural furnishings, makes for refined elegance.

A wedding venue in Manchester is the ideal place to showcase nature and its beauty and to carry through on an eco-chic wedding. Effortlessly elegant are the words describing this wedding theme and photo shoot. Imagine your nuptials in a tranquil garden space or in a field of green. We’ve got more direction for your dream wedding below!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Having an eco-chic theme in mind helps narrow the choices down for the wedding venue. A garden, terrace, or gazebo venue with verdant greens all around will fit right in with your eco-chic theme. Access to sustainably sourced energy, water, and other resources is necessary when searching for eco-friendly venues.

The wedding venue should also be recognised for its sustainable efforts and be serious about reducing the overall carbon footprint. Event spaces and hotels accredited with Energy Star ratings and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are the ones to visit and book. Opting for a green or eco-chic venue doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or beauty. Instead, the sustainability efforts make the wedding and ceremony more promising.

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Colour Palettes for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Colourful eco-chic wedding colours should resonate with nature. Shades of green, beige, browns and muted earthy tones should be considered for the background decor. Bold colours like red, yellow, and striking blue should be favoured for table seating, wedding invites, save the date cards, and the wedding bouquet.

When setting the theme for a colourful eco-chic wedding, it is necessary to remember that the addition of wedding colours should be through natural means like flowers, natural light, foods, wines, and more. Decorating the ceremony with a profusion of fresh, colourful flowers in blush, mustard, magenta, or purple, and lavender will add gorgeous hues to the natural setting of the wedding.

Food for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Sustainably sourced wedding food does not mean compromising on taste. Couples conscious of the environment can opt for plant-based proteins or vegetarian options for their wedding menus. However, suppose this is not wholly possible. In that case, you can look for local caterers who source their ingredients sustainably, keeping in mind the transport to the venue to avoid long-distance shipping.

Sustainable farmers that source seafood, beef, pork, and other proteins can help ensure all the ingredients are eco-friendly. Couples can also include placeholders about the source information of the foods. The menu can be as fancy and colourful or as elegant as you want, with exquisite plating; without compromising sustainability.

Table Setting Style for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Eco-chic weddings should embody the spirit of resourcefulness. It is best to opt for biodegradable vessels, flatware, utensils, and silverware. Today, many companies offer gorgeous food trays, napkins, and runners made from hessian, pure linen, or hemp, wrappings, boxes, serving platters, bain-maries, and service ladles in compostable options.

The table setting can be with pre-loved linen tablecloths, mismatched ceramic and acrylic planters, and a profusion of ethically-sourced flowers. Getting innovative and adding vintage license plates with old horseshoes can also be an excellent idea for table numbers. Instead of spending money and wasting paper, making a classy collection of antiques, old books, and forgotten treasures will add more meaning to the eco-chic wedding theme.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Colourful eco-chic wedding dresses need not be drab or plain. In fact, some of the best inspiration comes from pre-loved wedding gowns and dresses. Vintage wedding dresses can be repurposed for fabulous new styles, keeping the traditional aspect in mind. Classic white wedding gowns can be repurposed with lacework, tiny rhinestone crystals, and more.

Accessories for the wedding dress should include sustainably sourced wedding rings or bands made from materials like wood and melted down gold. Some brides and grooms opt for family heirloom rings and replace the stones with sustainably sourced diamonds. The same can be done for other colourful stones in the engagement and wedding bands like emeralds, rubies, or pearls.

Wedding Invitations for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Most wedding vendors today have become exceedingly environmentally conscious. It is easy to print colourful wedding invitations on alternative materials like used fabrics, wood, leather, or recycled paper. Some recycled paper textures are also unique, which adds a touch of mystery to the invite.

Another option is to search for wedding printers with green initiatives in their company culture. Many print wedding invitations on seed paper for guests to plant. The biodegradable material of the invitation helps sprout flowers or vegetables when planted directly into potting soil. Customizing the wedding invitation and including a ‘How To’ will help achieve an eco-chic wedding. If you want, you could go wholly paperless and opt for e-vites or digital invitations.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Colourful eco-chic wedding cakes are usually made with ethically-sourced ingredients or are vegan without animal and dairy products. Ensuring all the ingredients used are organically sourced without pesticides or preservatives will make for a fabulous cake. Local bakers can help with artisanal cakes, seasonal fruit flavorings, and free-range eggs.

When opting for a colourful cake, you should speak to the baker about using only organic food colours from strawberries, raspberries, or other fresh fruits. Eco-chic cakes can be as beautiful as hand-crafted artisanal cakes from large high-end bakeries. For the eco-chic cake, you could ask elderly relatives for their wedding cake toppers and reuse them to honor your family traditions.

Ceremony Decor for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

While booking the wedding and reception venue, it is best to look at the natural beauty already present. A profusion of flowers, greenery, and shaded trees adds an enchanting feel to the entire ceremony. Wineries that offer scenic backdrops with minimal decor, wooden benches, raised altars with natural vines and flowers, rose-trellis gazebos, and vine-covered pillars will add to the ceremony decor.

You can add to the eco-chic wedding decor and actively work towards creating a sustainable environment for the ceremony. This can be done through natural additions like placing colourful flower pots in roses, orchids, and seasonal blooms for the aisle, using tall shade trees for the vows, and opting for natural air and freshness instead of air conditioning and artificial lighting.

Favours & Gifts for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

Colourful eco-chic wedding favours and gifts should be about welcoming your guests with sustainably sourced products like boxed water, glass bottles, reusable travel coffee mugs, and ethically-sourced snacks. Some excellent options for wedding gifts and favours are homemade or locally-sourced nuts, granola bars, and candy in fabric tote bags.

Most guests appreciate the gesture and actively contribute to reducing the overall waste. It is also helpful to place a small card in each wedding favour explaining where the gifts have been sourced from and with minimal impact on the environment. The favours and gift bags should be colourful, in shades of yellow, orange, blues, or pinks to ensure they make a lasting impression and are stylish to carry.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Colourful Eco-Chic Wedding

The eco-chic wedding photo shoot should also reflect the wedding theme. Using lavender seeds or pieces of coluorful hemp paper for the confetti would be a beautiful way to get excellent exit photos and ensure there is no wastage. Another idea would be to take photographs in paper garland style with paper-mâché flowers. These flowers are gorgeous, delicate, and made from hemp paper.

Taking wedding photographs in a garden or surrounded by green trees is magical, yet wholly natural, without artificial props. If you want to add props, you could opt for a vintage chalkboard with Mr and Mrs on it.

Colourful Eco-chic Wedding

Set at Campovida, an organic farm nestled in the wine country just north of San Francisco, this colourful eco-chic wedding inspiration shoot by Larissa Cleveland Photography has one of the most amazing cascading bridal bouquets in it that I’ve ever seen!

True to the farm-to-table movement, the flowers were gathered locally and found, repurposed, & recycled materials were used throughout the design.

Colorful cascading bridal bouquet / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Groom in a bow tie / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco-chic wedding invitations in yellow and kraft / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco-chic wedding / Larissa Cleveland Photography
birdcage veil / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco-chic forest wedding ceremony / Larissa Cleveland Photography
long sleeved wedding dress / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco chic bride and groom / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco chic wedding tablsecape / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco chic wedding inspiration / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco chic wedding reception table / Larissa Cleveland Photography
Eco-chic wedding inspiration shoot / Larissa Cleveland Photography

The bright colour scheme for this eco-chic shoot was based on what flowers were in season and pops of turquoise were added to the cheerful yellows, reds, and corals. I love the use of natural textures, handmade details, and that effortlessly elegant wedding dress which provides the perfect canvas for the colourful bouquet.

Mahalo to Larissa for sharing this exquisite inspiration shoot!

Credits: Photography: Larissa Cleveland Photography // Wedding Dress: Jin Wang // Paper Goods: Mira Aster // Jewelry: Skyline Diamond Setters // Event Design: Stacey McCain Event Planning & Nicole Sillapere // Hair: Michelle Stehle // Bow Tie: Bows – N- Ties // Chef: Chef Adam Weiss // Groom’s Suit: Taylor Stitch // Florals: Ken Boek // Venue: Campovida // Makeup: Stacy McClure // Models: Noah Berkoff & Annie Maki.