Gorgeous autumn colors make this inspirational wedding shoot inviting. Soft hues draw you to the locale, happy to be part of the celebration!

Details for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

Fall season weddings sing to us like no other! Everything about them is so charming and comforting that you just can't get enough of the celebration. From the colors to the decorations, every single element is simply outstanding.

In this coffee and cotton wedding, you can see a subtle touch of nature incorporated into every essential aspect; venue, decor, outfits, food, and more. The trees, chandeliers, cute coffee bags, cupcakes, and cotton balls enhanced not only the wedding decor but also the wedding experience. All these tiny details are so well thought of and display the actual style and vibe of the wedding.

Color Palette for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

The color palette determines the style of your wedding. It is often the first thing that is decided after you have finalized the theme and date for your big day.

For this autumn season wedding, shades of coffee and cotton were beautifully infused together. Ivory, beige, cream, natural wood, white, and hues of yellow and orange were a part of this breathtaking color palette. The overall color selection was beautifully unique and the wedding planner was thrilled to carry out all the necessary arrangements.

These colors best define the fall season and you must consider them if you are planning to tie the knot in autumn.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

Fall is the best season to have an outdoor wedding. Of course, as the evening progresses and the wind becomes super chilly, you can arrange an indoor wedding reception dinner for your guests. This way you can enjoy both indoors and outside, and also get a chance to personalize your event as much as you like.

For outdoors, you can always host a ceremony in the woods. If not, you can use the backyard of your house as long as you have tall trees and crunchy autumn leaves spread on the ground. The perfect venue! Look for a huge place where you can incorporate the beauty of nature. Whatever you decide to add to your wedding, make sure that your venue has enough space and resources for all the arrangements that you have planned.

Ceremony Decor for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

The rich and deep coffee color combined with soft and warm cotton created the most gorgeous ceremony decor. A powder blue table, covered with a coffee table cloth, was placed at the wedding venue entrance. Bags and jars of coffee along with some vases and coffee flowers were placed on it. Beside the table, was a glass and wooden board, in cotton color, with guests’ names and table numbers defined on it.

Handcrafted cotton balls with autumn leave sewn into them, resembling a pumpkin, were used as ornaments. Glass ball lights hung from the trees for natural decor, and white, uniquely-designed chairs for the guests were placed in the field where the ceremony was held. Effortlessly stylish!

Table Setting Style for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

For the table setting of this coffee and cotton-themed wedding, a white wooden table for four, with matching chairs, was set up under the tree. A beautiful, striped coffee and white table runner was laid out with white flower vases placed in the center. String lights hung from above, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The table was filled with eye-pleasing and fresh white flowers. The scent of the flowers mixed with the aroma of coffee was super tempting. White silk napkins were neatly tucked under white dinnerware and silver cutlery. Staying true to the wedding theme, organizers scattered coffee beans all across the table!

Portrait Props for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

The beautiful and cozy setting of this celebration presented an opportunity for the wedding photographer to incorporate almost any prop in the photographs without making it look out of place. Take the sage blue couch, for example, it was nicely placed beside a tall, autumn tree with a small coffee wooden table. It served as a great prop because it blended perfectly with the natural background colors and cotton and coffee wooden frames.

Rolls of jute yarn, customized cotton balls, flowers, and coffee-colored cushions were also a great addition to these romantic photos. One of our favorite props was the string cotton balls hanging from the tree which added a snowball effect to this fall-season wedding.

Favors and Gifts for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

Guest favors and gifts are a way to express your gratitude towards them and to thank them for becoming a part of the most memorable and beautiful day of your life. These little tokens of thanks make your guests feel cherished and appreciated.

For a coffee and cotton-themed wedding, there was no better favor than handing out small bags of coffee beans to the guests. For a personalized touch, the couple added tags on the bags with their initials printed on them. If you want to make it a bit more modern, you can also use small and transparent glass jars for the coffee beans and add a thank you sticker to them.

Bouquets &Boutonnieres for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

Flowers are an essential part of almost every wedding. There are a thousand ways that you can organize them to create the floral arrangement of your choice, one that best fits your theme.

This couple combined their wedding bouquet and boutonniere in the loveliest way. For the bridal bouquet, cotton white roses, baby's breath, dahlias, and a coffee brown flower were assorted. It was one of the most unique elements of the entire wedding. For the boutonniere, the groom opted for sage blue and white floral arrangement, on a cotton white button, tied around with a coffee-dyed thread. One of its kind, indeed.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

The bride wore a gorgeous white outfit made of lace and embroidery. The upper half of the dress was nicely fitted with a coffee-caramel belt around the waist. The lower half flowed like a beautiful fishtail skirt with a short trail at the back.

She paired it with a white rose tucked neatly in her side bun and white open-toed heels. The dress had a certain kind of airiness and comfort to it which made it look all the more attractive. It was a nice balance of formal and casual. If you want to go for a more modern look, you can also add some handcrafted pieces of jewelry, pearls or stones.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Coffee and Cotton Wedding

Wedding cakes are a must in every season. Without the cake-cutting ceremony, the wedding rituals feel incomplete. This couple chose a classic, three-tiered cake for their coffee and cotton-themed wedding. The cake was covered in white buttercream frosting, from head to toe.

Just like all other aspects of this wedding, every tier was designed uniquely. For the bottom tier, a white rose petal-like design was crafted, whereas the middle tier had a cute and edible coffee ribbon and flower wrapped around it. And finally, for the top tier, a pearl-like design was made with white buttercream, and a coffee-colored flower sat atop like the perfect cherry on the cake!

Coffee and cotton themed wedding

Cupcakes, champagne, chandeliers – there are so many wonderful things that start with the letter C and this gorgeous autumn inspiration shoot from ShutterChic Photography shows off two more – coffee and cotton!

One of the many reasons why fall weddings are so wonderful is because you can easily bring a sense of sweet coziness to the day. This lovely team of vendors did just that with the luxurious brown coffee beans and the soft warmth of cotton.

Cotton and coffee themed wedding / ShutterChic Photography
Cotton and coffee themed wedding / ShutterChic Photography
Cotton and coffee themed wedding / ShutterChic Photography
Cotton wedding ceremony backdrop / Shutterchic Photography
Autumn bride and groom / ShutterChic Photography
Cotton wedding ceremony backdrop / Shutterchic Photography
Autumn dessert display / ShutterChic Photography
Autumn wedding cake / ShutterChic Photography
Fall wedding inspiration / ShutterChic Photography
Coffee themed wedding / ShutterChic Photography
Twine and cotton wedding / ShutterChic Photography
Flower in the bride's hair / ShutterChic Photography
Pear seating card / ShutterChic Photography
Fall wedding reception table / ShutterChic Photography
Window seating plan and fall wedding inspiration / ShutterChic Photography
Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / ShutterChic Photography

From Tori of ShutterChic Photography – “We loved the idea of using cotton as one of the main focal points of this styled shoot. It suggests softness, lightness, and a feeling of coziness.

We wanted to manipulate the cotton in a unique way so instead of placing the cotton right side up, we made the bottom of the cotton ball visible. This small detail added more color and texture to the shoot. We tried to highlight natural items that are not typically considered beautiful and turn them into dreamy works of art!”

Credits: Photography: ShutterChic Photography // Event Design: Olde Crate // Floral Design: Lace and Lilies // Paper Goods: Veronica Preston Design // Rentals: Chairished Vintage Rentals // Hair Stylist: Belle Shea Salon // Favors & Gifts: The Coffee Registry // Bridal Gown: Dora Grace // Raw Cotton: Floral Cotton Colorado // Location: Ft. Collins, Colorado.

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